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Wedding proposal

How Long Does it Take To Plan a Wedding?

By Blog

It is official! You and your significant other have agreed to tie the knot. You are so excited that you want to stay in the engagement bubble for as long as possible, but it’s impossible to stop yourself from rushing to tell your family and friends. As expected, you’ll start receiving endless questions.

When is the big day? Have you decided where to have the wedding? What will you wear? Is it a destination or a local wedding?

With pressure mounting, you’ll have to start planning for a wedding. The big problem is how long before the wedding you should start.

Most wedding planners and experts argue that an average of 8 to 16 months is enough to plan a wedding. However, the timeline is subject to many things, like your schedule, budget, and the kind of wedding you want.

Each wedding will need various periods for preparation.

This article explores when to start planning a wedding, what to do first, and the conversations you need to have immediately.

When to Start Planning

There is no generally established amount of time to plan a wedding. Each wedding and couple are different in many ways meaning that the time to start preparing will vary. Some will elope immediately, while others will need time to prepare.

Of course, some have been planning their wedding day from the first day they saw each other.

Our advice at Curated Events is to take some time and bask in the joy of getting engaged. This ‘engagement honeymoon’ period will help you and your partner to think deeply about what you want in your nuptials.

You need to figure out many things before you start planning a wedding. First, you’ll have to know the period and under what budget you are working.

Your time dictates the speed you spend accomplishing tasks, and the budget governs what you can afford and what vendors to approach. You must agree with your partner based on financial power to avoid conflicts.

What to Do First

A wedding entails more than exchanging your vows and cutting cake. It includes various activities and things you must get right—the different tasks required to make your special day great need different strategies and time to accomplish.

Here are some things you need to do first.

Book a Venue

You’ve always seen yourself saying I do on a sandy beach during sunset or in your favorite holiday hotel. Whichever the case, you’d do anything to get the venue booked for your wedding.

If you love a venue, chances are it is incredible, meaning other people will also want to use it. Due to this, you need to move first to ensure that the venue is open on the wedding day.

Getting the perfect venue can be time-consuming, especially if you don’t get your first choice venue or date. So ensure you start the search immediately after you settle on a venue.

You also need to find out the menus provided at the venue to decide what to serve your visitors.

Find a Wedding Dress

Wedding bride

One of the highlights of a wedding is the wedding gown. Every bride wants their wedding gown to stand out and be the talk of the town for a long time. You have probably been dreaming of it since you were a kid and have gone through numerous Pinterest pictures before.

Getting the wedding dress fitted and delivered on time is critical, even if you know what you want.

Lateness will force you to either shop in a hurry, pay very high prices, or go for something off the rack. Most wedding dress designers need around five to six months to customize a wedding dress and deliver it in time. They’ll also need time to alter it for the perfection you need.

We are sure you’ll not want an unfitting or off-the-rack wedding gown.

Hire Vendors

If you intend to treat your guests to a memorable wedding with unique foods, drinks, decor, and entertainment, you’ll want to book the vendors way before your wedding day.

For example, suppose you want to serve a special Italian delicacy from a celebrity chef or get the services of the best wedding florist. In that case, you need to confirm they are available on your wedding day. To do this, book them around a year before the wedding.

Other vendors you need to book first for your special day include-

  • Wedding Planner
  • Wedding Cake Baker
  • Videographer/photographer
  • Hair and makeup stylists
  • Transport services
  • Wedding officiator
  • Send Save the Dates

If your wedding involves more than just you, your partner, officiator, and witnesses, you must send the dates to your friends and family.

While your loved ones want to show up on your big day, people get held up, and emergencies occur. As a result, they must mark their calendars and set reminders before the day.

Additionally, wedding guests from far away need to make early travel arrangements or miss the wedding. You’ll also need to book a room for them as soon as you decide on the venue.

Choose the Wedding Party

A wedding party is essential. They plan the bachelorette and bachelor parties and are the support system in the planning and execution process.

Therefore, identifying your wedding party in advance is essential. You’ll give the individuals a heads up so that they can save the date and prepare while also knowing who won’t be available.

It also provides enough time to get their wedding outfits ready on time. We assume you’ll have a theme and want them to dress in a specific way.

Plan your Honeymoon

Are you planning to head for your honeymoon immediately after your wedding? We won’t judge; who doesn’t want to spend some time away with their partner immediately after the ‘I Dos’?

However, if you want a smooth honeymoon, you need to plan it as early as the venue. If you have a specific destination in mind, you need to book the hotel rooms in advance and book the flight and local tour guide if you are going out of town.

We recommend you do this around six months in advance.

The One Conversation to Have Immediately

I just got engaged!

Once the ring is presented, the idea of marriage is now on the table. While we suggest that you enjoy the excitement and joy for a while before starting to plan a wedding, there is an important issue you and your partner must deliberate on; will yours be a long-term or short-term engagement?

Engagement periods differ from couple to couple. Each period has advantages and will not affect the planning period if you are well prepared. Nevertheless, deciding how long you’ll remain engaged gives you an idea of when you want your wedding to take place.

You don’t have to settle on the actual date immediately.

If your wedding is more than 18 months away

If you decide to have a long engagement period of more than a year and a half, you’ll have an easier time preparing for your wedding. You can take the first few months to enjoy and bask in the engagement and start your wedding plans slowly and comfortably with less pressure and stress.

With 18 months notice, you’ll likely find and book your perfect venue and vendors.

You’ll also have enough time to discuss and agree on what you want for your wedding day. You can even try your hosting skills through a small engagement party!

If your wedding is a year or more away

Most couples will say their ‘I dos’ within a year of their engagement. Over here, we think that is the perfect duration to plan a successful wedding.

Start by taking a few weeks to live in the moment and appreciate your engagement. Shortly afterward, you can slowly jump into the planning process with a clearer mind.

Take a task at a time and avoid juggling things; you’ll get tired quickly, confused, and eventually frustrated. Instead, start with the small things, like determining your budget and the number of people you intend to host.

List down the venues you’ll want, starting from the most preferred, and start researching. Chances are very high that you’ll find your first or second choice open, depending on the location.

After you settle on the venue, you’ll need to start looking at the vendors immediately. Remember to also look at the venue’s policy on vendors.

If your wedding is in less than a year

If you intend to move from ‘Will you Marry me?’ to ‘Do you accept..?’ within 12 months, you can still have a stressless planning duration.

You could have settled for a year for many reasons; your preferred season to wed is coming up, or you just don’t have the patience to wait for more than a year. Whichever the case, you still have time to make things perfect.

Take a week or two to yourself before jumping into preparation mode. You could even take a short vacation out of town before coming back to prepare.

You’ll need to decide on a date and check out the venue you want immediately, as less than a year is a short time.

You may have to be prepared to settle on your second, third, or fourth option as someone may have already booked the venue for the same day. You may also want to contact your vendors immediately.

If your wedding is six months away

Six months is a short time frame to plan a wedding, but it is doable. Around a fifth of couples will usually take half a year to move from ‘just engaged’ to ‘just married.’

While the time frame is short, you can take a week or two off without compromising much time.

However, to avoid stress, you’ll have to start planning almost immediately and get to know that you may miss your preferred venue and vendors.

Start by researching for venues starting from your top choice; you never know, the venue may be open. You’ll also want to check their catering options; if the menu and services match your needs, they are the easiest option. Also, get in contact with other vendors as soon as possible to prepare them for the big day.

If your wedding is three months away (or less than that!)

If you want to get married immediately after your engagement, you may have to start making arrangements immediately. It doesn’t mean you avoid taking some time off; a week should be enough but begin as soon as possible.

You can plan a wedding in a matter of days if you have the urge and will. First, however, you must be ready to make a lot of concessions, like using a venue not on your list and having fewer guests than you would want.

Nevertheless, three months is long enough to plan and execute a successful and memorable wedding.

Final Thoughts

Weddings are unique, and everyone will want the day to be smooth and successful. As such, you’ll have to prepare sufficiently and on time.

You have to book your preferred venue, contact vendors, get the wedding gown and outfits, and invite guests. The time you take to do this will vary as each wedding has its own needs.

We recommend you take around a year if time permits. However, you can plan a wedding in as short as a month if that is what you desire.

Save the date invitations

When To Send Out Wedding Invitations and Save the Date?

By Blog

One of the primary purposes of having a wedding is for people to witness your promise to each other. Naturally, therefore, the guests need to make it there.

Most importantly, your nearest and dearest family and friends must be there. You need to do everything you can to compromise with them and work out a date and time that is convenient for everyone. Therefore, your invitations need to be sent in good time.

Inviting guests to your wedding may seem straightforward, but it can be time-consuming, expensive, stressful, and complicated.

You must decide who to invite, send save-the-dates and formal invitations, and ensure that everyone RSVPs. But one thing that makes the process a lot easier is having enough time to handle all that comes with it.

But how do we know when the best time is to start sending out invitations and save the dates? Let’s explore this question further.

What Are Save-the-Dates?
When To Send Save-the-Dates
When To Send Wedding Invites
When to Send Other Wedding Related Invites
How Early is Too Early for Wedding Invitations?
When Not to Send Save-the-Dates
Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Save-the-Dates?

Everyone is familiar with the basic wedding invitation, but not everyone knows what a save-the-date is.

Many people omit save-the-dates from their wedding plans, so it is understandable that most people only vaguely know anything about them. So, we need to start by adequately defining what they are.

Save the date

A save-the-date welcomes your guest to mark the date on their calendar. It is a straightforward concept.

While it does provide some information regarding the wedding, the purpose of this card is to allow guests to plan ahead of time and to inform them that you will deliver a formal invitation at a later date.

They are thus a precursor to a formal invitation. They often serve as a placeholder for the invitation, letting guests know to clear their schedules or avoid committing to other events on that day. They are a fantastic way to let people you care about know that they are being invited to your wedding for sure.

