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You’ve had a gender reveal party with all your friends and family. Perhaps you’ve even selected a name for your little bundle of joy. Thankfully, the fun is just beginning because it’s time for the ultimate baby shower experience. This one-of-a-kind experience filled with gifts and love celebrates your growing family in style.

If you’re planning a baby shower and are looking for inspiration to make your event truly special, look no further than this post. Here we’ll explore some of the most creative and elegant ways to celebrate your baby with style and sophistication.

Ideas For A Luxury Baby Shower Event

First, let’s consider the event space. Although gift-giving is a major part of any baby shower, your guests shouldn’t feel like that’s all there is to it. The key to planning a successful and memorable luxury baby shower is to create a fantastic ambiance that your guests will love.

Consider using luxury rental equipment to create an upscale buffet for a decadent and elegant brunch-style baby shower. Whether you choose elaborate displays of freshly baked pastries and confections or more traditional breakfast fare like waffles and omelets, your guests will feel pampered and spoiled.

You can rent all the catering equipment you need for your event from a trusted, high-end rental company like Curated Events.

With a wide selection of equipment to choose from, including luxurious furniture, elegant linens, and other decors, as well as top-of-the-line catering supplies, you’re sure to create a truly memorable baby shower experience.

Tea Time

Speaking of friendly conversation over drinks, a traditional tea-time event is another excellent idea for a luxury baby shower. Invite your guests to sip on their favorite teas and enjoy some light snacks as you exchange stories and well wishes for the little one on the way.

Luxury tea tray

“Consider renting luxurious furniture, like plush velvet sofas, elegant armchairs, gorgeous china tea sets, and fine bone china teacups to set the perfect ambiance. Linens, candles, and other decorations can also help to make this event truly special.”

Arts And Crafts Session

Sit down with your friends and family to create beautiful hand-crafted gifts for your baby. This idea is a fun, low-pressure way to get creative while bonding with loved ones.

Some ideas for DIY gift crafts include creating custom photo frames out of wood or clay, making intricate paper crowns or flower bouquets, or even designing unique onesies or baby blankets.

“Decorate your workstation with vibrant colors and lots of playful patterns, and set out a spread of snacks and drinks to keep your guests energized as they work.”

Co-Ed Baby Shower

“Traditionally, baby showers are women-only events where the mom-to-be gets to delight in the company of her closest female friends and family members. But why not try something new and throw a co-ed baby shower instead?”

You’ll connect with your partner about the upcoming arrival and get advice from other parents on what it’s really like to raise a child. Invite the dad’s friends to join in on the fun and any close family members like gramps and uncles.

Garden Celebration Of Nature

“The entry of a new baby into the world is a beautiful reminder of the joy and wonder of nature. As such, consider throwing a garden-themed luxury baby shower.”

Set up an outdoor space with lush greenery, and decorate it with flowers, vines, butterflies, and other elements of natural beauty. Consider renting gorgeous outdoor furniture like a tent and oversized umbrellas to complete the look.

Smoke grenade at baby shower

Add a few tables underneath the shade, or enjoy eating on your feet and interacting with your guests. As for food and drinks, opt for fresh, seasonal fare like fruit salads, freshly baked bread, and herbal teas.

Slumber Party

Take your girlfriends back to their teenage years with a slumber party-themed luxury baby shower. This event is the perfect opportunity for everyone to get together, gossip about fun pregnancy and parenting topics, and enjoy laughs over late-night movies and board games.

Add fun decorations like giant plush teddy bears, handmade dreamcatchers, and plenty of cozy blankets to set the mood. You can even set up a chocolate fondue station for guests to nosh on as they chat the night away!

Luxury slumber party baby shower with cocktails

Luxury Baby Shower Themes

Now that you have some great ideas for your luxury baby shower, it’s time to choose a theme that perfectly captures the essence of this fabulous event. The theme will guide all of your decor and food choices, so take some time to brainstorm ideas that fit with your vision for this celebration.

Superhero (Gender-Specific)

Kids love superheroes, and it’s no secret that adults still have a soft spot for them too. They represent the idea of the good guy always winning, which is a great message to send as the parents-to-be prepare for their new arrival. As such, consider throwing a superhero-themed luxury baby shower.

“A baby boy shower might feature Spiderman, Batman, or Superman, while a baby girl shower could incorporate Wonder Woman, Batgirl, or Black Widow.”

You can decorate the event space with superhero-themed decorations like action figures, comic books, and superhero posters. Set up a “photo booth” with capes and masks so guests can enjoy the fun.

All-White (Gender-neutral)

“The epitome of elegance and sophistication, an all-white luxury baby shower is the perfect choice for parents who want to have a chic event.”

