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Spring is in the air, the flowers are blooming, and most importantly, the wedding season is here. Many couples planning to get married during spring may wonder what flowers they should choose for their special day.

Countless beautiful blooms can help make your wedding breathtaking, but some flowers are highly recommended for a flawless spring ceremony.

This blog post will discuss the best flowers for a spring wedding, covering everything from their availability to their characteristics.

What Makes A Good Spring Flower?

Before diving into the different spring varieties, let’s take a moment to understand what qualities make these flowers the best choice. Good spring flowers will be long-lasting and easy to work with. However, you should also consider the following:


Spring flowers will be in season during spring, meaning their blooms will look freshest and most vibrant. With other varieties, you may have to consider whether or not they are available all year round. Not all flowers bloom at the same time, so check what kinds are available when planning your wedding.


“Just like muted colors work best in fall weddings, brighter hues typically fit best with a spring theme.”

You can choose shades of pink and purple or opt for bolder colors like orange, yellow, and red. But most importantly, make sure that the colors complement each other and match the rest of your wedding decorations.

Wedding themes play a big role in choosing the right flowers. Classic, romantic, and elegant weddings may call for white roses; while modern and trendy ceremonies should consider Gerbera daisies or tulips.

Bridal bouquet with dahlia ranunculus and other spring varieties


Finally, some people may prefer incorporating symbolism into their floral arrangements. For centuries, humans have attached special meanings to certain flowers.

“Roses signify love and commitment; orchids represent luxury and beauty; daisies represent innocence and joy; lilies symbolize purity, and so on.”

Consult your spouse and wedding planner to decide which flowers best suit your wedding theme and the message you wish to convey.

March Wedding Flowers

March is the first month of spring, so not all flowers will be in bloom yet. However, you can still add plenty of cheer to your ceremony with the following.


A bride’s best friend, hydrangeas come in various colors and sizes that provide a soft and romantic feel. They have unique petals and are relatively hardy, which makes them ideal for spring bouquets. These flowers also pair nicely with other spring blooms like roses, tulips, and peonies.

Blue hydrangeas flower arrangements

Sweet Pea

“A more subtle flower than others, sweet peas are typically light pink or purple and have an intricate petal structure.”

Bride with a sweet pea bouquet

They add a subtle hint of color to any floral arrangement without overpowering the other blooms. Originally from the Mediterranean, sweet peas are also an excellent choice for cooler spring climates.

Lily Of The Valley

“Delicate and fragrant, lilies of the valley are elegant, timeless, and often used in traditional wedding ceremonies. You might have seen them at Kate Middleton’s royal wedding.”

Lily of the valley bouquet

The dainty stems are a breathtaking feature, while their petals bring a touch of softness and romance. While these gorgeous little flowers are fragrant and delicate, they are often very costly to source.


These flowers are best for the modern bride. Their unique texture and vibrant colors add a contemporary flair to any bouquet or centerpiece. Ranunculus come in many shades, including pink, orange, yellow and red, making them the ideal choice for a bright and cheerful spring wedding.

Delicate ranunculus peony roses ozotamnus and eucalyptus long ribbons


Not much needs to be said about this famous bloom. Rich in history and symbolism, tulips are one of the most beloved wedding flowers.

Bride and bridesmaids holding red tulip wedding bouquets

“They bring forth joy and optimism, two essential traits for a successful marriage. They also come in countless different colors, allowing you to create the perfect spring bouquet.”

April Wedding Flowers

As we move into April, more blooms become available for your wedding. Here are a few of the most popular flowers for this month.


Bouquet of hyacinth flowers

If you’re looking for something smaller and more subtle, hyacinths are a great choice. Their bulbous blooms provide a unique texture. Available in a rainbow of colors, these flowers will surely bring plenty of cheer to your floral arrangements. They also smell absolutely heavenly!


Elegant spring white and yellow wedding bouquet of daffodils lisianthus eucalyptus and matricaria camilla.

Most people know the yellow daffodil, but this flower also comes in white and orange. It exudes a sunny and optimistic energy that matches the season. Daffodils can be used in bouquets, boutonnieres, or centerpieces to add a bit of brightness to your ceremony.

“Their petals are delicate yet strong, making them a symbol of endurance and hope.”


Another spring favorite, the lilac, is a fragrant and colorful bloom. These flowers come in shades of purple, pink, and white, allowing you to easily match them with your wedding palette. The lilac’s long green stems add a pop of texture that can’t be ignored.

Woman in wedding dress holding a bouquet of lilacs


“Add height and drama to your arrangements with snapdragons. These flowers stand tall and can be used as a statement piece.”

Snapdragon flowers

With its bright colors, ruffly petals, and unique shape, the snapdragon is sure to make your wedding extra special.

May Wedding Flowers

Finally, the month of May is when spring is in full bloom. Temperatures are warm, and the flowers are abundant. As such, you’ll have a host of stunning blooms to choose from.


Beautiful rose bouquet

The queen of all flowers, the rose is a surefire choice for May weddings. This bloom is timeless and classic, working for any occasion. Roses come in a variety of colors to match your wedding theme. During this month, they also come in particularly large sizes. Consider mixing the colors together for an extra elegant touch.

“You can also use the petals to create a romantic path for your ceremony.”

Cherry Blossom

This Japanese flower is known worldwide for its beauty. Its delicate petals and enchanting color make it a popular choice for brides in the springtime. From the lightest of pinks to the brightest of whites, there’s a cherry blossom for every wedding palette.

Pink cherry blossom sakura


Keep it simple yet sweet with stock flowers. These plants are often used for boutonnieres and floral arrangements. They come in many shades of pink, white, and purple, allowing you to choose one that works with your color theme. Aside from their beauty, these flowers also have a wonderful fragrance that will linger throughout the day.

Matthiola incana flower stock flowers


“Peonies are the epitome of spring. Their lush petals and delicate fragrance create an air of romance and elegance.”

Wedding bouquet of peonies and roses

These flowers come in various colors, such as white, pink, red, and even yellow. They will also look good for hours, which will last throughout the ceremony and reception.

Deciding On Your Flowers

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of stunning flowers to choose from for your spring wedding. So, how do you decide which to use? The elimination process can be overwhelming, so take your time and explore all your options.

Start by creating a list of flowers you like, then narrow it down to the ones that match your theme and budget. With careful planning and attention to detail, you’ll surely find suitable blooms for your special day.

Trust The Experts

Ideally, you’ve partnered with a professional event planner who can help you choose the best flowers for your wedding. They know which blooms work well together and how to tie them into your desired aesthetic. With their expertise, you can have a wedding that will impress all your guests.

At Curated Events, our designers take pride in creating a unique wedding experience. We will guide you through the entire planning process and ensure that your wedding is everything you’ve dreamed of.

“From selecting the perfect blooms to designing the perfect tablescape, we have got you covered.”

Wedding Day Rentals

Curated Events is a premier event rental company, so we also have all the necessary items to make your wedding day special. After all, it’s the little details that make all the difference. We have a variety of decor, such as lanterns, to complement your floral arrangements.

We also carry linens in many different colors and textures, so you can create a stunning wedding reception. We can turn your dream into a reality.

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