But is all this truly necessary?

But, this pre-invitation notification is still necessary. Furthermore, if you’re planning a destination wedding during a busy travel period, such as a holiday weekend, or in a faraway place, such as a distant tropical island, sending a save-the-date is an expected courtesy.

Many of your guests will need to make travel and hotel arrangements, so it’s best to assume your guests will need time to budget and prepare for it. And if we can set all seriousness aside for a minute, save-the-dates are a fun way to drive up excitement for your wedding!

Most guests will be fine with an invitation-only, and others will probably already know about your wedding and any unique plans.

Although it seems straightforward, and generally is, most things to do with weddings have an extra layer of protocols to follow.

Questions such as when they are sent and which circumstances are appropriate for their use quickly confuse people. Let us change that in this guide.

When To Send Save-the-Dates

Save-the-dates are given out before wedding invitations and should be sent between six and 12 months before the wedding. Sending the save-the-date 12 months in advance is customary if your engagement is longer than a year.

Anything beyond this may make your guests forget about the event. Also, consider that you can never be sure what the future holds, and people have finite control over the events in their lives the further away it is. Therefore, the longer there is to wait between a wedding and a save-the-date, the more likely the guests will not be able to tell for sure if they can make it, even if they promise to.

If you are going for 12 months, remember that you can email event reminders to ensure that your guests don’t forget. It’s best to keep your wedding at the forefront of their minds.

Many people postponed their weddings due to the pandemic and are rescheduling as more and more places open up.

If you’re planning a wedding in the aftermath of the pandemic, you might want to send out your save-the-dates a little earlier. Dates are being picked up rapidly with so many couples postponing and rescheduling all at once, and it may be vital to let loved ones know your date sooner so that they may save it and prevent missing your special day.

When To Send Wedding Invites

Finding the best time to send out wedding invites can be a tricky balancing act. But only allow at most three months between them and the save-the-date. After that, you should send invitations eight to 12 weeks before the event (two to three months out).

Writing wedding invitation

Set a date on the card for attendees to RSVP by so you can have a headcount, but expect some people to miss that deadline.

If you’re worried about not having enough time, send out your invitations at least 16 weeks (four months) before the wedding.

Always follow up with people who have not replied, just in case someone forgot to RSVP.

How Early is Too Early for Wedding Invitations?

As mentioned above, you can send invitations anywhere between eight and 16 weeks before the wedding. Sending out invitations earlier might seem like a bright idea to finish preparing sooner, but in the end, it might make it harder to decide how many guests to invite and finalize booking with vendors.

Sending wedding invitations too early can be a problem. Many brides want to send out invitations early to check their numbers with vendors and reduce stress. But often, even the vendors are unwilling to commit.

What usually happens is that guests forget to reply and leave their invitations in a stack of mail. Or, as we have mentioned, they cannot commit to a date so far out. Other times, someone might say “yes” to the RSVP but subsequently forget about it because too much time passes between the RSVP and the event.

Also, it may be too soon for wedding vendors to find reservations. So most of your effort will be in vain because only very few people will be capable of bookings.

When Not to Send Save-the-Dates

You do not need to send save-the-dates if:

  • Your wedding will be happening soon after the engagement
  • Your wedding will be happening locally, and only people nearby will be invited
  • No significant planning from the guests will be required

Remember, you may still want to send save-the-dates, and nothing is wrong with that! But you should remember that they can be a lot of work to manage.

If you ultimately choose to leave them out, send out your wedding invites a little earlier than you would have if you had sent out save-the-dates. Do this advance distribution regardless of whether there are special plans and a destination wedding or not.

You might want to lean toward 16 weeks before the wedding when sending out invitations. This way, visitors are given a little more notice and time to prepare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequent questions we get about save-the-dates and wedding invitations:

How Long Should I Give Guests to RSVP to My Wedding?

Assuming you’ve sent out your invites in plenty of time, at least six to eight weeks before your wedding, give your guests four or five weeks to respond. This gives folks plenty of time to decide whether or not they want to attend your wedding and make the required travel arrangements.

What Should I Do If I Forget to Send Out a Wedding Invitation?

Although it may seem like a big blunder, it is pretty easy to fix! Simply give your loved one a call and explain what happened right before you offer to send them an invite.

When Should I Add a +1 on a Save-The-Date?

Guests who are married, engaged, or cohabiting should receive a plus-one. Give each member of your wedding party a plus-one. Consider inviting people who have been with their partner for so long that it would be odd not to, even if you are unfamiliar with their spouse.

You could also do this for single parents, especially those who are always with their children or whose children are minors.

Wedding invitations 1

What to Write in Luxury Wedding Invitations

By Blog

One of the first aspects of your wedding planning that visitors will see is the invitations.

Invitations are your first chance to showcase your style and convey the mood of the wedding to your guests.

Every couple is a lovely fusion of traditions and values. Each aspect of their connection that makes it unique should be reflected in the invitation suite’s finer aspects.

Our guide covers a range of wording options to create a luxury feel in addition to reflecting your sentiments to move and delight your guests. We will start by discussing the best high-end wedding stationery for your luxury wedding for an elegant first impression.

  1. Luxury Wedding Invitation Stationery
  2. Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette
  3. What Information to Include in Wedding Invitations
  4. Wedding Invitation Wording Examples
  5. Wedding Invitation Frequently Asked Questions

Luxury Wedding Invitation Stationery

Luxury wedding invitations

We all know wedding invitations are not just envelopes with a card inside. Of course, they can be, but it’s also about paying attention to detail.

There are several design options, so you do not need boring invitations to be classy. Here are the essential items your invitation suite should not go without.

Invitation: The invitation is the most crucial piece of the entire suite. This document contains all the information for your guests and includes all the specifics for your big day. The host line, request line, bride’s and groom’s names, date and time, the name and address of the venue, and a reception line are all included on the invitation.

RSVP card: The second-most significant card in the suite is the response card or RSVP. This component asks the guest if they will be in attendance at the ceremony or not. If relevant, a response title, reply by date, m-line, accepts/regrets, and meal selections are all included on this card.

Large enclosure: The large enclosure is used for extra but essential information such as travel info or a schedule of events. It can also be used as a map or to organize smaller pieces of information. Essentially, you can use the large enclosure for any extra information that will not fit in the invitation card.

Small enclosure: The small enclosure is usually used for reception information, but it also works well for websites, registers, parking directions, and appropriate attire.

Belly band: A 1.5” belly band holds all the pieces together within the envelope. This piece is personalized with your choice of color and the couple’s names.

Envelope: The envelope is what will protect all the items in the invitation suite. You can either have a single or double envelope. Although the single envelope is the more popular option, it does not offer as much protection as the double envelope.

Therefore, the double envelope is preferable if your invitation suite is a little bulky or if you are sending out invitations to distant places.

Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette

Wedding invitation package

Elegant weddings tend to be more traditional. As such, they follow specific rules of etiquette, which you cannot forget in the wording of the invitation letters. Here are the basic rules you should follow:

Prioritize Concise Communication Over Flamboyance

Be as brief as possible. Your guests must have access to all the necessary information they require to attend your wedding. Therefore, there is no need to fill your invitations with text that could distract them and make them miss anything crucial.

Clarity is paramount, so only provide the pertinent information and save the rest for your wedding website or insert cards. In this case, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Include the Names of the Hosts

The name of the person hosting or paying for the wedding is traditionally included in the wedding invitations.

Today, these hosts could be the couple themselves, parents, the community, church, or a combination of these. It’s polite and expected to thank everyone who helped make your special day possible, either by name or in the form of a brief sentence. We will explain this in the Wedding Invitation Wordings Examples section below.

Reflect the Luxurious Essence of Your Ceremony

Express the mood and formality of the occasion with the language used in your wedding invites. Since you want guests to dress elegantly, opt for traditional wording. Avoid contemporary and lighthearted word choices because you don’t want to sound casual.

If you don’t want to explicitly state that you are aiming for a more sophisticated vibe for your wedding, choosing the right type of phrasing is essential.

Separate Extra Information From the Invitation Card

You should not include specific details in a wedding invitation suite. Your registry information, for instance, should never be featured. Instead, send an insert card with a link to your wedding webpage.

Additionally, you can use an insert card for information that does not fit your wedding invitations, such as certain venue etiquette.

What Information to Include in Wedding Invitations

What counts as extra information? What details must never be missing on a wedding invitation? Although it seems simple, poor sifting of what should and should not be on your wedding card could give the wrong impression.

Here’s the most crucial information to include in your wedding invitation:

The Host Line

You should mention the event hosts in the opening line of a wedding invitation. If more than one party is hosting, you should only include names if you want official invites. You can skip this line if the couple is hosting the wedding themselves.

An Explicit Request to Attend

The most important part of your invitation is the request to attend. Let the person you invite know precisely what they are being invited to and who is inviting them. Use their name to make it feel personal, and to let them know their presence, in particular, will make the event complete.

Although this part will be made up of a few simple phrases, you must be careful to ensure that you hit all the relevant points with just enough words. Be concise as possible, but do not forget to pull on those heartstrings.

Wedding Invitation guide

The Couple’s Names

The couples’ names must be written out in a bold and different font, or just in bold. Make them pop out because these are the most important people of the day. The bride’s name is often written first, but this is not a rule set in stone.

Save the date invitation

The Venue

When describing the location of your wedding, be as exact as you can by mentioning the state and zip code as well as the venue’s name and complete street address. Include the country’s name if your wedding is in a foreign country.

To avoid your guests getting lost, visitors must know precisely where they are supposed to be. Specific venue information will give them enough time to plan any necessary travel and lodging. Even if you plan to provide transport, let them know where they will be taken.

