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Flowers are as much a part of a wedding as the bride and the groom.  For general decor and design theme purposes, flowers are symbolic and form an important part of the wedding ceremony. 

Beautiful outdoor wedding setting

Flowers will be used to make the bridal bouquet, bridesmaid’s bouquets, groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnieres, corsages, and flower girl petals. The church aisle, reception centerpieces, venue structures, and cake presentation table are other parts of the wedding ceremony where the use of flowers will be applied. The bride and other female bridal party members could also choose to wear flowers as crowns.

Once you have decided that you will want to incorporate the color, texture, elegance, and symbolism that flowers bring into your big day, the next thing to consider is how they will fit into your wedding budget. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing Flowers For Your Wedding

Wedding Decor Theme And Color

What theme have you selected for your wedding? Are you going classic and traditional or modern and trendy?  Roses, for example, will fit in well in a classic wedding, while a modern-themed ceremony will go well with tulips or unique flowers like birds of paradise. Complex themes requiring exotic colors will mean exotic flowers and a higher price tag. Requiring fresh flowers and using a floral-heavy theme will also adjust your budget upward.


Depending on the time of year your wedding is set to take place, the flowers you select should be those in season.  Using flowers readily available during a particular time of year will ensure that your decor fits in seamlessly with the climate, and you reduce the logistic complications of getting out-of-season flowers from far-flung locations. More logistics will translate to higher expenditure for the flowers for your wedding.

Number And Size Of Locations

Are you planning a ceremony and reception that will take place in one venue, or will there be movement from one place to another? Take into account the number of flowers that will be required for all locations.  Depending on the size of the locations and the type of structures that will form the decor, your flower count could go high. If you are planning a big, grand wedding, you must consider that a large volume of flowers will be necessary and the implications it will have on your overall budget.

Added Extras

You may choose a floral-heavy arrangement or mix flowers with other accessories depending on your theme.  You may decide to have fresh flowers exclusively for your church ceremony and create some variety by mixing the same flowers with other embellishments for your reception.  Consider the cost and availability of these accessories when budgeting for your wedding flowers.

What Do Wedding Flowers Actually Cost?

The simple answer? There is no simple answer. The cost of wedding flowers will vary greatly because many different types of flowers are available in the US, both locally produced and imported.  

Cost Of Some Popular Wedding Flowers Per Stem

Splurge options include orchids, peonies, and hydrangeas, with orchids for up to $98 per stem and hydrangeas retailing up tp $20 per stem. Roses, tulips, and daisies are great options for those considering a less expensive floral budget. Tulips can be found at an average cost of $3.00 per stem. 

The differences in the cost of flowers can be attributed to factors like availability. Some flowers, like tulips, are available all year round and do not cost much to produce. Seasonal flowers and those that do not bloom often will cost more.

Current Average Cost Of Flowers For A Wedding In The US

The average cost of flowers for weddings in the US is $1500. This amount can go as low as $800 or climb all the way up to $25,000. The range is very wide!

The cost ultimately depends on taste and budget and will be determined by the location of your wedding, the quantities of flowers you want, and the different types.  Couples have been known to spend upwards of $8,000 for flowers, while some will spend $200.  

Certain items will cost more than others.  A bridal bouquet, for example, can cost an average of $160 and go up to $1000 on the upper end or $50 on the lower end.  Altar flower arrangements cost an average of $500, while the groom’s boutonniere will cost an average of $30. The most costly wedding flower items are normally the bride’s bouquet and the altar and reception table centerpieces.

Extra Costs To Consider

Apart from the flowers, you must factor in their transport, storage, and the florist’s design and setup fees.  You should also be aware of expenses such as sales tax. 

How Much Of The Wedding Budget Goes To Flowers

The industry recommendation is seven to ten percent of your total wedding budget. Nothing is set in stone; however, you can vary this figure upward or downward. You should also identify a florist to work with early on in your planning process. 

Nine months before the wedding is a good allowance. This allows time for adjustments to the theme, sourcing of any material that may need time to find, and the designing and labor that goes into it.  It also allows your florist of choice adequate time to prepare for your event, especially if they are in high demand with many other clients to attend to.

Factors To Consider When Hiring A Florist

It is important to do your research well and carry out due diligence.  Start with florists near your selected venue or those with easy access. Check out the work they have done related to your theme and your venue.  Online reviews can give you an idea of how to proceed.  

Bride holding a beautiful bouquet of freesia flowers

When you develop a shortlist, use experience, reputation, and creativity displayed in their portfolios to narrow your selection, once you pick your preferred floral provider, establish immediately if they will be available during your chosen dates before engaging them further.

It is of utmost importance that your florist of choice can create your desired look within your budget.  Does the proposal they come up with list additional costs? You should understand the additional costs and be able to work with them.  If not, then your search for a florist will have to continue.

Another consideration that can help you make a great choice is the type of place the florist works out of.  A florist set in a high-end location with a large army of workers will no doubt have a lot of overheads to deal with. These costs will trickle down to the consumer and translate to a bigger bill for you.  A florist with rave reviews working out of a mid-level location with a few helpers is more likely to give a more personal touch to your request and cost considerably less.

Discuss issues like transportation and storage with your florist and learn the limitations, if any, will be. This is the perfect time to go into details, such as moving floral arrangements across locations during the ceremony or special effects involving flowers. 

Saving On Wedding Flowers

Searching for cost-effective ways of doing things is universal regardless of the size of your budget.  A chunk of your budget saved by lowering flower costs could go to another aspect of pulling off the wedding of your dreams. Following are some suggestions to help you spend less on your wedding flowers.

Incorporate Non-Floral Items

Mixing flowers with other less costly plants is one way to lower your wedding costs.  You can also add items with sentimental or ornamental value, like family heirlooms, to enhance your arrangements and add that personal touch to your big day while keeping down costs.

Go For Multi-Use Arrangements

Re-use the floral arrangements from the church ceremony for your reception and any other after-parties to minimize cost.

Stick To Seasonal Varieties

Using flowers in season and readily available at your chosen location will significantly lessen your transport and storage expenses.

In Closing

Your wedding day is a special occasion, and you will no doubt want it to be a beautiful, elegant representation of your personality and all you hold dear.  Working flowers into your chosen decor theme can seem overwhelming, and every bride could do with a little help in planning and executing the wedding of her dreams.

At Curated Events, our team of experienced planners is ready to apply their keen attention to detail and passion for pulling off beautiful, unforgettable weddings in order to help you come up with a day like no other. If you already have a decor plan in mind, we could help you identify the rental items to execute it.

Reach out to us today, and we’ll make your dream wedding day a reality!