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Luxury Spring Tabletop

Luxury Spring Wedding Color Schemes for 2023

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The sun is shining, and the flowers are blooming. This can only mean one thing: spring is here!

Between the warmer weather and the beautiful flowers in bloom, spring is a time of year full of happiness and new beginnings. Add that to the lovely smell of spring rain, and you have a season that is easy to love.

With all the beauty that spring offers, it is no wonder this season is such a popular time to get married. Couples who tie the knot during the springtime can take advantage of the lovely natural surroundings for their big day.

Whether you want an outdoor ceremony surrounded by blooming flowers or an indoor event with a springtime twist, there are endless possibilities for wedding décor during this time of year.

Choosing the perfect color scheme for your springtime nuptials is a great place to begin planning your wedding colors. Your wedding colors will set the tone for the event. So you want to make sure you choose a scheme you love.

Key Takeaways:

  • Green, Blue, and Gold are perfect for a springtime wedding.
  • You can use these colors in endless ways throughout your wedding day.
    Green, Blue, and Green also go great with any event style you might have in mind.
  • Use Green for a more traditional vibe, Blue for a modern touch, and Gold to class up any event.
  • With these colors, you will surely have a wedding you will remember for years.

Springtime Colors!

When it comes to choosing a color scheme for your springtime wedding, the options are truly endless. You could go with a classic combo like white and ivory, or you could opt for something a little more unique, like lavender and green.

Since Green is the color of life, growth, and prosperity, it is a fitting choice for a springtime wedding. Green also symbolizes harmony and balance, two things every married couple needs.

If you are looking for a color scheme sure to stand out, consider using blue as one of your colors. Blue is the color of loyalty, trust, and wisdom, making it a perfect choice for a wedding. It is also said to symbolize tranquility and peace, qualities you want on your big day.

Gold is another great color to use for a springtime wedding. Gold symbolizes wealth, success, and prestige, making it a perfect choice for couples looking to start their lives together on a positive note.

Gold also represents eternal love, which makes it a very romantic choice for a wedding color.

The good thing is that you can go with any shade of green, blue or Gold that you like. From light and airy pastels to vibrant jewel tones, there are endless possibilities when choosing colors for your springtime wedding.

You can tweak and combine unique shades of these colors to create the perfect scheme for your big day. For inspiration, check out these excellent spring wedding color schemes for 2023.

Let’s look at some of the best green, blue and gold wedding color schemes for springtime nuptials.

1. Emerald Green, Blue, and Champagne Gold

Consider using an emerald green, blue, and champagne gold color scheme for a springtime wedding that is sure to be full of life. This combo is perfect for couples who want their wedding to be full of energy and excitement.

Green is the color of life; it will bring a sense of vitality to your big day. In addition, this color scheme will surely add a touch of luxury to your wedding between the lively green hues and the sparkling champagne gold.

Spring tabletop

Be sure to use various shades of green, blue, and Gold throughout your wedding décor. This will add interest and depth to your overall design. Also, add touches of your most dominant color to your bridesmaid dresses.

Green table runners with blue and gold centerpieces would be a beautiful way to incorporate this color scheme into your wedding décor. You could also use green, blue, and gold ribbons to create bows for your bouquets and boutonnieres.

2. Sea Green, Royal Blue, and Gold

Consider using a sea green, royal blue, and gold color scheme. This combo is perfect for couples who want their wedding to be classic and sophisticated.

The Green hues will add a touch of nature to your big day, while the royal Blue will give your wedding a regal feel. The Gold will add a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Blue and gold tabletop

From your wedding invitations to your bridesmaid dresses, use different shades of green, blue, and Gold throughout your wedding décor. Using your most dominant color for bridesmaid’s or groomsmen outfits is a good idea.

To incorporate this color scheme into your wedding décor, consider using Green, blue, and gold table runners with white or ivory centerpieces.

3. Blue and Gold

This combination is an excellent choice for a springtime wedding full of romance. There is something about blue and Gold that just screams elegance.
Plus, there is no wrong way to go when using these colors. Also, believe there is much you can do with this color scheme.

For example, you could use a more modern approach and navy blue and Gold. These colors are great for couples who want their wedding to be sleek and stylish.

Luxury Spring Tabletop

Or you could use light Blue and Gold. This is perfect for a springtime beach wedding.

Regardless of what shades of blue and Gold you choose, use them throughout your wedding décor. This will help create a cohesive design.

4. Green and Gold

Green and Gold is a classic color combo perfect for a springtime wedding. The Green will add a touch of nature to your big day, while the Gold will add a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Again, there are endless possibilities for this. So, you can be sure you’re making a great choice with this color combination.

For example, you could use light green and Gold for a springtime beach wedding. Or you can use a more modern approach with Olive Green and Gold.

Luxury wedding spring tabletop

To incorporate this color scheme into your wedding décor, consider using Green and Gold colors in your cake design, invitation cards, centerpieces, and other wedding details.

5. Blue, Green, and White

Try introducing white to your Green and Blue color scheme to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your decor. White is also a great way to balance out these two colors.

For example, you could use navy blue, green, and white for your wedding color scheme. This is perfect for a more modern approach.

Spring color scheme tabletop

You could also use powder blue, green, and white. You can spread out these colors in your wedding outfits and decor. For example, the groom’s tuxedo can be Navy Blue, while the bride’s dress can be a stunning white dress. The bridal party can be in Powder Blue while the groom’s men win in Olive Green suits.

6. Blue, Green, Gold, and White

Why not add Gold and White to make your Green and Blue wedding colors pop? This will give your wedding an air of luxury and sophistication. How you use these colors is really up to you. You could use them all in your wedding dress or go for a two-tone look with your Green and Gold bridesmaids’ dresses.

Blue tabletop

You can use your Blue, Green, Gold, and White wedding colors in endless ways throughout your wedding day. So, have fun with it and let your creative juices flow.

Match Our Favorite Spring Colors in all Your Events

Whatever colors you choose for your wedding, ensure they represent you and your fiance’s personality. After all, this big day is all about the two of you! Whether planning a garden-themed wedding or a more modern event, these colors will help make your wedding day perfect.

Our Choice colors for Spring 2023一Green, Blue, and Gold, can be mixed and matched in any way you want. Green is a perfect color for your traditional spring flower arrangements.

Blue is a great way to add a little something different to your wedding day. And Gold can help bring everything together and add a touch of luxury.

Your event style is also not an inhibition to the colors you can use. Green, Blue, and Gold go great with any event style you might have in mind. Use Green for a more traditional vibe, Blue for a modern touch, and Gold to class up any event.

When it comes to our spring colors, you can be sure you can easily incorporate them into any event style.

Here are some event styles you can use Green, Blue, and Gold in:

Garden Themed Events

Green is perfect for your garden-themed event. Green represents nature and will bring the outdoors indoors. Use Green in floral arrangements and table centerpieces.

Blue and Gold add a touch of luxury and sophistication. You can take advantage of the spring flowers you can find. Include a generous amount of these beauties in floral design to add color and life to your event.

Amazingly, these flowers will also fill the air with their sweet fragrance.
And, while you are at it, be sure to keep your Green, Blue, and Gold color scheme in mind when planning your wedding cake design and other details.

Classic Themed Events

For a classic-themed event, Blue and Green are the perfect colors for you. These colors will help give your event a timeless look. Infuse Blue in your tablecloth and Green in your floral arrangements.

