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Corporate events are a great way to bring employees together for team building. They also provide a fun break from the everyday work routine. But coming up with ideas for these events can take time and effort.

A formal dinner is fun, but will it be something they remember and talk about for years to come?

If you want your employees to feel valued, you need to put in the effort to plan a unique and exciting corporate event. Here are some ideas to get your brainstorming started:

What Are Some Fun Corporate Outing Activity Ideas?

A change of scenery can do wonders for morale. Get out of the office and take your team on a corporate outing to one of these fun activities:

Ax Throwing

“Don’t worry; there are wooden targets on-site, so no one will throw axes at each other.”

Few people have had the opportunity to try ax throwing, making it a unique activity for your corporate outing. Plus, it’s a great way to release stress and bond with coworkers. Some ax-throwing facilities also offer complementary activities, such as archery.

You can make a whole day out of it! There are even mobile ax throwing trailers, so if you have a venue where you’d like to bring in a little fun element, ax throwing is good to consider!

School-like Field Trip

Rent a school bus and take your employees back to the days when they were thrilled to be missing class. Choose a fun destination such as a museum, water park, or theme park. This activity will bring back nostalgia and give everyone an exciting day out together.

Include Animals

Few are those who can resist the cuteness emanating from little balls of fur. Consider booking a corporate outing at a horseback riding facility, petting zoo, or even a place where employees can interact with exotic animals such as sloths or tigers.

“Be sure to ask about allergies or phobias beforehand to ensure everyone can participate.”

Hit The Open Sea

Or, you know, just a lake. Or river. Rent a boat for the day and have some fun out on the water. It’s an excellent opportunity for employees to relax and socialize in a stunning natural setting.

Bonus points if you plan a day where employees can take turns driving the boat and try their hand at being captain. Consider a sunset cruise where your employees can enjoy food and beverages on the water.

Tourist For The Day

Regardless of which city you’re operating out of, there are undoubtedly tourist attractions your employees have yet to visit. Make a day out of checking them off their bucket list by hitting up all the hot spots, complete with a knowledgeable tour guide.

Cool and Innovative Ideas For Corporate Events

If your employees are harder to impress and are always seeking the next big thing, try one of these innovative events:

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

VR and AR technology is becoming increasingly popular, offering a unique and exciting experience for corporate events.

“This immersive technology can be used for team-building exercises, allowing employees to work together in a virtual world.”

It can also serve as entertainment during company parties or provide educational opportunities at conferences and meetings.


“Zorbing involves rolling down a hill in a giant, inflatable, transparent ball. Or playing soccer while everyone is in a zorb. Fun? Enough said.”

Try Cool Vehicles

Give your employees a chance to ride in or operate cool vehicles. More straightforward options include the Segway or electric scooter, while more adventurous options include dune buggies or helicopters.

Hashtag Mosaic

“This one is perfect for a company party, as it will also serve to grow your social media presence.”

Ask employees to take photos at the event and use a branded hashtag, then have those photos compiled into a digital or physical mosaic display.

Go Skydiving

Surprise them with a corporate skydiving outing if you’ve got some adrenaline junkies on your team. Of course, ensure everyone is comfortable with the idea and ask about any physical limitations before planning. But for those who are up for it, this once-in-a-lifetime experience won’t soon be forgotten.

Fun Corporate Events For Smaller Teams

We understand that only some companies have the budget for a large corporate event. But even small teams can have fun activities, including:

Marshmallow Challenge

This team-building exercise involves designing and constructing the tallest tower out of spaghetti, string, tape, and marshmallows. It requires creativity and problem-solving skills while having a blast with your coworkers.

“Plus, it will only cost you a pack of marshmallows and spaghetti.”


Trivia cards and coffee

We all know that one coworker with a wealth of random knowledge, so why not put it to good use? Host a trivia night for your team and encourage friendly competition.

You can even divide into groups for added camaraderie. And why not add a prize for the winning team, just to sweeten the deal? Perhaps a gift card to a local restaurant or a day off for the winning team members.

Photo Op

Set up a photo booth with fun props and backdrops for employees to strike a pose. This event is an entertaining activity and will also result in some great memories (and photos) to look back on.

“You can take things one step further by creating a photo album or video montage to share with the team.”

Photo Op Two

Or host a nice evening dinner party, and hire a photographer to capture nice couples’ photos of your employees and their partners. Make sure to let everyone know the plan so everyone can dress to impress. You can later print and frame the photos to give employees as a kind little surcee.


Gather everyone in the break room for a potluck lunch, where each employee brings a dish to share. It will save on catering costs and allow employees to show off their cooking skills or try something new.

Secret lunch for co worker

“Diverse companies can make it a global potluck, with each employee bringing a dish from their cultural background.”

Corporate Events And Teachable Moments

Take advantage of the opportunity for corporate events to educate and inspire. Educational outings or speakers provide value to your employees in their personal lives. Here are some things they’ll be grateful for learning:


Empower your employees by teaching them how to protect themselves. It could range from a simple self-defense class to something more intensive, like tactical training for high-risk jobs or travel.


Mixology cocktail class

Who doesn’t love a good meal or cocktail? Enroll your team in a cooking or mixology class, and they’ll think of you every time they whip up a tasty dish or craft the perfect drink for their friends and family.


The business world is constantly go-go-go, so why not give your employees the gift of relaxation? Meditation and mindfulness classes can help them find balance in their personal and professional lives.

