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Do you plan to have a large and luxurious Christmas holiday party this year? If so, you should start organizing as soon as possible to ensure that all your friends, family, and other visitors have an amazing time. Of course, this requires a lot of planning. You must consider invitations, meals, seating arrangements, and, most importantly, the decor.

Any event needs decorations, but it can be challenging to pull them off perfectly, especially if you don’t throw parties often and therefore lack experience. Let’s break down everything you need to plan an unforgettable Christmas party this year.

How Do You Make A Christmas Party Special?

As you plan the décor for your Christmas party, you should consider the atmosphere and other aspects, such as the menu, beverages, and entertainment. The most crucial part of organizing a Christmas party is ensuring that your gathering will be popular with everyone.

Anything, where you can make people feel calm is beneficial. For example, keeping the lighting reasonably low and ensuring the area is easy to access without any challenging passageways. Here are other ways to help you make your Christmas party special.

Hire Personnel To Serve The Guests

Food and drink are also of the utmost significance, despite what would seem obvious. Making sure that people have access to healthy food and beverages, whether alcoholic or not, is crucial in making a Christmas party special.

Long buffet tables or enough personnel to serve everyone are the two options that typically keep guests satisfied. You can also include elements of your theme in the meals you serve.

For example, micro herbs could be used on the canapés if you’re using a lot of foliage, or if you’re going with a gold theme, there are many edible gold possibilities to add to sweet canapés. Again, it’s helpful to connect what individuals eat and what they observe.

Incorporate Varied Scents

Besides taste and sight; there are other senses to consider. You can use fragrances because the different scents can powerfully arouse people’s emotions. For example, a perfume like fir oil can make you feel like you’re in a pine forest, while a more subdued scent like cinnamon can make you feel like you’re entering a holiday kitchen. Although fragrance is frequently disregarded, it is an important element to consider.

Be Authentic

It’s easier to plan an event by considering how it will look on Instagram, but be aware of gimmicks. Whatever you decide must be pertinent. If you can do something innovative and unexpected, that’s fine, but don’t do it only for the novelty of it.

The growth of AR and VR at events supports this claim about technology. There is a small line between engaging in an interesting activity and simply doing it for novelty’s sake. It can be tempting to employ technology because it’s novel and exciting, but the main concern should be if it matches the party. If it does not, people are likely to be unimpressed and bored.

Here are a few holiday event decorations to help turn your home into the ideal luxury venue:

Tableware To Match Your Décor

You might get away with using your tableware if you host a modest dinner party. However, renting fine china is a much better option if there are several food courses at the large party. The more visitors, the merrier, but you may need the dinnerware to accommodate them.

Renting your fine china, crystal, or silver is a wonderful choice because it allows you to choose your color scheme from many possibilities. Consider renting charger plates, table linens, napkins, and matching service dishes in addition to the requisite dinnerware and stemware. These components elevate a table arrangement and give your occasion a hint of grandeur.

Christmas celebrations

Elegant Lighting

Lighting is a sometimes disregarded yet crucial component of party decor. Whether you’re holding a cozy cocktail party or a bright, cheerful dinner, the right lighting will help to set the ideal mood. The best lighting makes people feel welcome, provides a sense of intimacy, and makes attendees want to stay all night long.

A dimmer switch is essential for smaller gatherings since it enables you to reduce the lights and generate a comfortable ambiance. Candles are another option for fostering intimacy. You’ll need bright, clear lighting, such as daylight LEDs, for opening presents or shooting pictures.

What Are Some Good Christmas Party Themes?

Christmas is a time to celebrate and have fun, and what better way to do so than to get your close friends, family, and co-workers together around a table?

With one of these classy Christmas party themes, your gathering will be a work of beauty.

A Cheery Vintage Christmas Party

Joyous vintage-themed parties are always popular, and Christmas is no different. So naturally, the holiday season is when many individuals reflect on joyful memories from their youth. Take advantage of that and throw a classy vintage-themed party focusing on a specific era to keep things lively and cool! The era could be in the 1960s or 1980s.

Ask everyone to dress elegantly in items typical of the period of choices, such as midi dresses, tweed suits, and traditional flat caps. In addition, you can add decorations to the environment by choosing retro-inspired posters, paper lanterns, ornaments, wreaths, and nutcrackers, among others.