Also, add in some Gold accents to make your event shine. Make sure you include a touch of Gold from your wedding invitations to your wedding cake. It will help add a sense of luxury and sophistication to your event.

Modern Themed Events

There is no going wrong with Green, Blue, and Gold for a modern-themed event. These three colors work great together and help give your event a clean and polished look. Use Green as your dominant color and add Blue and Gold accents.

You can also spread out these colors in your wedding party attire. For example, have the bridesmaids wear Green dresses. Add a touch of Gold to your design by incorporating gold flatware.

Final Thoughts

Spring Weddings will always be unique. With so many colors to choose from, you can find the perfect combination for your big day. Spring is the perfect season to take advantage of the flowers in bloom.

While you are busy planning your wedding, don’t forget to have fun with it! After all, this is one of the most fun days of your life. And, with the perfect color scheme, it will be a day to remember.

From Green and Blue to Gold and everything in between, we have put together the perfect Spring Wedding color schemes for 2023. With these colors, your wedding is sure to be a hit!

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your Spring Wedding today with Curated Events!

Winter Wedding

Luxury Winter Wedding Color Schemes for 2023

By Blog

The wonderland season is fast approaching, and we know just how magical winter can be. When thinking of winter, you think of Christmas trees and lights, family gatherings, snowflakes, and hot cocoa by the fireplace. Winter is a time of love, family, happiness, and holidays.

Simply put, winter is a time of love.

And what goes best with love but a Winter wedding! A Winter wedding is perfect for celebrating the season and your love for each other. Imagine being surrounded by family and friends in the most beautiful Winter setting. And you get to look stunning in your wedding dress with a color scheme that brings the Winter season to life.

And don’t forget the falling snowflakes (depending on your geography!) flying all around you as you say your “I do’s.” Winter weddings are simply unforgettable, and we want to ensure that your color scheme is on point.

Snows and Colors

Winter is a time of year when nature puts on a beautiful show. The trees are covered in frost, the air is crisp and clean, and the snow is freshly fallen. Winter is a time of year when the world outside is a beautiful work of art.

And just like nature, your Winter wedding should be a beautiful work of art. Understand that the color scheme you choose for your Winter wedding will set the tone for the entire event.

For 2023 Winter weddings, it’s going to be a Blue and Green affair. Add the neutrals to the mix, and you have a perfect recipe.

Although winter is a time of year when blue and white are the colors of choice, that doesn’t mean you have to stick with just those two colors. Instead, get creative with your color palette and choose colors representing the Winter season in all its beauty.

Amazing Color Scheme for 2023 Winter Weddings

Your color scheme will be what brings your Winter wedding to life and elevates the entire event. Therefore, choosing a color scheme that complements the Winter season while also reflecting your personal style is essential.

Whether you’re planning a Winter wonderland-themed wedding or a more traditional event, we’ve put together the perfect Winter wedding color schemes for you.

By 2023, Winter weddings will be all about Blue, Green, and some gorgeous neutrals.

These two colors capture the serenity of winter and the hope of Spring. In addition, Blue and Green are a perfect combination, with blue being the color of the sky on a Winter day and green, the color of nature.

Adding a few neutrals like cream, ivory and gold will add a touch of luxury to your Winter wedding.

If you’re looking for a Winter wedding color scheme that is both modern and classic, this combination is excellent for you as it captures the beauty of the season while also being modern and elegant.

Stunning Color Combinations for Your Winter Wedding

1. Blue

Blue bridesmaid color scheme

This color is slightly different from the typical Winter wedding colors, but it’s a perfect way to add a pop of color to your Winter wedding. Blue is the color of the sky on a Winter day, and it will complement any Winter setting.

And, of course, there are many shades of blue to choose from. In addition, you can use a darker shade of blues like navy or royal blue as a backdrop for your decor.

But, if you want something a little bit different, try using a baby blue or turquoise blue. These colors will add a touch of fun and excitement to your Winter wedding.

2. Green

Green is an attractive choice for a Winter wedding color that represents hope and new beginnings.

It is the color of nature and will complement any Winter setting. Green as a color symbolizes new life and growth, making it a good choice for a Winter wedding because it represents the hope of Spring.

And there are many shades of green to choose from. For example, you can use a dark green like emerald or forest green for a Winter wedding with a classic feel. Or you can use a lighter Green color like Mint or Sea Green.

You can incorporate green into your Winter wedding in many ways You can also go further and use green in the wedding decorations.

Green bridesmaid color scheme

This is a great way to add a pop of color to your Winter wedding. Use green in the table decorations, centerpieces, and wedding cake. A green wedding cake is sure to be a showstopper.

3. Neutrals

If you are looking for a Winter wedding color scheme that is both modern and classic, then you can’t go wrong with neutrals.

Neutrals such as Cream, Ivory, white, and Gold will give your Winter wedding a luxurious feel. These colors are excellent for Winter weddings because they capture the season’s beauty without being too bright

Neutral bride color scheme

You can get creative and incorporate neutrals into your Winter wedding in many ways. Consider using them in your bridesmaids’ dresses, decor, wedding invitation cards, and even your cake design.

4. Blue and Green

Blue and green are popular colors for Winter weddings, and it’s easy to see why. These two colors represent the colors of the sky and snow. They represent serenity and hope.

So if you are looking for a Winter wedding color scheme that is both popular and unique, then consider using blue and green. You can choose a darker shade of green and a lighter shade of blue to complement it and vice versa. It all depends on the feel you want for your Winter wedding.

Blue tabletop color scheme

But one thing is sure, your decor and other wedding details will look great, and your guests will appreciate your event for years to come.

5. Blue and White

You can elevate the blue color with a touch of white to give it a Wintery feel. We suggest this color scheme for Winter weddings because it captures the season’s beauty while also being classic.

Blue winter tabletop

Plus, you can use blue and white in so many ways. For example, you can use them in your wedding dress and decorations.

Also, your bridesmaids and groomsmen will look dapper in blue outfits of any shade. And, consider a white cake with blue frosting or blue and white flowers. And a groom in a blue tuxedo. Honestly, the possibilities are endless.

6. Green and White

It’s good to know that the colors in this color scheme have both calming and soothing effects. They are a perfect choice for Winter weddings because they represent all that is serene and peaceful.

Green and white color scheme

They are the colors of nature and will surely give your Winter wedding a natural feel effortlessly.

Like other colors, you can use them in many ways. So, you can blend them into your wedding dress, the bridesmaid’s dresses, decor, and other wedding details. Of course, a cake design in these colors is also great.

7. Green, blue, and gold

Between the three beautiful colors, you can rustle up a Winter scene that is both magical and unforgettable.

While most Winter weddings tend to go for the more traditional white and blue color schemes, there’s no reason you can’t mix things up with a touch of green or gold.

These two colors will complement any Winter setting and will give your Winter wedding a beautiful and unique feel.

Blue tableop setting

And there are a thousand and one ways to splash them in your wedding details.

For example, you can have a Winter wonderland-themed wedding with green and white decorations. Or a more modern Winter wedding with blue and gold details.

It all depends on the feel you want for your Winter wedding.
Your bridesmaids will sure look great with Gold and Winter Green dresses. And the groom in his green or blue tuxedo will look dapper too!

8. Blue, green, and cream

It gets so much better! These three colors, when combined, produce a Winter wedding color scheme that is both unique and stunning.

Adding a touch of cream to your Winter color palette will give your wedding a beautiful and elegant feel.