“And who knows, it could even lead to increased productivity in the workplace.”

Homemade Products

Soaps, candles, and other homemade products are trendy right now, especially when made with all-natural or organic ingredients. Teach your team how to make their own, and they’ll never have to buy those pricey products again. Plus, they can even offer them as gifts for special occasions.

Take A Tour

Get out of the office and explore your city (or a nearby one) with a guided tour. It could be something historical, like a historic neighborhood or landmark, or something offbeat, like a food or graffiti tour. Either way, your team will appreciate the chance to learn about their surroundings and have fun together outside work.

Entertainment As A Corporate Event

Are you not feeling any of the above ideas? That’s okay because sometimes all your employees want is to have some good old-fashioned fun. Here are a few suggestions:

Circus show/Circus-themed event

Hire a local circus troupe to perform or go all out with circus-themed decorations, food, and activities at the event.

“Contortionists are always a hit but don’t forget about options like magicians and jugglers too.”

Comedy Show

No matter how serious your job is, everyone likes to laugh. Hire a stand-up comedian or improv group for a fun evening of entertainment, and provide some drinks and snacks to make it a true comedy club experience.

Co worker performing comedy sketch

“Alternatively, ask for volunteers from your team to put on a comedy show themselves—it will bring out their hidden talents and offer some good laughs.”

Celebrity Impersonators

Mix music, comedy, and a touch of nostalgia by hiring celebrity impersonators. They can provide entertainment as they sing, act out skits, or even mingle with guests at the event. From a Beatles cover band to the all-time favorite Elvis, the options are endless.

Sports Game

The embodiment of what successful teamwork can accomplish, a sports game is always a crowd-pleaser. Rally your employees to attend a game together and watch your city’s team or a professional one in action. Everyone cheering together will bring a sense of camaraderie and unity to the group.

Karaoke Night

Let loose and unleash those inner rockstars with a karaoke night. Encourage employees to form groups and perform their favorite songs, or just let individuals take the stage for some solo singing.

“It’s sure to be a memorable evening full of laughs and (possibly off-key) tunes.”

The Most Effective (and fun) Team-Building Events

Some of the above suggestions were primarily meant to entertain employees. However, if your goal is to tighten bonds and improve communication among team members, consider these options:

Escape Room

“Escape rooms are the ultimate team-building activity, where individuals must work together to solve puzzles and crack codes to “escape” the room.”

Escape room with antiques

This activity fosters communication, problem-solving skills, and creative thinking—all while being exciting and fun. There are many themes to choose from, such as a mystery, jailbreak, or haunted house.

Volunteer For Charity

Volunteer work is a great way to give back to the community and bring employees closer together as they work towards a common goal for a good cause. Look for local charities or organizations needing volunteers and plan a day of service with your team.

Office Olympics

Channel your inner athlete with office Olympics, where employees can compete in various fun challenges or team sports. Have a mix of physical and mental tasks, such as trivia games or a potato sack race.

“Award medals or trophies to the winning teams for added excitement.”

Mystery Dinner Party

Put a twist on the traditional dinner party by turning it into a mystery event. Divide employees into teams and task them with solving a fictional crime, complete with actors planted among them as suspects. This activity promotes teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills in a unique setting.

Camping Retreat

The basis of human survival and a true test of teamwork, camping is another excellent option for team building. Plan a weekend trip to a nearby campground, where employees can participate in activities like hiking, fishing, and cooking over the fire.

Camping retreat by lake

“The great outdoors will offer a refreshing change of scenery and bring coworkers closer together.”

Fun Night Out Ideas

Last but not least, you might need a fun night out with your coworkers. These ideas will help alleviate any work-related stress and provide some much-needed relaxation:

Casino Night

Try your luck at a casino night, complete with games like blackjack and poker. Make it a casual event by providing play money or spice things up with real bets for an added thrill. Alternatively, dress to impress and hit up a real casino for an exciting evening out.

Casino night team building

Awards Ceremony

Put the Grammys to shame with a mock awards ceremony, where employees can nominate and vote for each other in various (funny) categories. Try to include as many employees as possible to make it a truly inclusive event.

“Themed decorations, food, and drinks will add to the festivities as individuals or teams accept their awards on stage.”

Dance Night

Let loose on the dance floor at a themed dance night, with music and drinks to set the mood. Encourage employees to RSVP with their song requests and consider hiring a DJ or renting out equipment for an even livelier event.

Bowling/Arcades Throwback

Take a trip down memory lane with some classic experiences, such as bowling or arcade games. Rent out a lane at a local bowling alley or visit an arcade bar for some friendly competition. This activity is perfect for all ages and skill levels, making it an inclusive option for corporate events.

Hire Food Trucks

This last idea is not necessarily a specific activity but more of an added touch to any event. Hiring food trucks for catering will allow your employees to try new and exciting cuisine and support local businesses in the process. It’s a win-win!

How Do You Ensure Corporate Events Are Fun?

No matter which activity or theme you choose, the key to making corporate events fun is ensuring that they are inclusive and cater to all employees’ interests and abilities.

“Don’t apply pressure for everyone to participate in every aspect of the event, and offer various options for those who may not be interested in certain activities. Also, encouraging teamwork and communication will help foster a positive and enjoyable atmosphere.”

Decor, music, and themed elements can also add to the excitement and make the event feel more festive. If you need to rent out venues or equipment, contact Curated Events for help. We specialize in luxury events. Let’s have some fun!