A Grinchmas Party

The Grinch reigns supreme when it comes to holiday gatherings. So, instead of inviting your guests for a fun-filled evening of mischief and mayhem, why not have a Grinchmas party? Use a lot of green decorations to set a cheerful mood because this theme is all about green. Items like napkins, centerpieces, candles, and garlands.

Of course, you must also serve the traditional Grinch punch to get everyone in the holiday spirit. You can instruct your guests to dress in a way that embodies the Grinch’s persona, such as wearing anything green.

A Glitzy Holiday Party

Loud, strong, vibrant colors and spectacular holiday decorations that capture the glamour and charm of nightlife are the focal points of this beautiful Christmas celebration. But, of course, you also can’t go wrong by including some disco balls, neon lights, centerpieces, and guests dressed to the nines for this particular Christmas party theme.

At a VIP holiday party, everyone will feel like true A-listers! Consider putting a red carpet runner near the tree so people can take a few pictures there.

Decorating Gingerbread Party

Many American households have a yearly custom of decorating gingerbread houses, whether they make everything from scratch or purchase a kit to make things simpler. To add some flavor, have a contest with prizes for the tallest building or the greatest use of gumdrops.

Maintain the traditional look with icing icicles and peppermint trim, or choose a theme like Barbie’s dream home or a Halloween-haunting mansion. This party is a fantastic idea for a virtual get-together as well; you could send out the recipe in advance to your friends and family, bake simultaneously, and showcase your finished products on camera.

Winter Forest Party

Nature is one of this year’s top contenders for Christmas themes. This theme, which was inspired by the beauty of snowfall and winter forests, will highlight the greatest features of the venue’s décor and provide everyone with an amazing experience.

Additionally, you can easily connect this theme with sustainability by choosing eco-friendly ornaments made of recycled glass and wood. Think about using pine garlands as table centerpieces, pine cones as napkin rings, and branches as a prop to give the entire picture more texture and depth. You’ll take your guests to a fantastic location and demonstrate your concern for the environment, which is always nice!

Christmas In Every Country

We adore holiday party ideas that offer a different viewpoint. Consider hosting a party incorporating customs from many cultures this Christmas for a fresh touch. This party theme might work in a year when travel is scarce. For instance, you can decorate with bright Mexican Papel Picado or Philippine lanterns in the form of stars. It is a fantastic method for kids to discover their own culture or learn about the habits of other nations.

How To Pick A Theme For Christmas

We can see how selecting the perfect Christmas theme could seem challenging. After all, there are a ton of choices available! Instead, we advise choosing a customizable theme to capture the essence of your guests’ culture.

For instance, a Winter Forest theme would be an ideal choice to reflect the goal of being an environmentally conscious individual who supports sustainability.

Allow your guests to decide if you’re stuck. Then, ask everyone to vote for their favorite theme out of a handful you enjoy. This strategy will convey to everyone that you value and care about what other people think. Additionally, it represents your desire for them to enjoy themselves and feel at ease at the party.

What Alternative Kinds Of Locations May I Rent For The Holiday Party At The Workplace?

The following locations are the most common for Christmas parties or events-


Due to the pleasant mood and distinctive atmosphere they offer, restaurants blend beautifully with elegant themes. Additionally, they provide a fantastic array of meal options that you may tailor to the culinary interests of your guests. Additionally, a lot of them have private dining rooms or function spaces, ensuring that you have good solitude.


Bars are another well-liked venue type for events since they offer a fun, less formal ambiance. In addition, due to their broad selection of cocktails and other alcoholic beverages, they are ideal for cocktail parties.

Banquet halls

Because banquet halls exude a professional vibe without being overly formal; they make for excellent venues for business Christmas celebrations. Additionally, they provide enough capacity for bigger gatherings with more than 100 attendees, and you have greater discretion to design the space to produce a distinctive atmosphere.

Bottom Line

As you can see, a Christmas party doesn’t have to be dreary. Quite the opposite, however, there is an assortment of elegant party themes that can boost the holiday event and make it fun and memorable. So, since you have an idea of the luxurious party ideas and decorations, roll up your sleeves and plan the best party!

Curated Events can help with your Christmas party decor and rentals. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.