Blue wedding cake color scheme

If you like brighter colors, you can make the cream color your dominant color. Or you can use all three colors in your wedding dress, bridesmaid’s dresses, and decorations. For example, imagine a wedding cake with blue and green frosting or blue, green, and cream flowers.

9. Green, blue, and ivory

Adding a touch of ivory to your Winter color palette will give your wedding a beautiful and elegant feel. And there are many ways to incorporate these three colors into your wedding details.

Ivory is a color you can use as a dominant color for your wedding dress, the bridesmaid’s dresses, and the wedding decorations.

Winter bridesmaid color scheme

Try adding some greenery to your Winter wedding to give it a more natural feel. You can achieve this look using green and ivory flowers or even some greenery in your Winter wedding decor.

Winter colors and your event style

Whether you want a Winter wonderland (Garden themed) wedding or a more modern Winter wedding, there are many ways to infuse Winter colors into your event. So, Yes, there is something for everyone!

Here are some ways to incorporate winter colors into your event.

Garden Themed Event

If you want a Winter wonderland wedding, consider using white, blue, and green in your wedding details. Get this style by using white and green flowers or even some greenery in your decor.

You can use white and blue as your dominant colors with green and gold accents. This will give your Winter wedding a beautiful and elegant feel. With a little more planning and a weather forecast, you can even have a Winter garden-themed wedding outdoors.

Classic Event

You can also use winter colors more classically. You can achieve this look by using blue and gold as your dominant colors with some white and green accents.

These colors will give your Winter wedding a more regal and luxurious feel. You can even settle for any of the neutral colors for a more classy experience.

Modern Event

You can also use winter colors in a more modern way. Use blue and green as your dominant colors with white and gold accents. This will give your Winter wedding a more sleek and stylish feel. Of course, you can also use any of the Winter color schemes mentioned above for a more modern Winter wedding.
So, if you’re planning a Winter wedding, consider using one of these Winter color schemes. They are sure to make your wedding day one to remember!

Final Thoughts

Winter weddings are becoming more popular each year. Winter weddings are becoming popular. What could be more magical than getting married during this time of year?

If you’re planning a Winter wedding, consider using one of these color schemes. They are sure to make your wedding day one to remember! And between the Winter wonderland themed wedding and the modern Winter wedding, there is something for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your Winter wedding today!

Black and cream color scheme tabletop

Luxury Fall Wedding Color Schemes for 2023

By Blog

What does Fall mean to you? Beautiful scenery, warm colors, and temperate weather? Fall weddings are amazing! The colors are so vibrant; it’s a perfect time to get married!

From green leaves to blackberry bushes to acorns, many beautiful things in nature can inspire your Fall wedding color palette. And if you’re looking for a Luxury wedding, you can’t go wrong with green, black, and neutrals—they’ll give your wedding an elegant and timeless feel.

We like to think outside the box when it comes to event designs. Luxury weddings can be classic, garden-inspired, or even modern. It depends on your vision and what you want your wedding to represent.

There are so many amazing possibilities for Fall weddings between the colors, the season, and the event styles. And it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We’ve curated the perfect fall wedding color palette for you, using luxury’s most popular colors. And we’ve also included some of our favorite wedding event styles to inspire you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Green, Black, and Neutrals colors can make your Fall Wedding pop no matter the event style!
  • Use green as your dominant color, and then add pops of black and a neutral color to complement the perfect outdoor garden party.
  • For a more classic look, use a neutral as your base with green and black as your accent colors.
  • For a sleek and modern look, stick to using all three colors in equal parts throughout your decor.

Colors! Colors! Colors!

Colors are the life of weddings! They set the mood for your wedding and help create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Everything can be tied together with a beautiful color palette, from your flowers to your bridesmaids’ dresses to your decor.

You’ll agree that choosing the right color theme for your big day needs all the thought and attention you can put into it. You want to be sure that the color scheme you choose reflects your personal style and celebrates the season’s natural beauty.

The choice is totally up to you. You can choose a traditional look with muted colors or a more modern approach with brighter hues. Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some of our favorite Fall wedding color schemes for 2023:

Make your Wedding a Splash of Green, Black, and Neutrals Affair

This color scheme will make your day if you want something a little out of the ordinary.

It’s unique and luxurious, and it will make your wedding stand out.

Green is a popular wedding color because of its association with nature and the outdoors. And when combined with black, it provides a stark contrast that makes everything pop. You can’t get a better representative of coolness and nature.

Add in some neutrals like cream or taupe, and you’ve got a luxury color palette that is perfect for Fall. You can use this color scheme for a classic, garden-inspired, or even modern wedding.

It’s all up to you!

While Green and Black in the right amount and combination can make for a royal ambiance, too much of it can make your decor look a little too Halloween.

So be careful with the amount of black you use, and consider adding in some good neutrals to break it up.

For example, you could use black as an accent color and green and cream as your primary colors. Add in some pops of color with your flowers or bridesmaids’ dresses, and you’ll have a luxury color palette that is perfect for Fall.

You can also apply this color scheme to your wedding stationery. Black and green are Luxury colors that will make your invitations look amazing. And if you want to add extra luxury, consider using gold or silver foil paper.

There’s no telling what you can do with this color palette. But one thing is for sure; your guests will be impressed.

Here are some of our favorite combinations for green, black, and neutrals:

1. Green, Black, and Taupe

If the exotic look is your thing and you are looking for a way to wear your rich black and green colors. Then this combo is definitely for you! Taupe can mute the colors just a tad, giving your decor or outfit the right look.

It is one of our choicest colors to pair your black or green color with. The good thing is that it comes in different shades, from light to dark. How you combine it all depends on the overall look you are going for.

For example, you could add a touch of taupe to your bridesmaid’s or groomsmen’s attire. You could also use it as an accent color on your wedding cake or invitation.

Outside fall wedding

Note that taupe is a perfect way to elevate your wedding theme without going overboard.

2. Green, Black, and Ivory

This combination is perfect for couples whose color preference tilt toward colors more aligned to nature.

Green and black are perfect for creating a decadent vibe, while Ivory helps to tone it down and give it a more classic feel. You can use this color combination for decor, invitations, wedding cakes, and your bridal party attire.

Cream wedding tabletop color scheme

Wedding party

For example, you could go for a beautiful green and black wedding cake with Ivory accents. Or you could have your bridesmaids wear green dresses with black sashes and ivory bouquets.

3. Green, Black, and Cream

The cream is another great way to tone down the intensity of your green and black Fall wedding color scheme.

Green and black are always stunning together. Add a touch of cream to your green or black wedding attire or decor, and watch the whole look come together beautifully.

Fall wedding furniture

White flower tabletop

From your Suit to your bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s attire, there is so much you can do with this color scheme to make your wedding one for the books!

4. Gold, Green, and Black

This combination is a striking Fall color scheme perfect for modern couples. By introducing Gold to your green and black color scheme, you can take it from great to glamorous instantly.

This color scheme is best for a Gatsby-themed wedding or any other modern Luxurious event. Not only is the green and gold combination outstanding, but it is also a pleasant reflection of the changing leaves in Fall.

So, if you want to add a touch of luxury and glamor to your wedding, this color scheme is for you!

5. Green, Black, and Beige

Introducing the warm royalty of beige to your green and black color scheme will give your event a more organic look and feel. This combination is all you need to create a magical wedding with a modern and traditional slant!

