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Planning a corporate event extends far beyond sending out invitations and booking a venue. You’ll rarely find a spot with everything you need for your big day (or night,) and that’s where equipment rental comes in. Curated Events offers a wide selection of equipment to make your event a success.

We know what it takes to create a successful corporate event and we are here to help you navigate the process.

This guide will cover the essentials of equipment rental and how it can benefit your event. We’ll also provide tips on choosing the right equipment and making the rental experience stress-free.

What Kind Of Equipment Do You Need For Corporate Events?

The equipment needed for a corporate event can vary greatly depending on the type of event and its purpose. A product launch, for example, may require a stage and audio-visual equipment for presentations. On the other hand, a networking event may only require furniture and a photo booth.

As such, it’s crucial to clearly define your event goals and what equipment will help you achieve them. Some common rental items for corporate events include:


Tables are essential if you’re planning a sit-down dinner or need space for product displays. Consider the layout of your venue and how many guests will be in attendance when choosing table sizes and quantities.

Note that tables come in various shapes (round, rectangle, etc.) and materials (wood, plastic), so select the option that best fits your event’s aesthetic.

You can arrange tables in many different configurations. Banquet style, with long rows of tables facing the front, works well for presentations or speeches. Cocktail style, with small tables scattered around the venue and standing room, is ideal for networking events or refreshment stations.

If you want to do something really unique, consider a “living room” set up for your event presentations rather than tables and chairs. This means creating “lounge pods” in a semi-circle fashion around a stage or presentation area. By using a sofa, two chairs and a coffee table per pod, you’re inviting your guests to sit back and relax. It sets up the event for a more personalized and comfortable experience.

Linens And Napkins

Using a venue’s plain white tablecloths might look a bit bare, so adding an upgraded linen can instantly elevate the look of your event space. Choose a material and color that matches your event’s aesthetic and ties in with the overall theme. Cloth napkins are also a nice touch, adding an extra level of sophistication to sit-down dinners or refreshment stations, and feel much more high end than eating a fancy meal with a paper napkin.

As for runners and table skirts, these can be a great way to disguise unsightly tables or add texture to your event space. Just make sure the color and material complement the rest of your table settings. White and gold, for example, might work well for a formal corporate dinner.


Regardless of the type of event, your guests will need a place to sit when their legs get weary. Dancing, networking, and even presentations can take a toll, so make sure there are enough chairs or couches for your attendees. Tables should also have enough seating for the number of guests at each table.

Event conference seating

When it comes to choosing chairs, consider both function and aesthetics. Does the chair offer comfortable seating? Is it easily stackable or movable? And does it complement the overall look of your event space? Chiavari chairs, for example, are a popular choice for elegant events while folding chairs might be more practical for outdoor events.

Couches and lounge furniture can also add a cozy, inviting feel to your event space. These can be placed in a designated relaxation or networking area, or scattered throughout the venue for added seating options.


Signage can serve both a functional and decorative purpose at events. Directional signs can help your guests navigate the venue easily—they will point to the bathrooms, entrance, and any specific rooms or stations at the event.

Other elements, like centerpieces or table numbers, can also contribute to your event space’s overall look and feel. At Curated Events, we offer a wide range of equipment rental options—just let us know your vision and we’ll make it a reality.


One of the most overlooked yet crucial elements of event design is lighting. If your guests can’t see, they can’t fully enjoy and engage in the event. Ambient lighting sets the mood for the entire space, while spotlights can draw attention to a particular area or highlight a presentation.

Consider how you want to use lighting to enhance your event’s aesthetic. Uplighting, for instance, can add color or texture to walls while string lights can create a whimsical, intimate atmosphere.

We also offer chandeliers, which are the epitome of glamorous sophistication. Lighting can also be a safety consideration, so make sure walkways and staircases are well-lit to prevent accidents.


For events with performances or presentations, a stage will be the venue’s focal point. It should be big enough to comfortably fit all performers or speakers, with room for accompanying props or equipment.

Corporate event stage and lighting

The design of the stage itself can also contribute to the overall look and feel of your event. A simple podium may be suitable for a corporate meeting, while a more decorative setup may enhance a concert or theatrical performance. Think about the acoustics of the stage as well. Place it in a spot that will minimize echoes and amplify sound for the best audio experience.


Speaking of sound, a reliable audio system is a must for events with presentations, performances, or even background music. You’ll probably need microphones for public speakers and possibly for musical acts as well.

As for the music itself, a DJ or live band will need their equipment, like speakers and instruments. Monitors, microphone stands, headphones, and desks are also important considerations.