Beautiful expectant mother at baby shower

White is such a versatile color and can be easily combined with other hues, like soft pastels or jewel tones, for a pop of color. You can add gold or silver touches for extra sparkle or incorporate natural elements like branches, flowers, and greenery for a fresh look.

Have guests dress all white for the party and serve delicious hors d’oeuvres like caviar on blinis and champagne cocktails. White flowers like peonies and lilies can be used as centerpieces.

Jungle (Gender-neutral)

A jungle-themed luxury baby shower is the perfect way to invite guests to celebrate your little one’s arrival with good old-fashioned fun.

“This theme evokes a sense of adventure and wonder, which will have everyone in the party spirit.”

Decorate the event space with lush greenery, vibrant flowers, tropical fruits, and even real animal statues. For food, serve up an array of fruits and veggies in a rainbow of colors to mimic the vibrant jungle landscape. You can also set up a DIY “photo booth” with fun props like masks, tribal prints, and faux feathers.

Cowboy (Boys)

If you’re having a baby boy, give him a taste of the Wild West with a cowboy-themed luxury baby shower.

Cowboy boots and hat

“This theme captures that classic image of dusty trails, roaring campfires, and rugged cowboys. Desert plants like cacti and yucca trees can be used as centerpieces.”

For food, serve classic American fares like burgers and hot dogs on the grill, or go all-out with a BBQ buffet, including ribs and brisket.

Decorate your event space with hay bales, wagon wheels, horseshoes, and other Western-inspired decors. You could even have guests dressed in cowboy attire like jeans, plaid shirts, and cowboy boots.

Pretty in Pink (Girls)

“Pretty in Pink is all about femininity and adorableness, making it the perfect choice for any mom-to-be. It captures all of the fun and excitement of a new baby while still being elegant.”

Expectant mother with baby shower gifts

Decorate your event space with pastel balloons, ribbons, and flowers. Mindfully select your food and drink menu to match the pink palette, such as serving rose-infused desserts and rosé wine. Depending on your venue, you could set up pink curtains and drapes to create an intimate atmosphere.

Sailor (Boys)

Another boy-friendly theme for a luxury baby shower is the nautical-inspired sailor theme.

“Embody all the fun and adventure of being on the open seas, wishing your little one “Bon voyage” as they set sail into the world.”

Sailor bridal party theme

Decorate your event space with traditional nautical decors like ship wheels, anchors, and life preservers. Set up a buffet table with deli-style food inspired by the classic American “dock lunch,” or go all out with a seafood feast to embrace that salty sea vibe.

Fairies (Girls)

Last but not least, if you want to throw a luxury baby shower with fairytale fun and whimsy, consider opting for a fairy-themed event.

“Decorate your party space with colorful flowers, glittering fairy lights, and cute sweet treats like cupcakes and cookies. String lights help create an enchanting ambiance, while a princess dress code will have guests feeling like part of the fairy tale.”

You could even set up a DIY craft station for guests to create their own fairy wings and headbands. As the icing on top, you can have professional makeup artists come in to do guests’ hair and makeup in whimsical styles fit for a fairy princess.

Fairy bridal party theme


When should you host a baby shower?

There is no “right” time to host a baby shower, as it typically depends on the preferences and schedules of the parents-to-be.

Some people may prefer to have their showers close to the due date, while others may wait until after the baby has been born to celebrate.

However, due to the gift-giving nature of baby showers, you should at least wait until the gender of the baby has been determined, if not longer.

Who should you invite to the baby shower?

Your guest list will largely depend on the size and budget of your event. It’s also a matter of preference for the parents-to-be. Some common guests include close family members, friends, or other members of your social circle.

You should also consider incorporating guests who may have a special connection to the baby or who you believe will bring a unique perspective to the party. For example, you might invite grandparents or other relatives who live far away or colleagues who are also expecting.

Do subsequent children usually get their own shower?

The goal of hosting a baby shower is to celebrate the arrival of a new child but also to shower the parents with gifts that will help them prepare for parenthood.

The custom comes from young parents not having the means to buy many baby-related items, so the shower was typically a place for them to stock up. As such, it was usually only held for the first child.

However, modern parents often host showers as a celebration more than a necessity, so some couples may keep the parties going for subsequent children.

Ultimately, this depends on the parents’ preferences and budget, so it is worth considering whether your friends might want to host another shower for a second or third child.

Where to rent baby shower decor and supplies?

If you’re looking to host a luxury baby shower with all the bells and whistles, one option is to rent your decorations and supplies from a party rental service.

Companies like Curated Events offer a wide range of high-end decor, including table settings, linens, lighting, tents, furniture, and more.

Contact us to get started on planning an extra special event, and be sure to check out our website for more information on our products and services.