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Weddings are both exciting and life-changing! Depending on the culture, wedding celebrations typically last from a few hours to a few days. However, after months or even years of planning, it can feel like a let down once the wedding day is done.

Not to worry, though; the good news is that there are many more years of celebration ahead in the form of anniversaries. These milestones provide an opportunity for a husband and wife to appreciate each other and commemorate the day they decided to solidify their union and commit to loving each other forever.

Although every year of a successful marriage is a cause for celebration, some years serve as key milestones. This article will explore the major wedding anniversaries by year, their symbolism, and ideas about how you can celebrate these milestones.

First Wedding Anniversary – Paper

The first year of marriage is characterized by adjustment for a new couple as you focus on building and adapting to your new life as a unit. As the date of your first anniversary draws closer, you and your partner may ponder on gifts or a notable activity to commemorate your special day.

However exciting this milestone may be, many young couples are still recovering financially from what they spent on their wedding; therefore, there isn’t much wiggle room in your budget to do something grand to celebrate.

Consequently, the first wedding anniversary is symbolized by paper, which is affordable and signifies a new beginning or a fresh start.” Remember, there is a whole life ahead for you to experience as a couple, so don’t fret if you’re not in a position to do anything fancy for your first anniversary.

A few gift ideas surrounding this milestone include tickets to see your spouse’s favorite movie, game, or live band, a good book, or a customized journal.

Additionally, some couples freeze the top tier of their wedding cake and ceremoniously cut it on their first anniversary.

Fifth Anniversary – Wood

Five years later, it’s safe to say that you and your partner are no longer referred to as “newlyweds.” At this point, your relationship has been tried and tested by different life experiences; therefore, a marriage still standing is worth celebrating.

“By the fifth year of marriage, your union is considered strong, bearing deep and solid roots like a tree.” As a result, the symbolism used for this anniversary is wood.

Some traditional gift ideas around this theme are wooden clocks, jewelry boxes, or kitchenware. More contemporary gift choices are a wooden picture frame, wine, chocolates, or scented candles in a beautifully carved wooden box.

Anniversary gift card red wine and wine glasses

Also, if you and your spouse are adventurous, you can plan an activity around a wooden theme, for example, hiking in a park or camping in the woods.

Tenth Anniversary – Tin

Ten years of marriage is no mean feat; it’s an entire decade of commitment to the same person! “The durability of a marriage union at this stage is symbolized by tin.” This metal is not easily oxidized. Therefore, it stands the test of time.

A physical property of tin metal is that it is used as a protective coating to prevent other metals from rusting. Symbolically, a couple that has been married for ten years is well equipped to “protect” other couples by advising and mentoring them.

Practical gift ideas for the tenth wedding anniversary include vases, cooking sets, and candle holders.

15th Anniversary – Crystal

This year is where we bring elegance to the anniversary celebrations!

“Finally, after 15 years together, the couple begins to see each other distinctly, as if they are looking at a crystal.” So, naturally, this elegant material is the 15-year symbol.

In most cases, the couple is financially stable and has deeper respect and understanding for each other, so the gifts tend to get fancier. In line with the symbol, crystal wine glasses or jewelry such as watches and bracelets are a great choice.

Alternatively, investing in an anniversary party is appropriate to crown this milestone. And to make it extra special, you can engage Curated Events and let us design and coordinate the party for you. Our collection of over 25 lines of glassware, from simple to crystal, is sure to blow you away!

20th Anniversary – China

Fine china is valuable and fragile; therefore, it is used on special occasions and should be handled with care. In this case, the symbolism is that for your marriage to survive 20 years, you must have intentionally and delicately cultivated your union.

As for the gifts to celebrate two decades together, fine china cookware, a date at your favorite Chinese restaurant, or an actual trip to China would be ideal. And if you’re thinking of something involving other people, hosting a dinner party where you feast on your finest china would be a fun idea.

You may think, “But what if I don’t own any china?” Well, we’ve got good news for you! Curated Events has a collection of over dozens of lines of china in classic and artistic styles, readily available for hire.

Additionally, some couples celebrate this milestone by renewing their vows in an intimate ceremony with family and close friends. Is this something you are considering but don’t know where to begin with the planning and execution? Don’t worry; Curated Events is the answer. No event is too small; simply share your vision with us, and we’ll make your dreams come true!