Testing your sound equipment is a natural part of event planning, so do it in advance. Nothing interrupts the flow of an event, like technical difficulties with audio. Curated Events works with extremely knowledgeable professionals in the AV world and we are always happy to make recommendations and introductions.


Many corporate events also involve some form of visual display, whether a slideshow presentation or a video playing in the background. Projectors and screens are essential for sharing visuals with a large group, while you can use TVs for more intimate settings. The important thing is to ensure the image quality is clear and easy to see from any angle in the venue.

Professional stage technician

Make sure your lighting choices don’t wash out the visuals and that no obstructions are blocking the view of the screens.


All that equipment needs power, so don’t forget about cables and extension cords. You don’t want those cords to be unsightly or create tripping hazards, so make sure they’re taped down and out of the way. Consider the venue’s layout and ensure there are enough outlets to accommodate all your equipment.

Have a plan in case of power outages as well. It’s always a good idea to visit the venue beforehand to plan the placement of all your equipment, including cables. This is one of the reasons hiring a knowledgeable and seasoned AV professional is of paramount importance. They will know how to prepare for and avoid these types of situations.


If your event lasts long enough, you’ll probably need to provide food and drinks for your guests. If you’re serving a sit-down meal, that means renting tables, chairs, silverware, plates, and serving utensils.

If it’s a more casual gathering with finger foods and appetizers, you’ll need platters and possibly chafing dishes to keep the food warm.

Event dinner buffet setting

Catering equipment is a broad category, but even simple events like office lunches will likely require at least a few serving essentials.

Bar and Drinks

Even a short event can benefit from a refreshment station, whether it’s a full bar or just a beverage dispenser with coffee, water, and soda. Glassware, ice buckets, and drink stirrers are necessary to serve alcoholic beverages. You’ll also need coolers or refrigerators to keep drinks chilled.

Event bar with wine

Some corporate events may require special equipment like an espresso machine or frozen drink maker, so plan accordingly and ensure the venue has access to proper water and power hookups.

You’ll likely serve your drinks in some sort of cup. Why not brand the cups with your company’s logo for a fun touch? It’s a great way to promote your brand and make the event more memorable for guests.

Tents (Outdoors)

If your event is outdoors, a tent can provide much-needed shelter from the elements. Don’t forget about lighting and flooring for the inside of the tent as well.

Wintertime events may even require tents with heating.
Note that even indoor events can benefit from a tent. They can serve as a separate section for smokers or a quieter space for break-out sessions.

Corporate event marquee tent

How To Gather Event Equipment

Now that you know what equipment your event may need, it’s time to start gathering them. As you can imagine, buying all this equipment for just one event can get expensive. You could always transport some of what you need from your office or buy secondhand, but there’s another option. And it’s far more convenient!

What Is An Event Rental?

Event rental is the practice of renting equipment and furniture for events rather than purchasing them. It can save a lot of time and money, not to mention the stress of transportation and storage.

At Curated Events, we take care of delivery, set up, and tear down. We help you pick out the best equipment for your event’s needs, and connect you with our other preferred vendors.

Some things to consider when looking for an event rental company are their inventory and selection, pricing, delivery options, and reputation. It’s also helpful to work with a company that offers additional services like event styling or planning assistance. At Curated Events, we do all of this under one roof.

What are the biggest pain points when renting equipment?

The company you choose should have a clear knowledge and understanding of the equipment they rent. Otherwise, you might find yourself with the following:

  • Mistakes in quantities: Not having enough chairs or plates for the attendance of your event.
  • Incorrect equipment: For example, renting a projector that isn’t compatible with your laptop.
  • Equipment malfunctions: The last thing you want is for the sound system to suddenly stop working during an important presentation.
  • Later delivery or no-shows: It’s important to work with a reliable rental company like Curated Events that will deliver the equipment on time.
  • Inadequate event support: You want to choose a rental company that will be there for you during the planning process and at the event, not just drop off the equipment and disappear.
  • Subpar quality: Wrinkled linens, chipped plates, old and outdated technology – these are all things that can bring down the look and feel of your event.

At Curated Events, we only send out equipment that is in great shape and will make you look good!

Get Started With Curated Events

If you’re looking for a corporate event rental company that will exceed your expectations, look no further than Curated Events. We’ve supplied countless corporate events, luxury weddings, and social events. Trust us to provide top-notch equipment for your event!

Our team will work with you to determine the perfect rental equipment for your event’s needs and theme. We have a wide selection of furniture, lighting, tents, linens, and more. And our delivery and setup services will take one thing off your plate during the hectic planning process.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or visit our website to start planning your perfect corporate event with the help of Curated Events!