This particular color combination can create a sense of old-world luxury and new-world sophistication. Setting your outdoor ceremony against a beige, green, and black backdrop will turn out breathtaking.

Green and black wedding invitations

Cream and black color scheme

You can also incorporate it with little effort in your invitations and wedding cake design.

And don’t you stop there; when using beige, black, and green for your Fall wedding, let your imagination run wild with the possibilities!

6. Gold, Green, Black, and Cream

Adding cream to your green, black, and gold wedding color scheme is a game changer any day, any time.

This stunning combination can make your wedding pop. So don’t think twice about splashing these colors in your event.

Green tabletop color scheme

Black and cream color scheme tabletop

This combo is something you want to try out between a cream wedding dress and a green and black tuxedo!

7. Black, Green, and Gray

We all know how timeless gray is. It’s an excellent way to add a luxurious and sophisticated touch to your wedding color scheme.

You may find this combination fascinating if you are a fan of traditional colors.

Think of traces of gray in your already black and green laced invitations.

Ask your wedding planner to add a few gray accents to the decor through napkins, lanterns, votive candles, and more.

Green napkin

Run the Green, Black and Neutrals Fall Color Scheme in any Fall Wedding Event

This favorite combination not only shines in outfits and decor but can also be infused into any wedding regardless of the theme or style of event you plan to host.

Whether it is an outdoor or indoor event, you can blend the green, black, and neutral colors with any scenery to create a relaxed ambiance that your guests will remember for years to come.

Make Your Fall Wedding a Garden Party

Create the perfect outdoor garden party using green as your dominant color and adding pops of black and beige to compliment.

For a relaxed outdoor feel, use black as your base with green and beige as your accent colors. Remember to use all three colors in equal parts throughout your decor.

The natural foliage of the season is something you might want to pay attention to as you plan your decor. Incorporate pumpkins, gourds, and other fall fruits and vegetables into your centerpieces and table settings.

And, of course, it’s okay to add leaves, branches, and other greenery to the decor.

Combine the Green, Black, and Neutral Colors for a Classic Wedding

This color combination is perfect if a classic wedding is more your speed. You can use green, black, and neutral colors to create a timeless, elegant, and sophisticated look.

Whether your event is done outdoors or indoors, a splash of green and neutral colors like beige, cream, or ivory can elevate the tone of your wedding.

Set Your Modern Wedding Event Apart With Our Favorite Color Scheme

Try using green, black, and neutrals colors for a modern Fall wedding to create a sleek and polished look. This color palette is perfect for couples who want a sophisticated wedding that is still fashionable and on-trend.

To bring this look to life, use green as your primary color and add accents of black and neutrals throughout your wedding decor. You can also use all three colors in equal parts to create a more balanced look.

Be sure to include a touch of green, black, and your chosen neutral color in your wedding invitations. And, let your event planners know they have the free reign to use these colors throughout the day, from the wedding ceremony to the reception.

If you want to add more fun and lightness to the style, consider using jewel tones like garnet or topaz. You can trust these colors to give your wedding an upscale and glamorous feel.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! These are just a few of the amazing Fall wedding color schemes for 2023. Now that you’ve seen some of the possibilities, it’s time to start planning your perfect Fall wedding. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules when choosing your wedding colors.

So, have fun with it and let your creativity shine!

Orange barware color scheme at a wedding

Luxury Summer Wedding Color Schemes for 2023

By Blog

Summer is sunshine and brightness and laughter. The thought of summer makes us smile! Little wonder it comes with lots of picnics, lemonade, pool parties, and lazy days spent lounging in the sun.

Weddings in summer are joyful, full of colors and light. Understandably, people love to get married in the summer! What is not to love? Well, the heat. But, the colors, florals, and long evenings all come together to create an unforgettable day.

Plus, there’s nothing like a summer night wedding under the stars. While the daytime can be all about sunshine and blue skies, nighttime summer weddings bring a whole new level of romance. Imagine saying your vows with the twinkle of fairy lights in the background. It’s a moment you’ll want to remember forever.

Suppose you’re lucky enough to be planning a summer wedding, congratulations! You’re in for a treat. But, before you get too carried away with visions of flower crowns and ice cream trucks, it’s time to start thinking about your wedding color scheme.

Choosing a color scheme for your wedding can be daunting, but don’t worry – we’re here to help.

From pretty pastels to bold and bright hues, we’ve rounded up the best summer wedding colors for every bridal style. With a little effort (and a lot of inspiration), you’re sure to find the right colors to help you create the wedding day of your dreams.

Key Takeaways

  • Summertime is perfect for using some bright and vibrant colors in your wedding decor.
  • Pink, Orange, and Yellow are great colors for summer weddings.
  • You can use these colors in various ways to create a lovely atmosphere for your event.
  • Always feel free to experiment with different color combinations to find the right one for you.
  • No matter your style of event, our choice of summer colors can make it outstanding.

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Summer is a constant reminder that life is beautiful, with vibrant colors and longer days, so there’s more time to enjoy everything that makes you happy.
Playful, bright, and colorful, summer is all about having fun and enjoying the outdoors.

So it’s only fitting that your summer wedding color scheme should reflect the same sentiments. After all, your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life.

Summer colors

So, consider using a bright and colorful palette if you want to add a touch of fun and whimsy to your wedding day. From hot pink to traffic-stopping Orange, there are many ways to incorporate eye-catching hues into your wedding day.

For a truly unique summer wedding color scheme, try using a mix of colorful flowers in your bouquet and centerpieces. It’s a great way to add a pop of color without going overboard.

Consider adding colorful accents throughout your wedding décor, from brightly colored tablecloths to patterned napkins.

Just be sure to use a light hand一you don’t want your wedding to look like a kindergartner’s art project.

Exciting Colors for 2023 Summer Weddings!

When you have finally kicked off your shoes and are ready to celebrate, you want your wedding colors to make just as much of a statement as you do. And who can blame you?

Your wedding day is about you and your partner celebrating your love for one another.

You want to look back on your wedding day and see a beautiful reflection of the two of you. Fortunately, we’ve got just the thing.

Let us take the pleasure of introducing Pink, Orange, and Yellow – three of the most exciting colors for summer weddings in 2023! While Pink symbolizes love and romance, Orange reflects the excitement and anticipation of your big day.

And Yellow? Well, Yellow captures the happiness and joy of summer.

When used together, these three colors create a fun and genuinely unique Summer wedding color scheme. Pink, orange and yellow will surely add a touch of fun and excitement to your event. Also, note that there is so much you can do with this color scheme.

From your wedding invitations to your bridal party attire, there are endless ways to incorporate these colors into your wedding details. Not to mention, these colors are sure to please your guests.

After all, who doesn’t love a little color in their life? What’s more? They are surely going to make your wedding photos pop.

So, if you’re looking for an exciting summer wedding color scheme, consider Pink, Orange, and Yellow. They have all it takes to make your wedding day one to remember.

The Coolest Summer Color Combinations

While you may be drawn to a particular color, it’s essential to consider how that color will look when paired with other colors. So we’ve put together a list of these beautiful summer color combinations.

You’ll notice that some colors are bright while others are downright daring. But don’t worry, we’ve got something for everyone. So whether you’re looking for a summer wedding color scheme that is classic and elegant or fun and funky, we’ve got it all.

1. Pink

Although Pink is often associated with romance and femininity, it can also be bold and exciting. Consider pairing Pink with a more subdued color for a summer wedding color scheme that will make a statement. Then, naturally, you can decide to use pink as an accent color.

