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Event Rental Company Background

CE Rental Founded in 1952.

Founded in 1952, CE Rental began as an event rental company with a straightforward mission and acronym: Chair & Equipment Rental. While we certainly do still provide high-quality chairs and equipment rentals for events, our offerings have expanded through the years not only in services and rental selection, but also in geography.

We proudly have locations in six major cities, with more growth on the horizon. The locations have operated under different names, websites and systems-until now.

By streamlining our name and our operations, our multiple locations across the Eastern United States have virtually unlimited resources to bring your event to life. Our rental offerings go far beyond the initial “chair and equipment rentals.”

From the tent to the table, and the linens to the chairs, our collection of event rentals is unparalleled. With showrooms, warehouses, and knowledgeable staff located throughout the Eastern United States, we will service events across the region while offering the most diverse collection of event rentals.

Our team of seasoned and passionate individuals provides service and value to your event.

Through this rename and rebrand, the value to you, our customers, is clear: we are offering more services, a larger collection of event rentals, and increased capabilities and resources brought by our multiple locations.

Curated – ˈkyuṙ -ˌā-təd: carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized or presented. -Merriam Webster.

This summarizes our approach to events. We consider all the elements and work to thoughtfully organize and execute every event in which we are involved.

Whether it is a wedding, a corporate event, a birthday party or a meeting, we strive to make it memorable and beautiful.

Our goal is to inspire, enhance and elevate the human need to gather in order to recognize and celebrate the special moments in life.

Our team cultivates cherished memories through our passion, dedication, service, and creativity.

We look forward to partnering with you and showing you all that is to come!

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