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You’ll want to make the day memorable for friends and family. The gown is beautiful, the floral arrangements are stunning, and everyone you love is around. What else could make the day worth a lifetime of memories?


Food is one of the wedding’s highlights. As a result, you’ll not want to treat your visitors to the usual meals. Instead, you’ll want something unique; meals that will tantalize your taste buds and imprint the experience to memory.

Catering is not an easy task. It means getting creative with the meals you want to offer and then getting the perfect caterer. You’ll also need to find out the catering policy of your venue.

Curated Events works alongside amazing catering teams, and we are more than happy to make recommendations for your event. 

At Curated Events, we help you give visitors something new. We have compiled a list of luxury wedding catering ideas to give everyone one of the best highlights of their lives.

Our Favorite Wedding Menu Ideas

Let’s have a look at our favorite wedding menu ideas.

Traveling Seafood Station

Seafood station

Imagine a bucket of fresh oysters moving around your outdoor wedding venue. Exciting, right?

A traveling seafood station creates an interactive element where the guests will mingle while trying out the different delicacies. Serve your favorite seafood, and don’t forget to provide sauce.

Wood Fired Pizza

Wood fired pizza

To maintain simplicity at your wedding, you can creatively offer pizza. After all, pizza is a fan favorite, and you could make it incredible by offering it freshly made on site.

Wood-fired pizza looks attractive when done well. It is delicious and cooks fast to let the toppings hold their flavors and nutrients.

Of course, we don’t need to remind you about offering a variety of toppings, do we?

Comfort Food Shooters

Comfort food

While comfort foods sound uninteresting, they are a good choice for outdoor wedding cuisine. All you have to do is add a touch of class to it.

Choose any of your preferred comfort foods and deliver them in attractive settings.

You could try out grilled cheese and tomato soup or go for chicken 

fried steak with waffles and syrup.

Dim Sum

Dim sum

Chinese food has become common around the globe. If you have tried the various meals abroad or at home, you may want to share the delicacies with family and friends.

There is no better way of sharing your love of Chinese food than Dim Sum at your wedding.

The meal consists of various dishes from which guests can sample and pick. The meal promotes interactions and allows the guest to customize their meals. Yes! Everyone can create their meal!

Sushi Station

Sushi station

Do you relish sushi? Then the Japanese delicacy is perfect for your wedding.

A sushi station is ideal if you want your visitors to decide how much they want. The guests will choose the type and number of rolls they want and manage their intake.

Sushi is also served fresh and is a favorite for many people. 


Brunch bowl

Spice up your special day with these incredible bring-your-own-brunch-bowls. If you are going for breakfast foods, consider an acai bowl with different toppings.

You can choose to get prepared bowls such as açai bowls or do it yourself. You’ll get the freedom to set up the bowl station to your preference and include your favorite meals. 

You can include mix-ins like fresh juices and fruit purees for mimosas and serve pickled veggies, bacon, and shrimp for Bloodys.

Charcuterie in a Cup

Charcuterie in a cup

Everyone, including us at Curated Events, loves charcuterie. As a result, you will find everyone trying to get to the charcuterie table first, causing a crowd. No one wants that on your special day.

You can make things simpler by providing the charcuterie in a cup. The premade varieties are passed around in cups to ensure everyone enjoys the delicacy and no crowding occurs at the charcuterie table.

Cheese Station

Cheese station

Just the sound of it makes your mouth water, right?

Almost everyone loves cheese. Setting up a cheese station at your wedding will have your guests beaming. Provide a range of different types of cheese and include various accompaniments.

Some of the best accompaniments include- fresh and dried fruit, meat, veggies, granola, and olives.

Cut up the cheese into pieces and let the guests serve themselves. That way, they’ll customize the meal to their preferences.

Colorful Salads

Fruit salad

Kill two birds with one stone using colorful salads.

Instead of going for dull-looking salads for your wedding, collaborate with your caterer and come up with salads made from colorful veggies. Your guests will have a tasty appetizer as they wait for the main meal while you add color to the decor.

Fresh Poke

Fresh poke

If you love Hawaiian culture and food and would love to incorporate it into your wedding, Poke is the way to go.