For example, you can use White as your primary wedding color with Pink accents.

This combination will give your wedding a classic and elegant feel. Alternatively, you could use Pink as your primary color and White as an accent to create a bolder look that will make a statement.

If you want to go all out, consider using Pink as your primary color with orange and yellow accents. This color scheme is perfect for summer weddings as they will add some class to your wedding.


Pink colors

2. Orange

Like Pink, Orange is often associated with excitement and anticipation. It reflects the summer season effortlessly. In addition, orange can be quite elegant and sophisticated when paired with the right colors. Between your decor and bridesmaids’ attire, there is always a way to turn it into a timeless classic.


You could go a notch higher and match your Orange color with light Green.

From the linen to the flowers, Orange and Green have got the makings of a cool summer color scheme. Moreover, the bright and cheerful color scheme they produce is perfect for a Summertime soiree.

Interestingly, Orange can also be used as the dominant color for your wedding outfits.

So whether you use it for your bridesmaids’ outfits or the bouquet’s color, Orange is always a good choice. Not to mention, it looks excellent with Green and Yellow too.

Plus, you’ll find that Orange and Green are a classic color combination you can trust for any summer event. So whether you’re planning an outdoor or indoor event, this color scheme is sure to please.

3. Yellow

Yellow is often associated with happiness and joy. But, beyond that description, it can also be quite sophisticated. Yellow can create a beautiful and elegant wedding color scheme when paired with the right color.


For example, throw in Yellow as the dominant color of your summer wedding.

Then, tie it all up with Blue or White colors. Or add a touch of yellow to your bouquet or bridesmaids’ dresses, table clothes, decor linen, and floral design, and behold the fantastic result.

4. Pink and Blue

To get the best out of both colors, mix them in different proportions to create a summer color scheme that you’ll love. You can choose from the many shades of Blue and Pink available to adorn your special day.

For a softer look, you could use a Pastel blue as your dominant color with pink highlights. Don’t forget to infuse these colors in your decor setting, your stationery, and of course, your wedding cake.

If you prefer a brighter look, go for electric Blue as your primary color with Fuchsia or hot Pink accents. Your floral arrangement in these colors also makes a great statement.

Pink Blue

Whatever your style, let your creativity find expression as you work with these colors!

5. Orange and Yellow

What can we say about these two colors that we haven’t been saying before? They just make each other pop! In terms of a summer color scheme, you can’t go wrong with orange and yellow.

They always get the job done if you use them as your primary or accent colors. Then, you could ask your wedding planner to align these colors into your decor and the entire event.

Orange Yellow

Picture your bridesmaids dressed in pretty Orange or Yellow patterned dresses walking down the aisle. Or how about a beautiful bouquet made up of Orange and Yellow roses? It’s quite a breathtaking sight. This combination is one you want to try out.

Adorn Your Favorite Event Style with Any of our Summer Colors

People often believe that summer colors are only meant for outdoor events. But that’s not necessarily true. You can also use any combination of these colors to create the desired atmosphere for your indoor event.

It all depends on how you use them.

Creating a summery feel for your classic indoor event requires using a light blue or green as your dominant color. You can then use a brighter shade of pink or Orange as an accent color.

On a lighter note, you can add some mute or dull colors to tone down the brightness of your indoor event. This way, you won’t have to worry about the colors overwhelming your guests.

In any case, don’t be afraid to experiment with different summer colors. Also, ensure to bring in natural elements such as greenery or flowers to create a refreshing atmosphere, one that is beautiful and stylish, which your guests will remember for years to come.

Here are some specific ways to style your event with bright summer colors.

A Garden-Themed Event

If you are an outdoor person, a garden-themed wedding might be just what you desire. This event usually occurs in the summertime when there is so much sunshine.

One way to style your garden wedding is to use some exciting summer colors in your decor. For example, you could bring in a bright pink or Orange as your dominant color. And then use a light blue or green to support it.

Remember that brightly colored decor does not mean your event has to be overwhelming. It’s also wise to use these colors subtly so the whole decor looks as organic as possible.

Garden theme

A Classic Themed Event

If you want a more traditional and formal event, then a classic-themed wedding will be right up your alley. Even though this event is usually associated with winter, you can still style it with some Summer colors.

If you are going for this look, consider using light Blue as your dominant color.

Some standard classic colors you can combine with your bright summer colors are White and Neutrals.

You can also go the extra mile by adding gold details to make your event shine.

A Modern Themed Event

Are you looking for a more contemporary and stylish event? Then a modern-themed wedding is right for you. For such an event, use various summer colors to style it up. Whether you want to use one color or a combination of colors is entirely up to you.

But, beyond the colors, you should also consider the overall atmosphere of your event. Pastel pink or Blue as your dominant color can take your event through a more relaxed and laid-back pace.

Bright pink or Orange with a minimal touch of yellow gives off an energetic and exciting atmosphere, which is what modern events are known for.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it’s all up to you. First, choose the colors that you love and that reflect your personality. Then, with the right color combination, you’re sure to have a beautiful and stylish event that is all your own.

We hope these summer wedding color schemes have inspired you for your big day. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Outdoor Wedding Aisle Runners

Luxury Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decoration Ideas

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An outdoor wedding is a great way to celebrate your wedding ceremony. Hopefully, if the weather is right, you can utilize a cool breezy space for the event. With a sunny location and the right decor, you can rustle up a dream wedding venue that will get your guests talking for years to come.

After deciding to bring your ceremony outdoors, remember to consider the aisle decorations.

It is only befitting that the aisle is given a makeover for something as unique as an outdoor wedding. But more often than not, couples tend to overlook this one important detail.

Your aisle makes the bride’s entry a grand affair and an area that will be constantly photographed. Luxurious aisle decoration can transform an outdoor wedding into a scene of beauty and elegance.

That’s precisely why you have got to slow down and plan this out with as much care as you’ve given to the other details of your wedding. With the general decor, outfits, and color palette, aisle decor will be a plus and add some needed aesthetics to your occasion.

Here are some Luxury Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decoration Ideas that we think you’ll love.

Wedding Decorations outdoor wedding

Outdoor Wedding Aisle Markers

This wedding season, there is a lot of emphasis on the aisle and everything they stand for. And for a good reason too.

The aisle markers—decorative pieces that line the ceremony aisle from one end to the other—are a great way to add personality and charm to your wedding.
For an outdoor aisle, you can go for anything from candles to lanterns to floral arches. It all depends on the theme and vibe of your wedding.

With due consideration to your taste and budget, there are so many options for you to choose from. And it gets better because whether you are a minimalist or in love with robust decorations, you can always find something that appeals to you.

Outdoor Wedding Aisle Runners

If you want to add a touch of luxury and refinement to your aisle, then an aisle runner is a great way to go about it.

Traditionally, aisle runners were used to protect the bride’s dress from dirt and debris on the ground. But nowadays, they are used more as decorative pieces.

For an outdoor aisle, you can choose from various materials like rugs, seagrass, jute, burlap, or even velvet. And to make it more unique, you can also have a custom aisle runner made with your names and wedding date.

Outdoor Wedding Aisle Runners

So, these are some Luxury Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decoration Ideas that we think you’ll love. With these ideas, we’re sure you’ll be able to create a beautiful and unique aisle.

Luxury Outdoor Aisle Markers You Will Love

It is imperative to make sure your aisle looks as gorgeous as possible! After all, that’s where all the pictures will be taken. So here are some ideas to make sure your aisle is looking Luxurious.

