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Planning and holding an event is a daunting task. You need to ensure that everything runs smoothly, everyone is satisfied, and deal with any problem that may arise.

When it comes to making the event a success, one thing stands out- the catering. Almost everyone loves to eat and drink, and the best way to keep them happy is to ensure food and drinks are in plenty. For beverages, it could range from alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, and other specialty drinks.

If you want to know what you need and what to hire to serve all drinks at your event, this blog is for you. Our Curated experts will go through why drinks are essential for an event and everything you need to make it successful.

Let’s get the party going!

Why are Drinks Important at an Event?

Food and beverages have been part of most events throughout history. Behind all the chatting about politics, weather, and life, eating and talking about food is one of many pastimes. Here are some reasons why drinks are essential at an event.

  1. It’s about hospitality- Drinks are special in most events in almost all cultures. It is a way of saying thank you to the guests and ensuring they hydrate, freshen up, and re-energize.
  2. They add to the experience- Drinks are a great way of making a party lively, especially if you’re dealing with adults who drink alcoholic beverages.
  3. They are good icebreakers- Everyone who loves to drink probably loves to talk about their favorite drink. As such, beverages are a great way to connect the guests and make it easy to start conversations.
  4. They make an event more memorable- The best way to brand an event is by providing your guest with the best drinks. What you provide will make your event stand out and make a statement.

Factors to Consider When Planning for Event Drinks

While drinks are essential to the success of an event, there are things you must consider when planning what to provide. Here are some factors to consider.

Type of Bars

There are very many types of ways to provide drinks to guests. You can let everyone drink to their fill, allocate a specific amount or ask the guests to pay. Here are the types of bars for events.

  1. Open Bar: An open bar setting is the favorite among guests because it lets them drink without a limit. The downside is you have to foot the bill- a price to make the event successful.
  2. Hosted Bar: A hosted bar is similar to an open bar, with the difference being you pay for the drinks and all opened bottles. Open bars usually offer fixed rates for each guest.
  3. Cash Bar: In this arrangement, your guest will pay for the drinks they drink. It is an excellent way to keep the budget low, but you should inform the guests beforehand.
  4. Limited Bar: Limited bars are open bars where the guests can only have specific drinks. That could be wine, beer, champagne, or a combination of any beverage.


The budget you have set aside will indicate the number of drinks you need and the type and quality. If your budget is vast, you can have an open bar serving all drinks and brands. If the budget is low, you may have to reduce the number of drinks per guest and go for much lower-priced beverages.

Always ensure you have almost accurate, if not exact, figures to avoid going over budget and falling into financial trouble. If you can’t, you plan to have a bar with a capped spend where the bar closes after reaching the limit.

Number of Guests

The number of guests you invite to your event is directly proportional to the number of drinks you’ll need to serve. The higher the number of guests, the more beverages you need to purchase to ensure everyone gets something to drink. The best way to deal with this is by buying in bulk to take advantage of discounts and economies of scale.

Types of Drinks to Serve at an Event

You can serve different drinks at an event depending on who is attending. Some are teetotallers and those who love to drink alcohol at a wedding.

Here are the types of drinks you’ll expect to serve at your event.

  1. Alcoholic Beverages: Alcoholic beverages are popular at most events, especially towards the end. These drinks include spirits, vodkas, beers, wine, champagne Whiskey, and tequila. You’ll need to check whether you need licenses to serve these beverages.
  2. Non-Alcoholic: Non-alcoholic drinks are a better option to keep things sober at your event. These include soda, energizers, and other beverages like tea. They are also the best pick if you have kids attending your event.
  3. Specialty Drinks and Mocktails: Speciality drinks are original drinks made by the bartender or the venue. They are exclusive to them and are usually non-alcoholic. It also applies to mocktails, usually a mix of different fruit juices.

What You Need to Hire to Serve Drinks at Your Wedding

Here is what you need to hire to serve all drinks at your event.

Bartender or Beverage Caterer

Barman gently pours a finished cocktail from a glass shaker into a glass

A bartender or beverage caterer does more than serve drinks at any event. They sometimes have to listen to the guests talking about life and serve as some source of entertainment. They keep track of how much individuals drink to avoid overindulgence.

As such, picking a perfect bartender or beverage caterer is crucial to ensure everything in the beverage department runs smoothly.

Portable Bar

Portable bar with rooftop and stools

You may have to hire a portable bar if your event is in a location without a bar. Fortunately, this is your chance to get creative and go for a bar that complements the occasion. You can even decide to make your chosen bar the centerpiece.

Curated Events has a wide range of portable bars from which you can find one for your event. Our collection includes different colors and designs to ensure everyone finds something suitable. Everything we have is sure to make a statement!

Glassware and Tools

Different types of glassware on a table

Every bar and bartender needs tools and equipment to function. Whatever the drinks you are going to serve, you’ll need glassware. It is especially true if you serve beverages from large bottles that can’t be used, like beer bottles.

Additionally, you’ll need to hire tools such as cocktail shakers, jiggers, and muddlers to enable the bartender to make the best drinks. If you worry about getting this, you can use Curated Events. Our collection ensures the bar has everything to function fully without hiccups.

Drink Dispensers

Man pours colored lemonade from a bottle into a glass

Pouring drinks straight out of a bottle can take time and effort. The best way to deal with it is to use a soda or bar gun to pour your carbonated and non-carbonated drinks. You can also use a dispenser for your alcohol bottles to make the serving process smooth and fast.

If you are thinking of where to get a drink dispenser, Curated Events has you covered. You can choose from any of our catalogs, and we assure you the bar will run smoothly.


Serving beverages at an event is a no-brainer. Drinks are refreshments and icebreakers and keep everyone jolly and happy. If you are organizing an event, the challenge is getting everything in order and ensuring you serve something for all the guests. You’ll need to hire a bartender or caterer, get the necessary tools and buy the drinks.

Curated Events provide all types of events with some of the things you need to hire to serve all drinks at your event. We have portable bars, drink dispensers, glassware, and other things you may need to serve drinks. Contact us, and we’ll handle all your beverage needs for you.


1. How many drinks can you serve per person?

Experts claim that the average drinker consumes 1.5 drinks an hour per guest per hour. However, you should consider your budget and remember to keep people from overindulging. You wouldn’t want your event to turn into chaos due to drunkenness.

2. How do you calculate for drinks for an event?

To estimate the amount you’ll use to provide drinks at your event, consider the number of guests you’ve invited and the beverage each will consume. Usually, most guests will have two drinks within the first hour and one per hour afterward. However, planning extra drinks is good to avoid running out before the end.