The traditional Hawaiian meal consists of white rice topped with raw fish marinated in sesame oil, green onions, soy sauce, and other spices. The fish dish comes served in a bowl and is a seafood everyone will relish.

You can also let the guests make their own bowls and use the seasoning they prefer. Also, provide an option for your vegetarian guests.

Dessert Remix

Dessert remix

Normal and boring is the one thing you want to avoid on your wedding day. Make your wedding dessert stand out by doing things differently and mixing different foods. It will make guests eager to try out the various mash-ups and take the idea home. As a result, it will be a constant reminder of your wedding.

Some of our favorites include- Wonut or waffle donut(waffle in the shape of a donut with donut frosting), oreo popcorn, and ice cream cakes.

Food & Beer Flights

Gourmet hot dog

A late night bite idea for someone rustic and who loves their beer.

Serve your guests with your favorite beer alongside other varieties after you say, “I do.” It is a simple way to celebrate your day, and it goes hand in hand with food.

Offer various choices, from french fries, hotdogs, and sliders, to any other delicious meal.

Pretzel Bar

Pretzel bar

Who doesn’t love pretzels? 

Pretzels because they offer your guests both salty and sweet tastes.

Set up a pretzel bar and let the guests serve themselves. They’ll be free to choose the quantity they want and top them with their preferred sauces.

Remember to offer various toppings, including- melted chocolate, cheese, Pepperoni, and caramel.

Seasonal Vegetable Dish

Vegetable dish

Do you want to impress all your vegetarian guests? Then, serve your wedding guests a meal full of tasty vegetables. 

The seasonal vegetable dish moves away from the common roasted vegetable stacks that are dull. Instead, you get a colorful, delicious meal that looks amazing with your wedding decorations.

BBQ & Beer


Food and Beer Flights are a great outdoor wedding catering idea, but they are not for everyone. If you prefer a less involved meal, you could go for BBQ.

Serve your guests with the usual BBQ meals like burgers, brisket, potato salad, hot wings, pasta salad, and pork. Better still, accompany them with some quality beer and have a BBQ party!

Mexican-style Veggies

Mexican style veggies

Once again, your vegetable menu doesn’t have to look dull. Instead, you can spice up the menu with colored veggies that add color while delivering exquisite tastes.

Mexican dishes are a great way to make your vegetables look attractive. Foods like tostadas and veggie chips look fancy and creative. They also offer very delicious tastes that will make the non-vegetarians think twice.

Local Fare

There are various reasons why you would choose a venue. It could be the setup, environment, or budget issues.

One thing that is usually thought of last or never is the local cuisine.

If your location is known for a specific meal, you could incorporate it into your menu. For example, this could be your hometown’s favorite meal or food you had during your travels.

Local flare is a great way to personalize your nuptials.

Mini Tacos and Margs

Mini tacos

Get the party going with some margarita served with mini tacos.

You can make margaritas with various alcohol capacities to serve the different guests and serve them in easy-to-carry bottles. 

Serve the Margs alongside tacos during cocktail hour, and the dancefloor gets crazy in a few. Get the groove up!

Caprese Kabobs

Caprese kabobs

Caprese skewer kabobs bring a twist to how people enjoy the traditional Caprese salad.

Instead of serving them on plates, take a skewer and arrange the mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil, and balsamic. That way, your guest can have an easier time holding the Caprese salad when engaged in something during cocktail hour.

Caprese kabobs also allow the guest to customize their salads.

Portable French Fries

French fries

If there is one popular snack we couldn’t leave out, it is french fries. The treat is loved by everyone and is a perfect late night snack.

This time around, we put a twist on how they are served. Instead of plates, put the snacks in rolled cones or small cups if you want to accompany them with sauce.

Bao Buns

Bao buns

Another Chinese delicacy you could incorporate into your outdoor luxury wedding menu is the Bao Bun. The healthy treat is deliciously warm and has a fluffy stuffing inside the sweet, white dough.

Thanks to the small size, the event-friendly bites are easy to hold if you are standing or engaged in a conversation. They also look good on camera.