The Date and Time

Be as formal and concise as you can when announcing the wedding date and time. Allow no room for misinterpretation.

While figures are frequently used on modern invitations, traditional wedding invitation language calls for the date and time format to be spelled out in full. You will still come across as elegant in this situation by using a little modern formatting.

Make sure the typeface you chose is legible if you’re using figures because some fonts make certain numbers look similar. You could also use figures and words to ensure everyone interprets the right time.

The Dress Code

Dress code information isn’t compulsory, but it can be beneficial. Some people prefer to allow the tone of the card to do the speaking for them when it comes to this aspect.

If you feel many guests may misinterpret the dress code, you can state it in the lower corner or center it at the bottom of the invite. You can also put this information on your wedding website or on a details card.

Reception Details

Lastly, let visitors know if the ceremony and reception will be held at the same venue. You can simply say, “Reception to follow,” if that’s the case. If it’s somewhere else, you can mention it on the invitation or on a separate details card.

Wedding Invitation Wording Examples

What exactly will a wedding invitation look like, since we have covered all the dos and don’ts? Let’s put all we have learned to practice by giving some examples.

Couple Hosting

When a couple chooses to host their wedding, use this format:

The honor of your presence is requested at
the marriage of
Helen Byers
Marty Smith
Saturday, 9th July
05:30 P.M
Castle Gardens
900 Third Avenue
CityVille, Green State
Reception to follow

The places used here are all fictional. In the actual invitation, use real place names.

Couple’s Parents Hosting

In some weddings, both the bride and the groom’s parents will host the wedding-

Mr. & Mrs. Byers
and Mr. & Mrs. Smith
request the honor of your company
at the marriage of their children
Helen Byers
Marty Smith
Saturday, 9th July
05:30 P.M
Castle Gardens
900 Third Avenue
CityVille, Green State
Seattle, Washington
Reception to follow

Bride’s Parents Hosting

Alternatively, and most traditionally, the bride’s parents will host the wedding on their own:

Mr. & Mrs. Byers
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Helen Byers
Marty Smith
Saturday, 9th July
05:30 P.M
Castle Gardens
900 Third Avenue
CityVille, Green State
Reception To Follow

Groom’s Parents Hosting

When the groom’s parents host the wedding, use his format:

Mr. & Mrs. Smith
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of
Helen Byers
to their son
Marty Smith
Saturday, 9th July
05:30 P.M
Castle Gardens
900 Third Avenue
CityVille, Green State
Reception To Follow

Couple and Parents Hosting

There are also occasions when both parents and the couple host the wedding. Most people struggle with formatting this kind of invitation, but here is a simple example-

Together with
Mr. & Mrs. Byers and Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Helen Byers
Marty Smith
request the honor of your company
at the celebration of their union
Saturday, 9th July
05:30 P.M
Castle Gardens
900 Third Avenue
CityVille, Green State
Reception To Follow

You can replace the part after “Together with…” with any party that contributed towards the hosting of the wedding.

Wedding Invitations Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we get about luxury wedding invitations.

What Should Not Be Included in Luxury Wedding Invitations?

Do not use any unnecessary words or informal word choices. Be as concise as possible. Avoid using discriminatory language such as ‘Adults Only’.

Simply imply these standards because stating them will make the guests associate you with negativity, even if they agree. Also, there may be logical explanations for non-compliance, and you may come across as uncompassionate by setting complex rules.

Do Luxury Wedding Invitations Have a Specific Color Palette?

There are no restrictions. Your invitations should simply match your wedding’s color scheme. If your colors are bold and you worry about getting the right aesthetic, stick to neutral colors and a few scattered hints of the overall color scheme.

Wedding photographer shooting outside

The Best Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer Before Booking

By Blog

Your wedding photos how you preserve the special day for eternity. You cannot afford to risk losing the one chance to take epic photos when you, your new spouse, and your loved ones look their best. So wedding photos simply have to be perfect!

Photos are only as good as the skills of the photographer that took them. So a fantastic photo gallery for your wedding starts with a fantastic photographer. But here’s the catch: almost everyone labels themselves as the best photographer!

The good news is that strategic interviewing is a clever way to find the best of the best. You will find all you need to confirm a potential photographer’s legitimacy by asking the right questions. You will also narrow down to one who understands what you want and can help you achieve it to perfection.

The purpose of asking these questions is also to see how best you can facilitate their creative process. For example what they will need if they come with assistants and so forth.

Therefore, the best questions to ask a wedding photographer before booking them are.

How long have they been a professional wedding photographer?

Classic wedding photography

The first thing to ask them about is their experience.

How many years have they been in photography? Do they have any specific experience in wedding photography?

The longer they have been in the business, the better they will be at their craft. It would also mean they have a few good tricks up their sleeve from working for so long.

This does not mean you should write off all newcomers. On the contrary, new talent brings fresh air to any industry. Use different means to see if they are the photographer you need. For beginners, ask them to show you their previous work. Or ask any of the other questions in this guide.

If they can show you their wedding gallery

The next best way to gauge a photographer’s expertise is to look at their work. Ask them to show you a gallery or even their entire portfolio. It will save time to look at their wedding shoots, but it will give you a better idea by pursuing their whole body of work. Or at least most of it.

Most photographers will be proud to show you their work. Look for how diverse it is or if they can capture the aesthetic you are looking for. For example, in their wedding photos, see whether or not they look like something you would want for yourself.

Bride and groom viewing wedding photographer pictures

If they have any reviews from previous customers

Who have they ever worked for before? Do not restrict yourself to photographers that work with celebrities.

As we have already mentioned, other independent or upcoming photographers are often uncut gems. But look to see if they have any real clients.

What did those clients have to say about the service? You have established they are a legitimate professional, but did their clients enjoy the work? Look for reviews about the photographer and whether or not they are usually recommended.

Was the photographer easy to work with? Ask the people who worked with the photographer how they were, if possible. For example, what was their temperament and manner like, and ask about some memorable moments they enjoyed with the photographer.

Whether they have a social media presence

Another smart way to get the feel of a photographer is to see their social media pages, especially their Instagram. Instagram is the platform for creatives, especially visual artists. Look at their photos’ quality and the general aesthetic of their page.

Social media

Often, a photographer will post the best of the best on their page. So what their Instagram or other social media page looks like will show you the best you can expect them to deliver.

Their level of engagement is also a good measure, but do not be too swift to judge a photographer based solely on that.

However, how they relate to people will give you an idea of how easy they are to work with. Plus, a bad photographer will have a hard time getting positive engagement.

How would they describe their wedding photography style

After seeing their work for yourself, the next step is to hear it from them. This question helps you see how self-aware they are. A self-aware artist will know their capabilities and how best to translate your wishes into your photos.

Even if a wedding photographer has the best skills and products in the industry, they might not be the best choice for you and your spouse if their aesthetic and style don’t meet your wedding’s aspirations. Ask them to describe their photographic style to you, in addition to looking at their website and social media pages to make sure it’s a good fit.

Most importantly, you want to make sure that your personalities mesh well since you will be spending the entire day with them! You will not always get the complete picture simply from seeing their photos.

Wedding photographer

How would they describe their photo editing style?

Closely related to a photographer’s general style is their editing style. It may seem redundant to ask this after asking the previous question, but editing is usually a different process.

Your wedding images’ final appearance will depend on the wedding photographer’s editing technique. Note whether their look is vibrant, classic, or moody.This step is an excellent time to ask about any further photo editing services you might be interested in, such as color correction or retouching.

Whether they have any specialties

Ask your photographer what their special skills are.

Knowing your photographer’s strengths will help you see how best to work with them. For example, if they are highly talented in night photography, they will be an excellent choice for your wedding’s evening outdoor party. If they are great with edits and you are a fan of that, then they may be the best choice.

At this juncture, it would also help to ask them what they don’t do or do not recommend. Knowing this will allow you to understand the limits and what to expect.

Wedding photographer shooting

What is it like to work with them on the day of the wedding

Wedding photographer checking camera

Your wedding photographer is one of your VIP wedding providers. They’ll be there by your side every step of the journey, documenting the magic. As a result, you must feel at ease with your wedding photographer, which is more important than you may think.

Do your personalities complement each other well? The finest wedding photographer is ultimately someone you can communicate easily with. If they can take in the beautiful feelings of the day and have as much fun as you are, all the better.

You may get a better sense of the wedding photographer’s attitude, their shooting style, and how it will be to work with them by asking them to guide you through the itinerary of the wedding day. While some may focus on posing ideas, others might want to take more unstaged, natural photographs. There is no right or wrong answer. What matters is that the photographer’s aesthetic suits your vision and that you both feel at ease.

If they have a backup plan in place

Every professional takes every measure possible to ensure a task they were supposed to do, gets done. Your photographer should have one too.

Weddings are unpredictable. It’s comforting to know that the wedding photographer has a fallback plan in place if something should happen and they are unable to capture your wedding. The logistics and backup gear for photography are the same. Your wedding coordinator is invaluable in communicating with the photographer to make sure they are on the same page for Plan B!

How much their wedding packages cost

If you have gotten this far with your photographer, they are probably the one for you. The only thing you need to settle on is the price.

Wedding photographers’ pricing ranges broadly depending on whether you want an engagement session, how many hours of coverage you desire, whether you get an album from them, etc. Expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $18,000.

What their wedding packages include

Wedding photographer package

Allow them to say what exactly their packages entail. It is advisable to have the fine details of this so that you do not end up with unsatisfactory images or a bill you did not expect.

Many photographers are open to bargaining or even have special offers for their wedding packages. The most important thing about this step is to have an honest conversation with them.

Secondly, ask them if they have any special services, such as photo booths.

When you will receive your wedding photos

Finally, ask them when you should expect your wedding photos.

