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Planning and budgeting for a wedding can be stressful, especially when you want to get every detail right. There are many things to remember, and it is easy to forget important things. And one important thing that should be remembered is the tips!

Tipping wedding vendors is a thoughtful act that shows appreciation for exemplary work. Wedding vendors bend over backward to make you happy on your important day. It is not mandatory to tip wedding vendors, but the gesture is appreciated. However, some vendors also include gratuities in their service contracts, so they automatically receive tips when you clear the bill.

Do you need help with how to tip vendors on your big day? Here is a complete guide detailing which vendors to tip, how much you should tip, and when to tip them.

Basic Wedding Tip Guides

Before we get into it, there are a few pointers to keep in mind.

  1. It is better to give tips to the staff directly. Managers and owners have no rights to tips received by staff.
  2. Offer small company owners a tip. Small company owners work alone but occasionally bring in additional aid to ensure they meet or surpass expectations. They always welcome tips.
  3. Read contacts thoroughly to check if gratuities are included in the total cost for services rendered. You are not obligated to offer extra tips if they were already included in the contracts.
  4. Tips are not mandatory but are considered good etiquette.
  5. Add a personal touch by writing thank-you notes to the vendors after the wedding.
  6. Remember to write good reviews for vendors who please you with their services. You can do this after your honeymoon.
  7. Finally, send wedding images to your vendors so they may utilize them in their catalogs.

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How much and when should you tip vendors?

There are standard tipping rates in the wedding industry and basic rules of etiquette you must follow. Here is everything you must know, with jump links to make navigation easier:

  • Wedding Planners
  • Wedding Venue Coordinator
  • Catering Personnel
  • Wedding Ceremony Officiant
  • Makeup and Hair Artists
  • Transportation Company
  • Photographers and Videographers
  • Wedding Ceremony Musicians
  • Wedding Band
  • Wedding DJ
  • Florists
  • Reception Waitstaff
  • Reception Bartender
  • Delivery Personnel
  • Attire Alterations Pros
  • Catering Personnel
  • Florists

Floral designers provide stunning arrangements that turn wedding venues into enchanted landscapes. They go above and beyond to ensure you have a memorable wedding day. Tip the florist as a token of appreciation.

Protocol: Optional
Amount: 15-20% of your entire flower expense.
Time: After the wedding.

Wedding Planners

About half of the couples do give their planners a gratuity. It is optional, and wedding planners do not normally expect anything but you may always give them tips or a lovely present as a thank you. Gifting the wedding planner your wedding photo is a thoughtful gesture.

Protocol: Optional.
Amount: 10%–20%, or up to $500.
Time: Give your token of gratitude after the reception.

Wedding Venue Coordinator

The tip is normally included in the contract; if it is not added, the tip is according to standard rates.

Protocol: Expected.
Amount: $250 to $500, or 15% of the food and beverage tab.
Time: Before the wedding or after the reception.

Wedding Ceremony Officiant

Officiants can be tipped directly if they do not work under a religious institution. However, clergy or judges may not accept cash tips. You can therefore donate to their religious institution instead. If the officiant is from your place of worship, feel free to tip extra. Otherwise, the standard amount will do.

Protocol: Expected.
Amount: Tip the officiant $50-$100 and $100–$500 to the institution.
Time: When paying for the ceremony fee before the wedding or during the rehearsal.

Makeup and Hair Artists

Makeup artist preparing the bride

Tip them just like you would when getting your hair or makeup done at the salon. Encourage your bride’s maids to tip the makeup and hair artists.

Protocol: Expected.
Amount: Tip 15–25% of your entire bill as gratuity.
Time: At the end of their duty.

Transportation Company

Gratuity for the transportation personnel is normally included in the contacts. However, read the contacts to find out. If it is not included, tip them for timely pick-up and excellent service.

Protocol: Expected.
Amount: 15-20% of your overall price should be a gratuity for the wedding transportation workers.
Time: At the end of the evening or following the last ride.

Wedding Ceremony Musicians

How well have the ceremony musicians performed? Are they meeting your expectations? Consider the performance’s quality when deciding how much to give.

Protocol: Optional.
Amount: Each musician, $15–20.
Time: After the performance

Wedding Band

When you think about how much to tip the wedding band, consider how well they perform.

Protocol: Optional.
Amount: Tip $20-$35 for each musician.
Time: After the reception.

Wedding DJ

Is the DJ entertaining? Are they playing the kind of music you like? Did the DJ take requests or remember to play your favorite song? If a DJ meets your expectations, consider giving a generous tip because the music sets the mood for the wedding reception.

Protocol: Optional.
Amount: Tip $50-$150
Time: After the reception.

Photographers and Videographers

Photographer showing the bride and groom his photos

Videographers and photographers only expect tips if they are business owners. You can still tip them to express your gratitude for the good work done. We know photographers go the extra mile to capture the magical moments on our special days. A token of appreciation is much welcome.

Photographers and videographers occasionally hire extra help on busy days. Tipping the extra shooters goes a long way.

Protocol: Optional
Amount: $50 to $100 per person or a gift.
Time: After the reception.

Reception Waitstaff

Valets, restroom waitstaff, and other venue attendants work very hard to ensure things flow seamlessly at your wedding. They take care of the little things, which, if left unattended, could cause a mess. Tipping venue attendants is an expression of your gratitude for their efforts.

Protocol: Optional.
Amount: On your food and beverage bill, tip between 15 and 20% of labor expenditures.
Time: After the reception.

Reception Bartender

Sometimes tips are included in the contacts. You can still tip the bartenders for delivering outstanding services.

Protocol: Optional.
Amount: 10% of the entire bar tab should go toward tips.
Time: After the reception.

Delivery Personnel

Tipping personnel delivering the wedding cake, flowers, or other items is standard practice. Give a trusted venue attendant or the venue coordinator an envelope with extra cash to disperse gratuity to delivery personnel whenever they drop off a package. The small gesture will put a smile on their faces.

Protocol: Expected.
Amount: Tip every individual $5-$10.
Time: Whenever they make a delivery.

Attire Alterations Pros

You are not required to tip the individual altering your clothes. Do this only if you are pleased with their service.

Protocol: Optional.
Amount: Tip $20 to $30.
Time: During the last fitting.

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Catering Personnel

The catering personnel’s gratuity is usually included in the contracts.

Protocol: Expected.
Amount: Tip 15–20% of the food & beverage bill.
Tip the Catering/Banquet Manager and Head Waiter $100–$300 each. Tip the Head Chef $50–$100 and the Wait Staff and Kitchen Staff $20 each.
Time: After the ceremony.

Wedding Tipping FAQs

What is the etiquette for tipping wedding vendors?

Gratuity is commonly included in service contracts as a percentage of the total bill. However, not all vendors will do this. The standard rates are listed above, but you should feel free to tip extra. Depending on the industry practice, you can tip vendors before or after the reception.

How much did you tip wedding vendors in 2022?

Tips can be as low as $10 or as high as $500. The amount depends on the services offered by the vendors. The amount always ranges from 15-20% of the vendors’ total bill.

Do you tip wedding vendors 20%?

You can tip wedding vendors up to 20% of their total bill if you love their services. Tips are rewards for vendors who provide remarkable service or go above and beyond their contractual obligations.

Is it rude not to tip wedding vendors?

Yes. Tipping has become common practice in the wedding industry. However, wedding vendors do not demand tips. But the gesture is appreciated and often included in contracts as a percentage of the total cost of services rendered.

It is important to remind you that you should not feel guilty if you do not want to tip the vendors. Most vendors do not expect tips, and the action is voluntary.