1. Candles

For an outdoor aisle, candles are a great option to line the aisle with. You can go for a pillar, floating, or tea light candles. Candles add a touch of elegance and class to any event.

Candles wedding decorations for aisle

2. Lanterns

If you want your aisle to have a more whimsical feel, then lanterns are a great option. You can choose from various lanterns like paper lanterns, metal lanterns, or even LED lanterns. Lanterns look great in pictures and add a touch of magic to your event.

Lanterns decorations at an outdoor wedding

3. Flowers

A floral arrangement can never go wrong. You can use a simple floral arch or line the aisle with fresh flowers. Flowers are a great way to add color and life to your aisle. However, you must ensure that the flowers you use are in season and can withstand outdoor weather conditions.

Also, ensure they are in the same color theme as your wedding colors!

Flower arrangement in the isle outdoor wedding

4. Floral pillars

You could always go for floral pillars if there are no shrubs or trees around. Floral pillars allow you to create your aisle without relying on nature. And it looks absolutely gorgeous in the pictures.

When done correctly, this aisle décor can add to the overall experience of your wedding. Those solid floral pillars can then be topped with cascading flowers or greenery. Get in touch with your local florist to see what they can do for you!

Flower Pillars outdoor wedding

5. Planted aisle look

You could go for a planted aisle look. With lots of beautiful, organic looking flowers, your aisle will look like it was planted especially for your wedding day!

Planted Isle outdoor wedding

6. Tropical leaves palm or ferns

Add a traditional touch to your aisle décor using palm leaves or ferns. It is a great way to add some greenery and make your aisle look more natural.

Also, it’s a great way to add height to your aisle décor. Setting it at eye level or slightly above will make it look more impressive.

Tropical leaves of palm on a beach outdoor wedding

7. Floating Candles

If you are having an outdoor evening wedding, floating candles are a great option to line the aisle. All you have to do is find a base that can float and add some candles. You can add flowers or greenery to the floor to make it look more festive.

This marker is a great way to create a romantic ambiance and looks stunning in pictures. You only have to ensure that the candles are placed in water and flame safe containers.

Floating Candles wedding decorations

8. Signage

Another way to personalize your Luxury Outdoor Aisle Décor is by adding quote signs. You can use this marker style to add some meaning and sentimentality to your aisle décor. Besides, it’s a great way to incorporate your love story into the wedding décor.

You could either DIY the quote signs or contract a calligrapher or stationer to make them to go along with the rest of your decor.

Signage at a wedding

9. Custom-Made Entryway

No one says you can’t have a grand entry just because you have an outdoor wedding. So get an arbor or doorway set up and walk into your wedding area in style on your big day.

Be sure to decorate the door to your aisle with as much luxury as possible.

Custom Made Entryway outdoor wedding

10. Greenery

Add a traditional touch to your aisle décor to create a more natural look for your event. For example, you could use greenery like palm leaves, ferns, or flowers in green and white hues. This touch is a great way to add height and make your aisle look more festive.

Greenery outdoor wedding down an aisle

11. Garland

A garland is a beautiful way to add color and dimension to your luxury outdoor aisle décor. You could either DIY the garland or have it made for you.
If done right, it adds some visual interest and makes your aisle décor more outstanding.

Outdoor Wedding

Luxury Outdoor Aisle Runners You Will Love

1. Rugs

Rugs are the most common aisle runner you can find around. They can easily be rented through Curated Events, or even purchased online. If you decide to use rugs, you could either use a solid color rug or even a patterned one depending on what color theme you choose for your wedding.

Rugs are a great way to add sophistication and class to your event. Just make sure that the rug is secured so that it doesn’t get dragged along by guests.

Rugs at an outdoor wedding

2. Flowers

Another great way to line the aisle is with fresh flowers or roses. Add romance and luxury to your outdoor aisle décor with beautiful roses. Plus, it smells fantastic!

You can also use any other type of flower petals or even leaves if you can’t get your hands on roses.

Flower pedals down a wedding aisle outdoors

3. Custom Aisle Runner

For a personal touch, you can have a custom aisle runner made with your names and wedding date. So whether you choose to have it made of velvet or any other material, a customized aisle runner is a great way to add a personal touch to your aisle décor.

4. Lace

If you are looking for a more vintage feel, then using lace is a great option. You could use lace of any quality along the aisle, as this runner is one you can do around a budget. You could keep it white or even dye it to match your wedding color scheme when using lace.

5. Velvet

You can line your aisle with velvet runners for a luxurious and glamorous touch. Velvet is a rich material that adds a touch of luxury and refinement. And it will indeed look great in pictures!

Velvet rug aisle wedding

Final Thoughts

Your big day deserves the best of the best, and that includes beautiful outdoor aisle décor. No matter your taste or style, there are plenty of ways to make your luxury outdoor aisle décor look amazing.

Whatever you do, just ensure that your chosen aisle décor fits with the overall theme and feel of your wedding. After all, it’s your big day, and you want it to be as beautiful as possible!

So go ahead and get creative with your outdoor décor. With some imagination and professional help, you can quickly achieve the Luxurious outdoor aisle of your dreams!

Rows seating cover

Luxury Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Seating Plan Ideas

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As outdoor weddings are becoming more and more popular, a seating plan is becoming even more important.

Apart from offering a beautiful natural setting, often with breathtaking views, outdoor locations provide flexibility that indoor venues cannot. However, one of the challenges of planning an outdoor wedding is figuring out the best way to seat your guests.

Seating your guests comfortably is essential to hosting a successful luxury outdoor wedding ceremony. After all, your guests will spend a large portion of the day seated, so you want to ensure they are comfortable.

Choosing the right seating arrangement can make all the difference in ensuring your guests have a memorable experience.

While the ceremony is going on, your guests also need to have a great view of the activities. This consideration can help you decide on the best seating arrangement for them.

Thankfully, outdoor settings allow a lot of flexibility regarding your seating plan. For example, you can go traditional with rows of chairs facing the altar or switch things up with more unique seating arrangements.

One thing is sure, between the views and the fresh air that outdoor settings offer, your guests will be in for a treat no matter how you choose to seat them. And with a little bit of planning, you can create a seating plan that is both beautiful and functional.

Creative Luxury Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Seating Plan Ideas You Are Sure to Love

If you are having a luxury outdoor wedding, chances are you want everything to be perfect. The seating plan is one crucial detail you will not want to overlook. With some creativity, you can devise a seating plan for which you and your guests will be thankful.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Good Old Rows Seating

Rows are the traditional way to seat guests for an outdoor wedding ceremony. However, to make your chair setting a bit easier, you can arrange rows of chairs on either side of a central aisle leading up to the altar.

This seating plan is the most efficient way to accommodate many people. It also offers a clear view of the altar for all guests. This seating arrangement is for you if you don’t want anyone obstructing anyone’s view during the ceremony.

To add a bit of luxury to your rows of chairs, consider using specialty chairs rather than folding chairs.

Rows seating

2. Full Circle Seating Plan

This seating plan differs from the traditional one, offering a more unique and intimate setting for your ceremony. Seating your guests full circle around the altar creates a more connected feeling. Plus, everyone gets to have a great view of the entire ceremony.

To make this seating arrangement work, you will need enough space for a large circle and enough chairs for all the guests. But be sure to create mini aisles within the circle so guests can quickly move around during the event.