Before sending you the final product, your wedding photographer will probably take their time editing the pictures. However, knowing when that period will be crucial, so you don’t have to check your inbox, building anxiety constantly.

You can also inquire about the photographs’ delivery specifications, such as whether they will be high-resolution, unwatermarked, etc., and whether they will provide teasers or sneak peeks soon after the major event.

Knowing these details is essential, so you are not disappointed in the process and can manage expectations!

Wedding invitations


Here are some other things to ask your potential photographer that may get overlooked:

Will they give you a press release with the contract?

According to federal legislation, wedding photographers have the exclusive right to the photographs they capture at your wedding; thus, they are permitted to use them for promotional purposes.

However, in addition to the contract, photographers will also provide the couple with a print release. If you purchase this print release, you may utilize the wedding photos for private purposes.

Do they have videographer partners or recommendations?

Most photographers have preferences on videographers they work with, so it’s great to ask.

Will transport to the venue be added to the overall price?

Confirm with the photographer what exactly their price entails. For example, some may request traveling allowances to far-off places or even have it as a standard price within their packages.

Remember that most photographers require a meal in their contract, and it’s important to include them in your vendor meal count.

Vetting wedding planner

What Does a Wedding Planner Do, And Do I Need One?

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Planning weddings is complicated. But most people still struggle to see the importance of a wedding planner. 

The main reason is that although planning a wedding is hectic; we assume it just needs a little organization. So it can’t be that hard, right?

Some people are not accustomed to that level of stressful planning, while others may find it a piece of cake. So should you risk seeing if you can manage it on your own?

There is also the concern of whether a wedding planner can truly capture your vision..who knows your family’s history and unique love story more than you do? Others may be concerned that a wedding planner is a luxury they can simply do without and save the charges.

In this post, we will investigate this question deeper. Let’s first start by understanding who a wedding planner is and what they do.

The Different Types of Wedding Planners

Wedding plans

A wedding planner is any person in charge of planning, designing, and smoothly executing a wedding. However, depending on their expertise and your agreement, their roles may either increase or decrease. Here are the different types of wedding planners you can choose.

Full-Service Planners

They are involved with the wedding ceremony and celebrations from beginning to end. That is why another name for them is “full-service” planners. 

They identify and hire vendors, book locations, take care of invites, create a floor plan and timeline, and oversee everything on the wedding day. They are often hired as far out as a year in advance.

They take care of every little thing, and often they even help choose the wedding’s aesthetic. You want to hire a planner so you can lean on their expertise and experience.

Partial-Service Planners

They are often referred to as “month-of” planners and typically get involved four to six weeks before the major ceremony. 

They might help you identify a particular vendor, but more often than not, they serve as your point of contact for the ones you’ve already hired. They also confirm logistics, set schedules, assist with seating arrangements, and take care of other last-minute duties and details. 

On the wedding day, they oversee everything and help give you peace of mind.

Wedding planner meeting

Day-of Planners

Day-of planners often just step in on the event day and are not involved in creative decision-making. 

They serve as the event manager for the big day and occasionally the rehearsal, directing the wedding guests and vendors where to go, keeping everything on schedule, and fixing issues.

Specialty Planners

Specialty planners concentrate on a particular facet of the celebration, such as the schedule or finding the ideal location. 

The “design and decor” consultant, more appropriately known as a “wedding designer,” is one example. This specialist focuses on the aesthetics of the wedding, including the color scheme, decor, style, lighting, and floor plan. 

They will work with the vendors and supervise setup and cleanup, but they won’t be involved in the boring details or the overall timetable. 

You can, therefore, also have a planner solely responsible for ensuring the schedule runs smoothly. The categories of planners here are pretty vast.


What’s the Difference Between Wedding Planners and Wedding Coordinators?

People often use these terms interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Misusing these terms could make you not get the wrong person and confuse you even more about whether or not you should have a wedding planner.

Wedding planner on wedding day

So, first of all, a wedding planner is involved in planning and organizing a wedding from the very beginning. 

As a result, they assist couples in creating a budget, locating and hiring vendors, organizing and setting a schedule for the ceremony and reception, and managing all aspects of the wedding day. 

A wedding planner offers a wide range of services. Therefore, they will fall under full-service and partial-service wedding planners.

The services of a wedding coordinator are relatively limited. They participate less in the wedding’s design, budget, and vendor selection because they are involved later in the process. 

They serve as the venue’s and the vendors’ point of contact. They also create a timeline for the activities of the wedding day and are present to oversee them, ensuring that everything goes according to plan. They fall under the category of a professional month-of or day-of wedding consultant.

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

We have covered different types of planners already. Therefore, we will focus on what a full-service planner offers. This exhaustive list will help you see what a wedding planner’s maximum potential is-

Coordinate Design

When couples hear “wedding planner,” they frequently assume organization and planning. 

But even more than that, most full-service wedding planners also include design services to assist couples in choosing color schemes, creating floor plans, selecting décor, renting items and lighting, and creating an overall aesthetic that permeates the entire event. If your wedding planner does not provide these services, they can quickly put you in touch with someone who does.

Wedding planning

Oversee Wedding Finances

Depending on your package and contract agreement, a wedding planner will not only guide pricing and projections but will also keep track of when your deposits and other payments are due, ensuring that no deadline is ever missed. 

Even though they can be expensive, a wedding planner will provide expert advice to help you save money.

Offer Fashion Advice

Your planner can advise if you want an unbiased perspective when looking for your wedding dress, suit, tuxedo, or accessories. 

They will look at things through a professional lens, unlike your friends and family, who probably just want you to be happy. They will also have the best suggestions for blending the outfits with the theme and venue setting.

Bride on wedding day

Schedule and Coordinate Wedding Meetings

A competent wedding planner is never behind schedule. They are, therefore, in the most excellent position to oversee the planning of meetings with vendors or the wedding location, facilitating them, and carrying out the decisions made. 

Meetings are usually extremely hectic, and getting someone to handle them is a blessing.

Vet Vendors

Another responsibility your wedding planner has is finding, vetting, and settling on the best vendors for your big day. 

Most of them already know the best and most affordable and competent vendors. Wedding planners also ensure all vendors have a backup, just in case of anything.

Wedding Day Management

Plan the Guest Experience

It’s all about the experience during the wedding weekend. Your wedding planner can ensure that your guests have an unforgettable experience. 

While you sit back and savor the memories, they’ll arrange for things like transportation, hotel room blocks, day-of transportation, and welcome bags.

Wedding family

Manage Emergencies

Anything can happen on your wedding day. The rain could start unexpectedly, the cake could get destroyed at the reception, and even your dress or suit could rip. Any kind of unimaginable and terrifying catastrophe could strike. 

A wedding planner has backup plans for every one of these possible scenarios. If they don’t, they will work to find one, so you don’t have to deal with the stress on your special day.

Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

We have now covered everything there is to expect regarding wedding planners! But if it’s still a little unclear whether or not you should hire a wedding planner-

Get a Wedding Planner If

  • You want a stress-free wedding day 
  • You can comfortably afford it
  • You are a busy person who can’t dedicate time to planning
  • You are not too busy, but you have too little time for your wedding
  • You have no idea where to start but need help with attention to detail
  • You want  a destination wedding
  • You’re hosting your wedding at an uncommon or novel venue
  • You want a weekend wedding that involves many sub-events.

Stressed Bride Wedding Planning

Do Not Get a Wedding Planner If

Couples who are highly organized, prefer to be hands-on, and enjoy researching and digging into specifics would likely find a planner more stressful than helpful. 

Avoid wedding planners if you feel uncomfortable with strangers interfering with your ideas.

A wedding planner may not be necessary if your wedding is intimate or the logistics are straightforward. However, it shouldn’t be a problem because it will be similar to planning a small party.

If you are lucky, you may get a venue that provides a wedding planner. The venue will include their charges in the reservation fees but at a lower price. In this case, you will not need to hire any planner unless you want a specialty planner for something.

Whether or not you should really hire a wedding planner depends on your needs as a couple.

Wedding date

How Much Should Be Spent on Wedding Planners?

The typical fee for full-service planners is roughly 20% of the overall cost of the event. The celebration here refers to the venue and the vendors. 

Almost half of the correspondents in this study felt that spending on a wedding planner was a waste of money. Wedding planners can be expensive. 

Due to their diversity, it is easy to pick the wrong one for your needs. All these issues contribute to the dissatisfaction people feel about wedding planners. To feel the value for money, you must ensure you get the experience you are looking for. 

After reading this article, you will be in an excellent position to make the right decision.

Mexican style veggies

Luxury Outdoor Wedding Catering Ideas Guide

By Blog

You’ll want to make the day memorable for friends and family. The gown is beautiful, the floral arrangements are stunning, and everyone you love is around. What else could make the day worth a lifetime of memories?


Food is one of the wedding’s highlights. As a result, you’ll not want to treat your visitors to the usual meals. Instead, you’ll want something unique; meals that will tantalize your taste buds and imprint the experience to memory.

Catering is not an easy task. It means getting creative with the meals you want to offer and then getting the perfect caterer. You’ll also need to find out the catering policy of your venue.

Curated Events works alongside amazing catering teams, and we are more than happy to make recommendations for your event. 

At Curated Events, we help you give visitors something new. We have compiled a list of luxury wedding catering ideas to give everyone one of the best highlights of their lives.

Our Favorite Wedding Menu Ideas

Let’s have a look at our favorite wedding menu ideas.

Traveling Seafood Station

Seafood station

Imagine a bucket of fresh oysters moving around your outdoor wedding venue. Exciting, right?

A traveling seafood station creates an interactive element where the guests will mingle while trying out the different delicacies. Serve your favorite seafood, and don’t forget to provide sauce.