25th Anniversary – Silver

So you’ve managed to keep your marriage alive for a quarter of a century. That’s a big deal! Congratulations!

From the inside looking in, one may assume that cultivating a successful marriage for so many years is easy. But, on the contrary, it takes a degree of heat and pressure to achieve a beautiful union, similar to refining silver.

Its high value is why we use precious silver to commemorate this milestone. “Despite its age, when silver is well-taken care of, it shines. This same principle applies to your marriage union.” Enduring the discomfort of making a relationship thrive is the price you have paid for the valuable partnership others admire between you and your spouse.

In celebration of your 25th anniversary, you won’t go wrong with an engraved silver piece of jewelry or fancy silverware. But if you’re thinking along the lines of an elegant anniversary party, Curated Events is at your service.

30th Anniversary – Pearl

“Beauty is not something you buy; instead, beauty is what lies within.” – Byron Pulsifer. No truer words describe the beauty of pearls in the not-so-attractive shell of oysters.

Pearl anniversary gift

Pearls are formed from aged oysters, similar to the beauty created in a marriage union over time. This attractiveness is associated with maturity, and 30 years later, your marriage is exactly that; gracefully mature.

In line with the theme of this milestone, most wives would highly appreciate a new set of pearls. As for an appropriate activity, enjoying a delicious serving of oysters at a seafood restaurant would be befitting.

Alternatively, if you’re considering taking it a notch higher, Curated Events can organize an elegant anniversary soiree just for you! This event could be pearl-themed, from the placemats on the tables to the dress code for your guests to follow.

40th Anniversary – Ruby

High-quality ruby gemstones are both rare and expensive, thus extremely valuable. Forty years of marriage is a long time; by the time you have been married for this long, you’ve likely been with your spouse longer than you were single. What a rare occurrence!

The rich red color of rubies symbolizes a couple’s love and passion, which gets deeper with time. This 40-year-old love is like a red-hot flame that burns bigger and brighter each year.

Ruby anniversary ring gift

A befitting celebratory activity for this anniversary would be popping open a bottle of finely-aged red wine. Additionally, hosting an event with a ruby-red theme could be an exciting plan.

As for gifts, a neckpiece with a ruby gemstone pendant or some fresh red roses should put a smile on any lady’s face.

50th Anniversary – Gold

Half a century with your significant other is priceless! So what better way to commemorate this beautiful milestone than with gold? This precious metal denotes strength, triumph, and success, all characteristic of a 50-year union.

At this stage, the different experiences of life have shaped and refined the love shared between a husband and wife. As a result of time and effort, the list of achievements to celebrate is endless, warranting a huge ceremony.

A couple’s children and grandchildren typically organize a celebratory event to commemorate this golden anniversary. But let’s face it, planning an event of this caliber can be daunting. However, with the right team to plan, coordinate and execute your vision, you’ll create beautiful memories to cherish with your loved ones.

“Curated Events is your one-stop-shop for all things events. We aspire to enhance all your gatherings to curate the most beautiful and memorable experiences.”

60th Anniversary – Diamond

By celebrating 60 years of marriage, you’ve probably seen it all, and your spouse has been through it all with you. What a beautiful bond to treasure!

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and we couldn’t agree more! These precious gems are the most invincible materials in the world, just like the love shared between you and your partner.

Square stone diamond jewelry

For this anniversary, you both deserve some diamond-themed gifts. If ever there was a time not to hold back on generosity, this is it! Despite life’s pressure, your love has stood the test of time and is worth celebrating the Curated Events way; in elegance, luxury, and class.


As early as the 18th century, wedding anniversaries were celebrated with different symbols each year. Initially, husbands would gift their wives silver and gold wreaths during their 25th and 50th anniversaries. However, as time has passed, wives have begun to reciprocate this loving gesture.

Additionally, the key milestone years of wedding anniversary celebrations have increased, ranging from every five years in the first 30 years of marriage to every ten years after that. With this, vow renewal ceremonies and anniversary parties are gaining popularity.

At Curated Events, we specialize in providing a wide variety of high-quality event rental equipment – everything from the place setting on the table to the dance floor and tent. We have a keen eye for vision and aesthetics and continually evolve to grow our services.

If you’re looking to celebrate your wedding anniversary with a high-end luxury event without the hustle of planning and execution, reach out to us today.