Full circle seating

3. Theater Seating Plan

For theater seating arrangements, chairs are arranged descendingly, just as you would find in a movie theater. Here, rows of chairs are placed facing the altar with aisles between them. This type of seating is a good option if you have an extensive guest list and want everyone to view the ceremony well.

A seating arrangement of this nature creates a stadium-like effect for your luxury outdoor wedding ceremony. Plus, it is also very efficient in terms of space.

This arrangement will work best in a large, open area with a natural slope or elevated area where guests can sit. If you do not have a place like this, you can create one by using rows of chairs on different levels. Be sure to provide stairs or a ramp so guests can quickly get to their seats.

Theater seating

4. Go Half Circle

Here, you have something similar to the full circle seating arrangement but on a smaller scale. Instead of seating all guests in a complete circle around the altar, only half of the guests can sit in a circle. The other half can sit in rows facing the circle.

The half-circle seating arrangement is best if the altar is in the center of the semi-circle. That way, all the guests will have a good view of the ceremony regardless of where they are seated.

You may want to consider the above arrangement if you have an extensive guest list and want to create an intimate setting that allows everyone to feel connected to the action.

5. Square Seating Plan

You can take a step further from the circular and traditional row settings by having a square seating arrangement for your luxury outdoor wedding ceremony. Seating your guests in four large square sections creates an open and airy feel.

Besides that, a square seating arrangement will create a relaxed setting since everyone will face each other. Consider seating your guests in a square seating position if you want them to interact and mingle with each other during the ceremony.

The key to making this seating arrangement work is to have enough space for four large sections. Be sure to leave enough space in the center of each square for guests to move around and get to their seats. You can also create aisles between the squares to make it easier for guests to find their way around the chairs.

6. Runway Style Seating Plan

To get this look, set up rows of chairs on either side of a long aisle leading up to the altar. This arrangement is similar to the traditional rows seating arrangement but with a more glamorous twist.

This type of seating works well for large weddings where you want to create an elegant and luxurious setting. In addition, it allows for a grand entrance as guests will be seated on either side of the aisle, leaving the center clear for the bride and groom to make their way up to the altar.

When setting up this type of seating, be sure to use chairs that are in keeping with the luxury theme of your wedding. For example, ornate white or translucent chairs would be a good option.

Runway Seating

7. Swirly Loop Seating Plan

Like the half-circle seating arrangement, the swirly loop seating offers a more dramatic and intimate setting. Here, chairs are arranged in a large circle winding up to an altar in the middle.

The main difference between this arrangement and the full-circle plan is that the chairs are not placed in straight rows. Instead, they are arranged in a swirl pattern, making a sizeable spiral appearance.

This type of seating is best suited for smaller weddings where you want to create an intimate and romantic setting. One great thing about this arrangement is that it offers a good view of the altar from every seat.

Also, because the chairs are arranged in a circle, there is no head table so everyone can mingle and interact.

Swirly loop seating also offers a good advantage for the celebrants as they move through the spiral while making their entrance. Such a great way to greet guests as you make your way to the altar!

Glam up this seating style with beautiful chairs and flowers to create a luxurious setting and have your guests swoon over your ceremony seating.

Swirly Loop Seating

8. Picnic Style Seating

This type of seating is becoming increasingly popular, especially for outdoor weddings. Seating your guests on blankets or rugs in an ample open space creates a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

To make this arrangement work, you must provide enough blankets or rugs for all your guests. Then, you can either place them in rows or a more random arrangement. Whichever way you arrange them, leave enough space between each blanket so guests can move around and get to their seats.

Picnic-style seating is best suited for smaller luxury outdoor weddings where you want to create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. To incorporate class and luxury into the arrangement, use blankets or rugs that are in keeping with the theme of your wedding.

What to Consider Before Choosing an Outdoor Wedding Seating Plan

Suppose you want your seating arrangement to be perfect for your luxury outdoor wedding. In that case, there are a few things you need to take into account before making your final decision.

Here are some things to consider:

Size of your guest list

The number of guests attending your wedding will play a significant role in deciding which seating arrangement to choose. If you have many guests, you must select a structure that can accommodate everyone comfortably.

On the other hand, if you are having a smaller wedding, you have more freedom to choose a seating arrangement that is more intimate and unique.

Type of wedding event

The wedding you have will also dictate the kind of seating arrangement you choose. For example, a traditional seating arrangement such as rows or a half-circle would be more appropriate if you are having a simple garden wedding.

But a classic or modern-themed wedding would be better suited to a unique seating arrangement such as the swirly loop, a runway style, or a full or half circle seating position will be more fitting.

The comfort of your guests

You also need to consider the comfort of your guests when choosing a seating arrangement. For example, if you have an outdoor wedding in the summer, you will need to ensure enough shade for your guests to stay relaxed and comfortable.

Size of the venue

When considering your options for an outdoor seating arrangement, keeping the size of your venue in mind is essential. The size of your venue will play a significant role in deciding the type of seating arrangement you can have.

Suppose you have a large outdoor space. In that case, you have more flexibility and creativity regarding the type of seating arrangement you can have.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller outdoor space, you will need to be more selective with the type of seating arrangement you choose. The venue size can also dictate the number of guests you can accommodate in your preferred seating arrangement.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to wedding seating arrangements, there are many options. It all depends on the size of your wedding guests, your wedding theme, and the level of intimacy you want to achieve.

The key is to choose an arrangement that will work well with the space you have and the number of guests you have. Your guests are sure to enjoy your luxury outdoor wedding ceremony if you take the time to choose the perfect seating arrangement for them.

Be sure to consider the overall theme and style of your wedding when choosing a seating arrangement. And with so many different options at your fingertips, you will find the perfect way to seat your guests for your luxury outdoor wedding ceremony.

Wedding reception outdoors under a tent

How To Plan A Luxury Outdoor Wedding

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Everyone wants to add something special to their wedding day. A wedding will form one of your life’s most important memories and mark new beginnings with someone extraordinary.

It is a moment you’ve probably been looking forward to for a while and must be memorable.

The fresh air, the connection with nature, and the sophisticated aesthetics associated with outdoor weddings are perfect.

You can do a lot with an outdoor wedding to keep it unique. Take advantage of countless themes to use alongside nature and beautiful scenery.

Outdoor weddings are also known for the best wedding photos, allowing you to preserve the magical day in vivid color.

Wedding reception

However, nothing this perfect comes easy. Getting the right effect takes careful planning and a little skill. You will also have to outwit Mother Nature and contend with all the fauna and flora you will share the space with.

Planning outdoor weddings is not always an easy task, and that’s why we’re here to help.

Combining all the details of an outdoor wedding to get an outcome that fits your standards may quickly become a headache. You need to know where to begin mapping your journey and pinpoint the most important things to consider.

We have categorized everything you need to know into five basic aspects to consider when planning an outdoor wedding:

The Weather

Before you even consider what outdoor setting you will have your wedding in, you must consider the weather. Everything hinges on it.

Although there are several ways to track the weather with a level of accuracy, planning such a large-scale outdoor event needs extra care. The best strategy is to work with seasons. This is because seasons remain consistent over time, and you will be more confident about what kind of weather to expect.

Therefore, when considering the weather:

Think About Your Locality’s Climate

What do you have to work with? Do you live in a warm place or one prone to erratic weather? How dry is it? The climate varies wildly, but the patterns recorded over decades will help you know when you would be most conducive for an outdoor event.