Wood Fired Pizza

Wood fired pizza

To maintain simplicity at your wedding, you can creatively offer pizza. After all, pizza is a fan favorite, and you could make it incredible by offering it freshly made on site.

Wood-fired pizza looks attractive when done well. It is delicious and cooks fast to let the toppings hold their flavors and nutrients.

Of course, we don’t need to remind you about offering a variety of toppings, do we?

Comfort Food Shooters

Comfort food

While comfort foods sound uninteresting, they are a good choice for outdoor wedding cuisine. All you have to do is add a touch of class to it.

Choose any of your preferred comfort foods and deliver them in attractive settings.

You could try out grilled cheese and tomato soup or go for chicken 

fried steak with waffles and syrup.

Dim Sum

Dim sum

Chinese food has become common around the globe. If you have tried the various meals abroad or at home, you may want to share the delicacies with family and friends.

There is no better way of sharing your love of Chinese food than Dim Sum at your wedding.

The meal consists of various dishes from which guests can sample and pick. The meal promotes interactions and allows the guest to customize their meals. Yes! Everyone can create their meal!

Sushi Station

Sushi station

Do you relish sushi? Then the Japanese delicacy is perfect for your wedding.

A sushi station is ideal if you want your visitors to decide how much they want. The guests will choose the type and number of rolls they want and manage their intake.

Sushi is also served fresh and is a favorite for many people. 


Brunch bowl

Spice up your special day with these incredible bring-your-own-brunch-bowls. If you are going for breakfast foods, consider an acai bowl with different toppings.

You can choose to get prepared bowls such as açai bowls or do it yourself. You’ll get the freedom to set up the bowl station to your preference and include your favorite meals. 

You can include mix-ins like fresh juices and fruit purees for mimosas and serve pickled veggies, bacon, and shrimp for Bloodys.

Charcuterie in a Cup

Charcuterie in a cup

Everyone, including us at Curated Events, loves charcuterie. As a result, you will find everyone trying to get to the charcuterie table first, causing a crowd. No one wants that on your special day.

You can make things simpler by providing the charcuterie in a cup. The premade varieties are passed around in cups to ensure everyone enjoys the delicacy and no crowding occurs at the charcuterie table.

Cheese Station

Cheese station

Just the sound of it makes your mouth water, right?

Almost everyone loves cheese. Setting up a cheese station at your wedding will have your guests beaming. Provide a range of different types of cheese and include various accompaniments.

Some of the best accompaniments include- fresh and dried fruit, meat, veggies, granola, and olives.

Cut up the cheese into pieces and let the guests serve themselves. That way, they’ll customize the meal to their preferences.

Colorful Salads

Fruit salad

Kill two birds with one stone using colorful salads.

Instead of going for dull-looking salads for your wedding, collaborate with your caterer and come up with salads made from colorful veggies. Your guests will have a tasty appetizer as they wait for the main meal while you add color to the decor.

Fresh Poke

Fresh poke

If you love Hawaiian culture and food and would love to incorporate it into your wedding, Poke is the way to go.

The traditional Hawaiian meal consists of white rice topped with raw fish marinated in sesame oil, green onions, soy sauce, and other spices. The fish dish comes served in a bowl and is a seafood everyone will relish.

You can also let the guests make their own bowls and use the seasoning they prefer. Also, provide an option for your vegetarian guests.

Dessert Remix

Dessert remix

Normal and boring is the one thing you want to avoid on your wedding day. Make your wedding dessert stand out by doing things differently and mixing different foods. It will make guests eager to try out the various mash-ups and take the idea home. As a result, it will be a constant reminder of your wedding.

Some of our favorites include- Wonut or waffle donut(waffle in the shape of a donut with donut frosting), oreo popcorn, and ice cream cakes.

Food & Beer Flights

Gourmet hot dog

A late night bite idea for someone rustic and who loves their beer.

Serve your guests with your favorite beer alongside other varieties after you say, “I do.” It is a simple way to celebrate your day, and it goes hand in hand with food.

Offer various choices, from french fries, hotdogs, and sliders, to any other delicious meal.

Pretzel Bar

Pretzel bar

Who doesn’t love pretzels? 

Pretzels because they offer your guests both salty and sweet tastes.

Set up a pretzel bar and let the guests serve themselves. They’ll be free to choose the quantity they want and top them with their preferred sauces.

Remember to offer various toppings, including- melted chocolate, cheese, Pepperoni, and caramel.

Seasonal Vegetable Dish

Vegetable dish

Do you want to impress all your vegetarian guests? Then, serve your wedding guests a meal full of tasty vegetables. 

The seasonal vegetable dish moves away from the common roasted vegetable stacks that are dull. Instead, you get a colorful, delicious meal that looks amazing with your wedding decorations.

BBQ & Beer


Food and Beer Flights are a great outdoor wedding catering idea, but they are not for everyone. If you prefer a less involved meal, you could go for BBQ.

Serve your guests with the usual BBQ meals like burgers, brisket, potato salad, hot wings, pasta salad, and pork. Better still, accompany them with some quality beer and have a BBQ party!

Mexican-style Veggies

Mexican style veggies

Once again, your vegetable menu doesn’t have to look dull. Instead, you can spice up the menu with colored veggies that add color while delivering exquisite tastes.

Mexican dishes are a great way to make your vegetables look attractive. Foods like tostadas and veggie chips look fancy and creative. They also offer very delicious tastes that will make the non-vegetarians think twice.

Local Fare

There are various reasons why you would choose a venue. It could be the setup, environment, or budget issues.

One thing that is usually thought of last or never is the local cuisine.

If your location is known for a specific meal, you could incorporate it into your menu. For example, this could be your hometown’s favorite meal or food you had during your travels.

Local flare is a great way to personalize your nuptials.

Mini Tacos and Margs

Mini tacos

Get the party going with some margarita served with mini tacos.

You can make margaritas with various alcohol capacities to serve the different guests and serve them in easy-to-carry bottles. 

Serve the Margs alongside tacos during cocktail hour, and the dancefloor gets crazy in a few. Get the groove up!

Caprese Kabobs

Caprese kabobs

Caprese skewer kabobs bring a twist to how people enjoy the traditional Caprese salad.

Instead of serving them on plates, take a skewer and arrange the mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil, and balsamic. That way, your guest can have an easier time holding the Caprese salad when engaged in something during cocktail hour.

Caprese kabobs also allow the guest to customize their salads.

Portable French Fries

French fries

If there is one popular snack we couldn’t leave out, it is french fries. The treat is loved by everyone and is a perfect late night snack.

This time around, we put a twist on how they are served. Instead of plates, put the snacks in rolled cones or small cups if you want to accompany them with sauce.

Bao Buns

Bao buns

Another Chinese delicacy you could incorporate into your outdoor luxury wedding menu is the Bao Bun. The healthy treat is deliciously warm and has a fluffy stuffing inside the sweet, white dough.

Thanks to the small size, the event-friendly bites are easy to hold if you are standing or engaged in a conversation. They also look good on camera.

Wedding tabletop

Luxury Outdoor Wedding Menu Ideas

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After deciding on the overall aesthetic to choose for your wedding, you then have to go through all the different food options for your reception! 

Planning a wedding can be difficult, but made much easier by the vendors you choose to work alongside. Your wedding menu is a fun and important element to thoughtfully consider. 

You want your guests to associate the memory of your wedding with incredible food. Outdoor weddings can come with several unique challenges, requiring you to go the extra mile to ensure everything is in order. 

Sounds difficult? Only if you’re not armed with the correct information.

Here’s everything you need to know about luxury outdoor wedding menus. 

5 Major Preparations For Outdoor Meal Planning

Before we delve into the finer details, we need to cover some more general concerns. So often, when we start planning by establishing the proper framework, we forget less and do more in a shorter period.

So what are the four pillars of outdoor menu planning?

Know Everything About Your Venue

It is best to go to the venue several times well before the event so you can plan with your catering team and assess what resources are available to you. Choosing the venue before you settle on a menu is perfectly alright since menus are more flexible. Make sure to speak with the venue’s agent about the site plan if you cannot see the spot before the event.

Pay close attention to details such as the terrain, the entrance position, and even the availability or location of electricity connection. All these things will dictate what meals you will put on your menu, how people will sit and how safe it will be to bring various cooking equipment.

Wedding dancefloor

Observe the Weather and Have a Back-Up Plan

Outdoor weddings are planned on days where people hope for there to be no rain or any other form of unpleasant weather. However, the weather is unpredictable, so you must always have a backup plan. 

Find an outdoor venue with an adjacent, indoor venue, or have a tent on reserve so you can quickly shift to if you are unsure of the weather forecast. 

If you’re determined to have the wedding on a rainy day, invest in backup electricity and tents. Covering your preparation area is essential to keep the outdoor catering materials safe from the elements. If you don’t create a backup plan, you can be in a stressful situation on the day of the event.

Plan Your Space For Maximum Comfort and Flexibility

Is there enough room for servers to walk around with the food? If you plan a buffet, will the arrangement force guests to walk uncomfortably long distances to get food? Will guests be bothered by the heat and smoke from the barbeque as they struggle to listen to speeches?

Many people do not realize how vital the seating arrangement is when choosing what and how people will eat. When you visit or speak to the site manager, try to figure these issues out. 

Ask how many guests the venue can accommodate if they have barbeque equipment you can use and if it is easy to walk about on the terrain. You also do not want your guests or servers tripping with their plates full of food.

Therefore, we will discuss one more topic before getting down to the best foods to serve at a luxury outdoor wedding: outdoor wedding reception meal styles.

Wedding Reception Meal Styles

Outside wedding

How should we plan the meals then? 

Seating arrangements matter when figuring out what to include in the menu. This is because they determine how people sit for easy movement, where they sit, what facilities they may need, and the comfort of your guests. Based on the points discussed above, these are the meal styles we recommend:

Plated sit-down dinner

All guests are seated and given a formal dinner during a plated sit-down dinner.

