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Winter weddings can be magical with the right decorations and floral arrangements. The white, snowy backdrop is a perfect canvas for the union of two people, and the right flowers can add romance to the festivities. Unfortunately, many popular wedding flowers aren’t in season during winter.

Fear not — although the selection may be limited, there are still plenty of stunning blooms for your winter wedding. This blog post will discuss some of the best flowers for a luxury winter wedding, giving you plenty of inspiration for your big day.

How To Make The Most Out Of Winter Flowers

We’d like to share tips and tricks for making the most of winter flowers. Decorating with winter flowers can be tricky, but there are plenty of ways to ensure that your floral arrangements look elegant and luxurious.

Talk To Your Wedding Planner

Consult with your wedding planner on the flowers you’d like to use. Remember that the flowers you choose must fit with your winter wedding theme and the season’s weather. Depending on where you plan to get married, some flowers may not be available due to temperature or seasonal restrictions.

Your planner will also be able to offer advice on how best to arrange the winter blooms. They’ll be familiar with which types of flowers will look best in each of the different arrangements, so they’ll be able to help you create a beautiful display.

“If you don’t have a wedding planner already, please visit Curated Events for assistance with your wedding.”

Don’t Forget About Imports

Feel free to think outside the box regarding winter flowers. You can find some stunning floral arrangements if you want to try imported blooms. These may be more expensive than locally sourced flowers, but they will add a unique touch of luxury to your wedding.

It can be hard to source your desired flowers during winter, so consider sourcing from other countries or regions with milder climates. That way, you don’t have to settle for year-round blooms.

“Virtually any flower can be imported with enough time and money, making it easier to find the perfect luxury winter flowers for your ceremony.”

Add Berries, Pine Cones, And Other Accents

“If you’re still short of the perfect winter wedding flowers, don’t be afraid to supplement them with other decorations. Berries are an excellent addition to any bouquet, and a few pine cones can add a festive flair.”

These decorations are also cheaper than flowers, meaning you’ll have more money to spend on other wedding arrangements. The accents will add texture and color to your floral displays without sacrificing luxuries.

Beautiful wedding bouquet of flowers in the hands of the bride


Let’s talk about color. Many winter brides tend to use pastel or neutral shades for their wedding decorations, but there’s no reason why you can’t add a few bolder colors as well. Consider adding deep burgundy, bright green, and classic blue.

“Try using white and dark tones to create an elegant contrast.”

White flowers like lilies and roses are always popular choices for winter weddings. Dark flowers like black tulips, anemones, and orchids also come into vogue.

Complete With Greeneries

Finally, add some greenery to your flower arrangements. Greeneries will bring out the beauty of your flowers and create a natural feel in your venue. Eucalyptus, ivy, ferns, and holly are all excellent choices for winter weddings. These plants are easy to find year-round and will add texture to any bouquet.

In some cases, greeneries can even be used as the main focus of your decorations. Wreaths, garlands, and Christmas trees are popular for winter weddings.

Winter green garland on a wedding reception head table

Best Flowers For A December Wedding


Poinsettias and Candles make beautiful winter wedding decor

As the official flower of the Christmas season, poinsettias are a popular choice for December weddings. Their bright red petals will add a festive touch to your decorations and make a bold statement at your venue.

If you’re looking for something muted, try the white poinsettia. It will give off an elegant snowflake feel while retaining its festive roots. Use these blooms to decorate the altar and the reception space.

White Rose

“Of course, there’s no flower quite as classic and romantic as the white rose.”

A bouquet of white roses in a vintage green glass vase

This delicate bloom will bring a timeless elegance to your winter wedding. Incorporate them into your bouquets or use them to decorate the tables and doorways.

White roses are also available in various sizes so that you can choose from large or small blooms depending on your needs. Plus, they’re easy to find year-round, making them a great choice for any winter wedding. Red roses are also an option if you’re looking for something a bit bolder.


Wedding bouquet of pink roses and white anemone and pink ranunculus

White anemones are another great flower for a winter wedding. These blooms can be used as the main feature of your arrangements or mixed with other flowers in bouquets and centerpieces.

“With their black centers and white petals, anemones are an excellent option for those looking to add some contrast to their winter wedding. They’ll also have no trouble standing out in the snow.”

Star of Bethlehem

Another great flower for a winter wedding is the star of Bethlehem. These white blooms have long-lasting properties and will give off a soft feel at your venue. Their petals have a star-like shape with a rugged edge that will bring out the beauty of your decorations.

Beautiful ornithogalum umbellatum flowers

“In addition to its aesthetic value, the star of Bethlehem is also a symbol of hope and rebirth. What better way to celebrate your special day than with these beautiful blooms?”


For a more minimalist look, try Stephanotis. This flower is often used in bridal bouquets due to its delicate beauty and pleasant scent. The fragrance is reminiscent of jasmine, so it’s sure to be a hit with your guests.

Wedding bouquet featuring ivory roses white freesias and stephanotis blossoms

Stephanotis is also an excellent choice for winter weddings due to its white petals and star-like shape. Their small yet eye-catching size is manageable.

Best Flowers For A January Wedding


Peach and white wedding bouquet

Start the new year with tulips. These blooms are so popular that growers readily produce them year-round, making them an easy choice for winter weddings. Their vibrant colors and cup-shaped blooms will bring a lively atmosphere to your venue.

“Peach tulips are beautiful and match well with other winter blooms.”

You can also opt for white tulips to add elegance to your décor. Remember that these are relatively small flowers and may need to be grouped together in larger arrangements.


Alabama’s official state flower, the camellia, is a lesser-known flower that works well for winter weddings. These blooms are tough and resilient, making them an excellent choice for outdoor ceremonies. They also come in countless colors, ranging from deep reds to bright whites.

Camellia flower bouquet


Available year-round, gardenias are a classic flower for weddings. These blooms come in shades of white and cream, so they fit the theme of winter ceremonies.

“Gardenias have thick petals that will make your bouquets stand out from the crowd.”

Bridesmaid holding a gardenias bouquet

Best Flowers For A February Wedding


Amaryllis is an excellent choice for a February wedding. These blooms have bright red or pink petals and are known for their bold color and long-lasting beauty. A single amaryllis bloom can make a statement at your ceremony in a bouquet or as a centerpiece on the tables.

A bouquet of elegant white amaryllis.

Narcissus Paperwhite

Little Bouquet of Paperwhite Narcissus

Add some sophistication to your February wedding with narcissus paperwhites. These white and yellow blooms symbolize hope and faithfulness, two great qualities to start your marriage on. Thanks to their funnel-shaped blossoms and long stems, they are among the most beautiful winter flowers.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Bouquet in the hands of the bride. White orchids

Although they are more expensive than other winter blooms, Phalaenopsis orchids are worth the splurge. With their long stems and elegant petals, these flowers will provide a bit of luxury to your décor. The pale pink shades are perfect for a February wedding, while white orchids can be used for a more formal look.


If you’re going for something more unique, look into ranunculus. Tightly bunched petals make these flowers look like ruffled roses, but their delicate colors will soften your arrangements. Ranunculus come in shades of pink, yellow and red, so you can find something to match your color scheme.

A riotous peony shaped rose bouquet

Trust Curated Events For Your Dream Wedding

No matter what type of winter wedding you plan, these flowers can help make it memorable. Trust Curated Events for all your wedding needs to ensure everything goes according to plan. We will help create the perfect day, from floral arrangements to equipment rentals.

Contact us today to start planning your dream winter wedding!