For example, in the US you can work with the seasons. However, depending on where you live, you may need to worry about either sporadic rains or arid summers.

Consider the Best Months for Outdoor Wedding

After researching your area’s climate, you will narrow your options to the best months. Avoid months with extreme weather, such as sweltering summers or white winters.

The best way to work with the seasons in the US is to plan your outdoor wedding during early fall and summer.

These cover the months of April, May, June, September, and October. The main reason is that these periods have the mildest weather and the slightest chance of unpredictable, disruptive weather.

However, you can have an outdoor wedding in the middle of a hot summer. You will only have to invest in the proper shade, cooling, and air conditioning equipment, plus enough hydration.

The outfits will also have to be suitable for the weather, especially the bride’s wedding gown. The only thing that may still be a risk is a heat wave, but you will be able to find out about that in due time.

The same goes for any other season. Remember, it is your wedding. If you dream of a white winter wedding or one amongst the autumn leaves, go for it!

For such cases, the best strategy is to:

  • Track the weather a few days before. It will help you predict what to expect.
  • Inform your guests about how to dress and what to expect. For example, for beach weddings, remind them that they will be walking around on the sand and need appropriate shoes.
  • Always have shade and rain protection tents.
  • Make sure there will be no mud or excess dust. For example, choose a place with a lawn.

Bridal Party

Begin Planning and Booking Early for Your Outdoor Wedding

Finally, always start planning and booking early! Once you identify when you want your wedding, find available slots in venues that match the vision you have. Do not worry about being creative; there will always be a theme and appropriate decor to suit your wedding.

Consider having a backup plan too. For example, have an indoor venue right next to your outdoor venue. You will use this in case of any issues.

The Theme, Decor, and Scenery

After you have secured the venue of your dreams, the second biggest task that awaits is the aesthetics.

The outdoors is a unique environment with its distinctive palette of colors. You will not be dealing with walls and ceilings. There is also the texture of the ground to think about, plus the glare from the sun. And depending on your location, you will have beautiful scenery around the venue.

So, what are the best ways to work with your environment to get the best result? First, you need to find a suitable theme and colors so your theme compliments the natural surroundings.

Choosing the Right Theme and Colors

Before deciding on an overall theme, you should consider what your color palette is going to be. Here are a few simple rules to avoid having a color problem:

  • Avoid greens and blacks if your venue has a lot of green vegetation. Go for more vivid colors that contrast and complement green instead. You can choose from orange, yellow, or lavender. Also, avoid too many green flowers for your decor.
  • If your venue is going to be by the beach, bright colors are best. Consider bright pinks, teals, and yellows. Also, do not be shy to go with ocean or sky blues paired with whites or creams. Unlike with a greener venue, complementing the ocean will not blend you into the background.
  • Go with the season. Use summer wedding color schemes that comprise bright, bold, and cheerful colors. Oranges, yellows, and blues are perfect for this. Next, explore fall wedding color schemes, winter wedding color schemes, and so on.

The idea is to contrast or complement your surroundings. However, what colors you choose and how you blend them will depend heavily on what theme you are going for.

The best themes for a sophisticated and unforgettable outdoor wedding are classic, garden, and modern:

Classic Wedding Theme For Outdoor Wedding

A classic wedding theme is refined and elegant. It fits perfectly with outdoor settings because it is simple and easy to understand in a unique setting. Classic themes are created by:

  • Color palette with soft colors
  • Using luxe table linens
  • Fine china
  • Elaborate overhead lighting and intricate candelabras

For decor, stick to symmetrical, streamlined patterns and simplicity.

Wedding Tabletop

Garden Wedding Theme For Outdoor Wedding

This theme is the most natural for outdoor weddings, especially those in greener environments. For this theme to work, you do not necessarily have your wedding in a literal garden. However, if you want to use plants front and center for your decor, you are already creating the perfect garden theme.

Create elaborate floral flower tunnels, arched floral passages, and perfect green lawns. You can also use colorful flowers to separate the guests’ seats from the aisle.

Floral Arrangements

Modern Wedding Theme For Outdoor Wedding

The modern theme is about minimalism, clean geometric lines, and monochromatic color schemes. It is sleek and straightforward. It works well with eye-catching, scenic outdoor venues because it allows the observer to focus on the view. Modern themes aim for functionality and elegance, as opposed to attracting attention.

The theme can be as creative as you like; you do not have to confine yourself to these three! However, these will create a luxurious, elite, and sophisticated aesthetic.

Modern Wedding Tabletop

The Time of Day, Lighting, and Photography

In this category, we need to consider the following things:

The Best Time for Outdoor Weddings

Most outdoor weddings occur in the evenings, often starting at around 5 pm. However, evenings are popular because they are cooler, especially in the summer.

They also provide scenic backgrounds for dreamy photos while creating an ultra-romantic atmosphere.

  • Daytime weddings have a magic of their own. They create a feeling of optimism and positivity that brings a lot of good energy to the wedding.
  • Mid-morning is a popular time for daytime weddings, flowing naturally into a brunch or lunchtime reception.
  • Daytime weddings are perfect for beaches and bright floral gardens.

The Best Lighting for Outdoor Weddings

Your lighting for an outdoor event is part of the decor, especially if the event will take place at night. However, in addition to being beautiful, they must also provide sufficient lighting. Ensure the altar, meal tables, pathways, aisle, and guests’ seats are well lit.

Great lighting ideas for outdoor weddings include:

  • Colored spotlights
  • String lighting
  • Rope lighting
  • Lanterns
  • Suspended votives and chandeliers
  • Moving lights
  • Fairy lights

Outdoor Wedding Lighting

Providing electricity for outdoor weddings is another essential and often forgotten chore. First, ask the venue’s owners or relevant authorities if they have an electricity supply. If they do not, find out if you can get one to the venue.

How to Take Good Photos For Outdoor Weddings

The scenery provided by outdoor weddings creates some of the best wedding photos. You need to hire a photographer who knows how best to take them.

Capturing the scenery is another reason why proper lighting is essential. However, natural lighting should also be well managed. For example, the sun should not be behind the altar; it should also not be on either side of the aisle.

Instead, it would be best if the sun is behind the guests and facing the altar for everyone’s comfort, including the photographer.

A professional photographer will know how to navigate all of this, but you need to give them enough lighting to work with. It would be great to have extra lighting in case any modifications need to be made. You could also request the photographer to come with their lighting.

Professional Photographer

The Outfits and Washrooms

Next, you must ensure your guests are as comfortable as possible.

Inform them in detail about how they should dress, so they do not get too cold or too hot. For example, tell them what shoes would be best to wear.

It may be the first outdoor wedding for some of your guests, so they may not know what they must consider. However, coming to your wedding should not feel challenging, so make it as easy as possible for them.

Also, ensure several clean washrooms with running water, mirrors, and toilet paper. Position them a little farther off the main venue but not too far away.

The Environment

Taking care of the natural environment will be essential and should feature prominently on your to-do list. Here are three areas for you to consider


You should definitely hire event professionals with noise control systems to avoid causing disturbance to wildlife and the general public. However, trees, fences, and even moving water surrounding the event should be sufficient. Also, many venues already have noise barriers.


Make sure there are bins everywhere for people to dispose of their trash and clean up materials in case someone spills or pours something by mistake.

Final Thoughts

Remember that these are only five areas for you to structure your wedding planning around, not a set of rules. You can switch them up as much as you like or add to them. But with this foundation, you will have the outdoor wedding of your dreams.