Family style dinner

Rather than presenting food on individual plates, a big platter intended for sharing is used.

Buffet Style

Visitors serve themselves from a selection of dishes on a table or sideboard.

Food Stations

It’s similar to a mini-buffet, except for service staff at each meal station.

Cocktail Reception

A cocktail reception does not include a formal dinner; instead, a selection of hors d’oeuvres and several cocktails.

Best Foods to Serve at a Luxury Outdoor Wedding

Now that we know the restrictions we may have at our chosen venue and the different ways we can choose to serve our guests, we can now get down to specific foods.

Although food choices unique to you are important, you must ensure they will do well in outdoor settings. For peace of mind, they also need to have a broad appeal and fit the luxurious and sophisticated aura you are looking to create. These are our picks of the best foods for luxurious outdoor weddings.

Build Your Own Brunch Bowl

Consider offering açai bowls as a creative twist on traditional breakfast fare if you will be having a brunch wedding. These are smoothie bowls with a selection of toppings. Create an engaging experience by setting up a station with various toppings, including fresh fruit, seeds, almonds, and granola.

You can take this in whatever direction you’d like; however, açai bowls are one option. For instance, you may set up a DIY breakfast bowl station with grits, sausages, and other typical breakfast items.

Wedding food

Chicken, Beef, and Fish

You may be tempted to get the most exotic foods for your wedding, but traditional options are often the best for a stress free event.

These foods have universal appeal. Most people will enjoy them and adapt to different cultures. Most caterers know how to handle them expertly, and they maintain heat when served in large quantities and work well with sauces.

Have a variety of these meals because it is not easy to know what a guest will want. Always remember to have a vegetable-based main dish or vegan options for any guest who does not eat meat.

Cheese Station

Everyone at your wedding will be delighted with the cheese station. Give your visitors a delectable selection of cheeses and various foods to go with them. 

Crackers, fresh bread, fruit, vegetables, and nuts are a few suggestions. Next, create a buffet so that each person may assemble their dish.

Wedding cheeseplate

Charcuterie in a Cup

There is no denying that charcuterie tables are trendy. However, if there is a line at the display, it may be challenging for people to serve themselves. 

Here’s a unique menu suggestion for a wedding: charcuterie in a cup. Give your loved ones a pre-made selection of cheeses, meats, crackers, and fruits to munch.

Wedding snacks

Mexican Inspired Vegetables

You don’t have to eat bland vegetables. Instead, get inventive with your presentation as one method to liven up a dinner suitable for vegetarians. Tostadas, vegetarian chips, and filled vegetables are examples of Mexican food that feel innovative, elevated, fun, and taste fantastic.

You can add seasonal vegetables to the menu if you want even more vegetables. You can grill, mildly cook, season, or turn them into a salad because they are fresh.

Giving vegetables a prominent place on your menu will help add a unique twist and simplify your selections for non-meat eaters. There’s nothing as memorable as a refreshing menu at a wedding.

Creative, Personalized Cocktails

You can never go wrong with a cocktail. They are fun yet classy, and everybody loves them.

Cocktails are versatile and easy to modify to suit any theme. You do not have to restrict yourself to wine and champagne. Get your favorite cocktails and serve them with a unique twist, or stick to the classic mojitos, negronis, and daiquiris. 

Fresh Juice and Water

Consider fresh juices and water to accommodate the non-drinkers and underage guests at your wedding. Water is perhaps more important than any drink you add to your menu, especially on a hot day.

Juices from the local retail store may not give off the high-end vibe you are looking for. That is why fresh fruit juice is the best option; if it can be blended on-site, the better.

Wedding smoothie

Dessert Mix

When it comes to dessert, be as creative as possible. Of course, everyone expects a cake, so delight your guests by adding extra variety to your menu. Popular dessert mash-up ideas are cronuts, red velvet cheesecake, apple crisp pizza, cookie dough pop, and ice cream cakes.

If you have any vegan guests joining the party, consider milk-free or milk substitute treats and eggless cakes. These are often as tasty as their traditional counterparts, and in cases such as black forest cakes, almond milk makes it ten times better. 

Wedding desserts

Common Questions About Outdoor Wedding Menus

Although we have covered many topics, here are a few bonus questions couples often have about their wedding menus.

What is the Most Popular Meal at a Wedding?

Many people often like having either beef, chicken, or fish. Although several metrics can break down these opinions, it is always safer to have either all of them or at least one at your wedding.

How Many Menus Do You Need for a Wedding?

It is often best to have one menu per person for convenience. However, if you want to minimize on paper, you can opt for one menu per table. There is no hard rule you must follow.

Wedding menu

What Foods Should I Keep Off My Outdoor Wedding Menu?

These apply to all events: avoid foods that are messy to eat. 

You should avoid burgers, spaghetti, saucy ribs, and stuffed croissants. Any foods with laxative properties should also be avoided, together with those that require specialists to cook them. 

Have a Unique Wedding, While Keeping It Classy and Practical

We all want our wedding to be the best experience of our lives. After all, they represent the sealing of a covenant of love with the most precious person we cherish and adore. But sorting through our ideas and the endless options from planners can get overwhelming fast.

The solution here is to remember that millions of people have had wonderful outdoor weddings. What would stop you from doing the same? We can learn a lot from studying others and getting inspiration from them. 

This post compiles the best of these ideas for your convenience. So forget the troubles of forgetting some crucial logistics or being in the dark about what food works best. Your dream wedding is within reach at Curated Events.

Raleigh Tents Rental 1

The Different Types of Tents for Luxury Outdoor Weddings

By Blog

Weddings are an exciting time to get together with family and friends to celebrate a special occasion. What could be more special than getting married outdoors?

Suppose you want to make the day truly special and memorable. Therefore, you must put much thought into the planning process – the venue, the caterers, and the type of tent that you will use.

A luxury outdoor wedding can still be breathtaking even if you are not planning a destination wedding. Tents provide a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors with your guests on your big day.

Not only do they allow you to get married in nature, but they also provide much-needed shade on a hot summer day.

Asides from that, tents are a vital part of any outdoor wedding, providing shelter from the elements and creating a luxurious and stylish setting for your big day.

Whether you’re planning a garden-themed wedding in the woods or an elegant affair by the water, there are tents to fit every style and budget.

From pole and frame tents to sailcloth tents, you can find the perfect tent to make your wedding day dreams come true.

Outdoor Wedding Tents That Will Make Your Celebration Extraordinary

1. Pole Tents

Pole tents are the most popular type of outdoor wedding tent. A center pole and guy ropes support them. The top of the tent is made of heavy-duty fabric, which is often white or ivory in color. The covering can be a waterproof material or a very sturdy sailcloth material.

Pole tents are the most common type of tent used for weddings. They are also the most affordable option. But do not let that fool you – pole tents can embody luxury depending on the type and quality you are going for.

Outdoor wedding tent in the woods

Pole tents are a good option if you are having your wedding on the grass. You can install this kind of tent on various types of surfaces. They can also be installed on asphalt or concrete.

2. Frame Tents

Frame tents are similar to pole tents but are supported by a metal frame instead of center poles. The frame is typically made of aluminum. Because frame tents do not require center poles, they have more space and can accommodate more people.

Frame tents are a good option for weddings on hard surfaces, such as asphalt or concrete. They can also be installed on grass, but you cannot stake them into the ground because they do not have center poles.

And like pole tents, frame tents come in various sizes and can be decorated to match your wedding theme. Also, because they do not have center poles, frame tents provide a clear view of the outside, which is perfect for weddings held in scenic locations.

Wedding Tent

If you are looking for a frame tent, ask about the weight capacity. Some frame tents can only accommodate a certain amount of weight. Therefore, if you plan on decorating your tent with heavy objects such as chandeliers, you must ensure that the tent can handle the extra weight.

Overall, frame tents are an excellent choice for weddings held in locations with beautiful views. They are also a good choice for weddings that are being held on hard surfaces.

And since the covering can be made of any material, especially those that are clear, like glass or acrylic, it will give an unobstructed view of the surroundings. Some are even made of sailcloth which makes them elegant and classy.

3. Sailcloth Tents

Sailcloth tents are a type of frame tent made of sailcloth instead of traditional fabric. Sailcloth is a heavy-duty fabric often used to make sails for boats. It is also waterproof and UV resistant, which makes it great for outdoor weddings.

Sailcloth tents have a nautical look and feel to them, a quality that makes them perfect for weddings that are held near water. They are also a good choice for beach weddings.

Sailcloth tents can be installed on various types of surfaces. So a sailcloth tent can be a good choice, whether you are having your wedding on the beach, on grass, or on asphalt. Also, because sailcloth tents are made of heavy-duty fabric, they can withstand high winds and other harsh weather conditions.

Outdoor wedding tent

With the UV-resistant feature of the sailcloth, you can be sure that you and your guests are protected from the sun’s harmful rays. So, a sailcloth tent can provide much-needed shade if you plan an outdoor wedding in a sunny location.

Perhaps, this is not emphasized as much as it should, but sailcloth speaks of nothing less than a luxury. When your guests look at it, they will know they are in for a treat.

4. Clear Tents

Clear tents are a type of frame tent made of transparent PVC material. Clear tents provide an unobstructed view of the outside, making them perfect for weddings held in luxury locations.

Clear tents can be either single- or double-layer PVC, depending on the manufacturer. And like other types of tents, clear tents come in various sizes.
You can also install it on various types of surfaces. So a clear tent can be a good choice, whether you are having your wedding on the beach, on grass, or on asphalt.

One advantage of clear tents is that they provide UV protection. And because of the transparency and the covering, it also has an exquisite look that will impress your guests. Be sure not to use a cleartop tent in the hot months- it will create a greenhouse effect and be very, very hot!

Luxury Wedding Tent

What to Consider Before Getting a Tent for Your Luxury Outdoor Wedding

Now that you know the different types of tents available through Curated Events, it is time to start thinking about what type of tent would be best for your luxury outdoor wedding. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind before making your final decision.

The Size of Your Wedding

If you plan on having a large number of guests, you will need to get a big enough tent to accommodate them.

The type of surface that you will be setting up your tent on. You can only set up some tents on certain types of surfaces. So, make sure to check before making your purchase.

Your Budget

Tents can range in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. So, you will need to figure out how much you are willing to spend on your tent.

The Weather Conditions

Make sure to check the weather forecast for your wedding day. If there is a chance of bad weather, you will need to get a tent that can withstand those conditions. Even if there is a forecast for good weather, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Your Wedding Theme

Your wedding tent should match the theme of your wedding. For example, if you are having a garden-themed wedding, you might want to get a yurt or sailcloth tent. But, if you have a more modern or classic-themed wedding, then a marquee tent would be a better option. A sailcloth tent can also go in this case because sailcloth is a very versatile material.

The Decorations You Want to Use

If you have specific decorations in mind for your wedding, you will need to ensure that they are compatible with the type of tent that you get. For example, if you want to hang chandeliers from the ceiling of your tent, you need to be sure that your tent can support that.

Your Wedding Location

The location of your wedding will also play a role in the type of tent that you get. For example, if you are having your wedding in a place with many trees, you might want to consider a sailcloth or yurt tent. But, if you are having your wedding in an open field, a marquee or frame tent would be a better option.

Your Personal Taste and Preference

Before choosing a tent, you must consider your personal taste and preference. Do you want a traditional-looking tent or something more modern? What color do you want your tent to be? These are critical questions.

Suppose you naturally love the idea of a modern or classic-themed luxury wedding. In that case, you might want to get sailcloth or marquee tent. But, a yurt tent would be ideal if you want a more traditional look.

By taking all of these factors into consideration, you will be able to find the perfect tent for your luxury outdoor wedding.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor weddings are always in vogue, especially in luxury circles. And not just that, tents are a vital part of any outdoor wedding. And it is something you have to get right because it will be one of the first things your guests see when they arrive at your wedding.

There are a variety of different types of tents that you can choose from for your luxury outdoor wedding. So, do your research and figure out which kind of tent would be best for you.

Consider the size of your wedding, the location, the weather conditions, and the budget before making your final decision. And most importantly, do not forget to have fun! After all, it is your big day!

Luxury Spring Tabletop

Luxury Spring Wedding Color Schemes for 2023

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The sun is shining, and the flowers are blooming. This can only mean one thing: spring is here!

Between the warmer weather and the beautiful flowers in bloom, spring is a time of year full of happiness and new beginnings. Add that to the lovely smell of spring rain, and you have a season that is easy to love.

With all the beauty that spring offers, it is no wonder this season is such a popular time to get married. Couples who tie the knot during the springtime can take advantage of the lovely natural surroundings for their big day.

Whether you want an outdoor ceremony surrounded by blooming flowers or an indoor event with a springtime twist, there are endless possibilities for wedding décor during this time of year.

Choosing the perfect color scheme for your springtime nuptials is a great place to begin planning your wedding colors. Your wedding colors will set the tone for the event. So you want to make sure you choose a scheme you love.

Key Takeaways:

  • Green, Blue, and Gold are perfect for a springtime wedding.
  • You can use these colors in endless ways throughout your wedding day.
    Green, Blue, and Green also go great with any event style you might have in mind.
  • Use Green for a more traditional vibe, Blue for a modern touch, and Gold to class up any event.
  • With these colors, you will surely have a wedding you will remember for years.

Springtime Colors!

When it comes to choosing a color scheme for your springtime wedding, the options are truly endless. You could go with a classic combo like white and ivory, or you could opt for something a little more unique, like lavender and green.

Since Green is the color of life, growth, and prosperity, it is a fitting choice for a springtime wedding. Green also symbolizes harmony and balance, two things every married couple needs.

If you are looking for a color scheme sure to stand out, consider using blue as one of your colors. Blue is the color of loyalty, trust, and wisdom, making it a perfect choice for a wedding. It is also said to symbolize tranquility and peace, qualities you want on your big day.

Gold is another great color to use for a springtime wedding. Gold symbolizes wealth, success, and prestige, making it a perfect choice for couples looking to start their lives together on a positive note.

Gold also represents eternal love, which makes it a very romantic choice for a wedding color.

The good thing is that you can go with any shade of green, blue or Gold that you like. From light and airy pastels to vibrant jewel tones, there are endless possibilities when choosing colors for your springtime wedding.

You can tweak and combine unique shades of these colors to create the perfect scheme for your big day. For inspiration, check out these excellent spring wedding color schemes for 2023.

Let’s look at some of the best green, blue and gold wedding color schemes for springtime nuptials.

1. Emerald Green, Blue, and Champagne Gold

Consider using an emerald green, blue, and champagne gold color scheme for a springtime wedding that is sure to be full of life. This combo is perfect for couples who want their wedding to be full of energy and excitement.

Green is the color of life; it will bring a sense of vitality to your big day. In addition, this color scheme will surely add a touch of luxury to your wedding between the lively green hues and the sparkling champagne gold.

Spring tabletop

Be sure to use various shades of green, blue, and Gold throughout your wedding décor. This will add interest and depth to your overall design. Also, add touches of your most dominant color to your bridesmaid dresses.

Green table runners with blue and gold centerpieces would be a beautiful way to incorporate this color scheme into your wedding décor. You could also use green, blue, and gold ribbons to create bows for your bouquets and boutonnieres.

2. Sea Green, Royal Blue, and Gold

Consider using a sea green, royal blue, and gold color scheme. This combo is perfect for couples who want their wedding to be classic and sophisticated.

The Green hues will add a touch of nature to your big day, while the royal Blue will give your wedding a regal feel. The Gold will add a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Blue and gold tabletop

From your wedding invitations to your bridesmaid dresses, use different shades of green, blue, and Gold throughout your wedding décor. Using your most dominant color for bridesmaid’s or groomsmen outfits is a good idea.

To incorporate this color scheme into your wedding décor, consider using Green, blue, and gold table runners with white or ivory centerpieces.

3. Blue and Gold

This combination is an excellent choice for a springtime wedding full of romance. There is something about blue and Gold that just screams elegance.
Plus, there is no wrong way to go when using these colors. Also, believe there is much you can do with this color scheme.

For example, you could use a more modern approach and navy blue and Gold. These colors are great for couples who want their wedding to be sleek and stylish.

Luxury Spring Tabletop

Or you could use light Blue and Gold. This is perfect for a springtime beach wedding.

Regardless of what shades of blue and Gold you choose, use them throughout your wedding décor. This will help create a cohesive design.

4. Green and Gold

Green and Gold is a classic color combo perfect for a springtime wedding. The Green will add a touch of nature to your big day, while the Gold will add a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Again, there are endless possibilities for this. So, you can be sure you’re making a great choice with this color combination.

For example, you could use light green and Gold for a springtime beach wedding. Or you can use a more modern approach with Olive Green and Gold.

Luxury wedding spring tabletop

To incorporate this color scheme into your wedding décor, consider using Green and Gold colors in your cake design, invitation cards, centerpieces, and other wedding details.

5. Blue, Green, and White

Try introducing white to your Green and Blue color scheme to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your decor. White is also a great way to balance out these two colors.

For example, you could use navy blue, green, and white for your wedding color scheme. This is perfect for a more modern approach.

Spring color scheme tabletop

You could also use powder blue, green, and white. You can spread out these colors in your wedding outfits and decor. For example, the groom’s tuxedo can be Navy Blue, while the bride’s dress can be a stunning white dress. The bridal party can be in Powder Blue while the groom’s men win in Olive Green suits.

6. Blue, Green, Gold, and White

Why not add Gold and White to make your Green and Blue wedding colors pop? This will give your wedding an air of luxury and sophistication. How you use these colors is really up to you. You could use them all in your wedding dress or go for a two-tone look with your Green and Gold bridesmaids’ dresses.

Blue tabletop

You can use your Blue, Green, Gold, and White wedding colors in endless ways throughout your wedding day. So, have fun with it and let your creative juices flow.

Match Our Favorite Spring Colors in all Your Events

Whatever colors you choose for your wedding, ensure they represent you and your fiance’s personality. After all, this big day is all about the two of you! Whether planning a garden-themed wedding or a more modern event, these colors will help make your wedding day perfect.

Our Choice colors for Spring 2023一Green, Blue, and Gold, can be mixed and matched in any way you want. Green is a perfect color for your traditional spring flower arrangements.

Blue is a great way to add a little something different to your wedding day. And Gold can help bring everything together and add a touch of luxury.

Your event style is also not an inhibition to the colors you can use. Green, Blue, and Gold go great with any event style you might have in mind. Use Green for a more traditional vibe, Blue for a modern touch, and Gold to class up any event.

When it comes to our spring colors, you can be sure you can easily incorporate them into any event style.

Here are some event styles you can use Green, Blue, and Gold in:

Garden Themed Events

Green is perfect for your garden-themed event. Green represents nature and will bring the outdoors indoors. Use Green in floral arrangements and table centerpieces.

Blue and Gold add a touch of luxury and sophistication. You can take advantage of the spring flowers you can find. Include a generous amount of these beauties in floral design to add color and life to your event.

Amazingly, these flowers will also fill the air with their sweet fragrance.
And, while you are at it, be sure to keep your Green, Blue, and Gold color scheme in mind when planning your wedding cake design and other details.

Classic Themed Events

For a classic-themed event, Blue and Green are the perfect colors for you. These colors will help give your event a timeless look. Infuse Blue in your tablecloth and Green in your floral arrangements.

Also, add in some Gold accents to make your event shine. Make sure you include a touch of Gold from your wedding invitations to your wedding cake. It will help add a sense of luxury and sophistication to your event.

Modern Themed Events

There is no going wrong with Green, Blue, and Gold for a modern-themed event. These three colors work great together and help give your event a clean and polished look. Use Green as your dominant color and add Blue and Gold accents.

You can also spread out these colors in your wedding party attire. For example, have the bridesmaids wear Green dresses. Add a touch of Gold to your design by incorporating gold flatware.

Final Thoughts

Spring Weddings will always be unique. With so many colors to choose from, you can find the perfect combination for your big day. Spring is the perfect season to take advantage of the flowers in bloom.

While you are busy planning your wedding, don’t forget to have fun with it! After all, this is one of the most fun days of your life. And, with the perfect color scheme, it will be a day to remember.

From Green and Blue to Gold and everything in between, we have put together the perfect Spring Wedding color schemes for 2023. With these colors, your wedding is sure to be a hit!

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your Spring Wedding today with Curated Events!

Winter Wedding

Luxury Winter Wedding Color Schemes for 2023

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The wonderland season is fast approaching, and we know just how magical winter can be. When thinking of winter, you think of Christmas trees and lights, family gatherings, snowflakes, and hot cocoa by the fireplace. Winter is a time of love, family, happiness, and holidays.

Simply put, winter is a time of love.

And what goes best with love but a Winter wedding! A Winter wedding is perfect for celebrating the season and your love for each other. Imagine being surrounded by family and friends in the most beautiful Winter setting. And you get to look stunning in your wedding dress with a color scheme that brings the Winter season to life.

And don’t forget the falling snowflakes (depending on your geography!) flying all around you as you say your “I do’s.” Winter weddings are simply unforgettable, and we want to ensure that your color scheme is on point.

Snows and Colors

Winter is a time of year when nature puts on a beautiful show. The trees are covered in frost, the air is crisp and clean, and the snow is freshly fallen. Winter is a time of year when the world outside is a beautiful work of art.

And just like nature, your Winter wedding should be a beautiful work of art. Understand that the color scheme you choose for your Winter wedding will set the tone for the entire event.

For 2023 Winter weddings, it’s going to be a Blue and Green affair. Add the neutrals to the mix, and you have a perfect recipe.

Although winter is a time of year when blue and white are the colors of choice, that doesn’t mean you have to stick with just those two colors. Instead, get creative with your color palette and choose colors representing the Winter season in all its beauty.

Amazing Color Scheme for 2023 Winter Weddings

Your color scheme will be what brings your Winter wedding to life and elevates the entire event. Therefore, choosing a color scheme that complements the Winter season while also reflecting your personal style is essential.

Whether you’re planning a Winter wonderland-themed wedding or a more traditional event, we’ve put together the perfect Winter wedding color schemes for you.

By 2023, Winter weddings will be all about Blue, Green, and some gorgeous neutrals.

These two colors capture the serenity of winter and the hope of Spring. In addition, Blue and Green are a perfect combination, with blue being the color of the sky on a Winter day and green, the color of nature.

Adding a few neutrals like cream, ivory and gold will add a touch of luxury to your Winter wedding.

If you’re looking for a Winter wedding color scheme that is both modern and classic, this combination is excellent for you as it captures the beauty of the season while also being modern and elegant.

Stunning Color Combinations for Your Winter Wedding

1. Blue

Blue bridesmaid color scheme

This color is slightly different from the typical Winter wedding colors, but it’s a perfect way to add a pop of color to your Winter wedding. Blue is the color of the sky on a Winter day, and it will complement any Winter setting.

And, of course, there are many shades of blue to choose from. In addition, you can use a darker shade of blues like navy or royal blue as a backdrop for your decor.

But, if you want something a little bit different, try using a baby blue or turquoise blue. These colors will add a touch of fun and excitement to your Winter wedding.

2. Green

Green is an attractive choice for a Winter wedding color that represents hope and new beginnings.

It is the color of nature and will complement any Winter setting. Green as a color symbolizes new life and growth, making it a good choice for a Winter wedding because it represents the hope of Spring.

And there are many shades of green to choose from. For example, you can use a dark green like emerald or forest green for a Winter wedding with a classic feel. Or you can use a lighter Green color like Mint or Sea Green.

You can incorporate green into your Winter wedding in many ways You can also go further and use green in the wedding decorations.

Green bridesmaid color scheme

This is a great way to add a pop of color to your Winter wedding. Use green in the table decorations, centerpieces, and wedding cake. A green wedding cake is sure to be a showstopper.

3. Neutrals

If you are looking for a Winter wedding color scheme that is both modern and classic, then you can’t go wrong with neutrals.

Neutrals such as Cream, Ivory, white, and Gold will give your Winter wedding a luxurious feel. These colors are excellent for Winter weddings because they capture the season’s beauty without being too bright

Neutral bride color scheme

You can get creative and incorporate neutrals into your Winter wedding in many ways. Consider using them in your bridesmaids’ dresses, decor, wedding invitation cards, and even your cake design.

4. Blue and Green

Blue and green are popular colors for Winter weddings, and it’s easy to see why. These two colors represent the colors of the sky and snow. They represent serenity and hope.

So if you are looking for a Winter wedding color scheme that is both popular and unique, then consider using blue and green. You can choose a darker shade of green and a lighter shade of blue to complement it and vice versa. It all depends on the feel you want for your Winter wedding.

Blue tabletop color scheme

But one thing is sure, your decor and other wedding details will look great, and your guests will appreciate your event for years to come.

5. Blue and White

You can elevate the blue color with a touch of white to give it a Wintery feel. We suggest this color scheme for Winter weddings because it captures the season’s beauty while also being classic.

Blue winter tabletop

Plus, you can use blue and white in so many ways. For example, you can use them in your wedding dress and decorations.

Also, your bridesmaids and groomsmen will look dapper in blue outfits of any shade. And, consider a white cake with blue frosting or blue and white flowers. And a groom in a blue tuxedo. Honestly, the possibilities are endless.

6. Green and White

It’s good to know that the colors in this color scheme have both calming and soothing effects. They are a perfect choice for Winter weddings because they represent all that is serene and peaceful.

Green and white color scheme

They are the colors of nature and will surely give your Winter wedding a natural feel effortlessly.

Like other colors, you can use them in many ways. So, you can blend them into your wedding dress, the bridesmaid’s dresses, decor, and other wedding details. Of course, a cake design in these colors is also great.

7. Green, blue, and gold

Between the three beautiful colors, you can rustle up a Winter scene that is both magical and unforgettable.

While most Winter weddings tend to go for the more traditional white and blue color schemes, there’s no reason you can’t mix things up with a touch of green or gold.

These two colors will complement any Winter setting and will give your Winter wedding a beautiful and unique feel.

Blue tableop setting

And there are a thousand and one ways to splash them in your wedding details.

For example, you can have a Winter wonderland-themed wedding with green and white decorations. Or a more modern Winter wedding with blue and gold details.

It all depends on the feel you want for your Winter wedding.
Your bridesmaids will sure look great with Gold and Winter Green dresses. And the groom in his green or blue tuxedo will look dapper too!

8. Blue, green, and cream

It gets so much better! These three colors, when combined, produce a Winter wedding color scheme that is both unique and stunning.

Adding a touch of cream to your Winter color palette will give your wedding a beautiful and elegant feel.

Blue wedding cake color scheme

If you like brighter colors, you can make the cream color your dominant color. Or you can use all three colors in your wedding dress, bridesmaid’s dresses, and decorations. For example, imagine a wedding cake with blue and green frosting or blue, green, and cream flowers.

9. Green, blue, and ivory

Adding a touch of ivory to your Winter color palette will give your wedding a beautiful and elegant feel. And there are many ways to incorporate these three colors into your wedding details.

Ivory is a color you can use as a dominant color for your wedding dress, the bridesmaid’s dresses, and the wedding decorations.

Winter bridesmaid color scheme

Try adding some greenery to your Winter wedding to give it a more natural feel. You can achieve this look using green and ivory flowers or even some greenery in your Winter wedding decor.

Winter colors and your event style

Whether you want a Winter wonderland (Garden themed) wedding or a more modern Winter wedding, there are many ways to infuse Winter colors into your event. So, Yes, there is something for everyone!

Here are some ways to incorporate winter colors into your event.

Garden Themed Event

If you want a Winter wonderland wedding, consider using white, blue, and green in your wedding details. Get this style by using white and green flowers or even some greenery in your decor.

You can use white and blue as your dominant colors with green and gold accents. This will give your Winter wedding a beautiful and elegant feel. With a little more planning and a weather forecast, you can even have a Winter garden-themed wedding outdoors.

Classic Event

You can also use winter colors more classically. You can achieve this look by using blue and gold as your dominant colors with some white and green accents.

These colors will give your Winter wedding a more regal and luxurious feel. You can even settle for any of the neutral colors for a more classy experience.

Modern Event

You can also use winter colors in a more modern way. Use blue and green as your dominant colors with white and gold accents. This will give your Winter wedding a more sleek and stylish feel. Of course, you can also use any of the Winter color schemes mentioned above for a more modern Winter wedding.
So, if you’re planning a Winter wedding, consider using one of these Winter color schemes. They are sure to make your wedding day one to remember!

Final Thoughts

Winter weddings are becoming more popular each year. Winter weddings are becoming popular. What could be more magical than getting married during this time of year?

If you’re planning a Winter wedding, consider using one of these color schemes. They are sure to make your wedding day one to remember! And between the Winter wonderland themed wedding and the modern Winter wedding, there is something for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your Winter wedding today!