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It’s safe to say that we’ve seen our fair share of weddings over the years. Out of all the weddings you’ve attended, only two or three may end up nesting permanently at a special place in your memory. If you want yours to be such an event, you’ll have to go the extra mile to use unique rentals and surprising elements!

One important area to pay attention to is your wedding chairs.

So, what about chairs? Are they not for sitting?

Your wedding chairs are more than sitting tools; they are essential to your decor. The type of chair you choose will add to the vibe and feel at your wedding.

While it’s great that some venues offer chairs, in most cases they are not an elevated option and can take away from the aesthetic you are aiming for.

To help, Curated Events has come up with a list of rental wedding chairs for you. There are many different types of chairs, and these are our favorite picks.

Important note
Rental wedding chair businesses use different terminologies to describe the same thing. So, it is common to find a chair style being called various names. You will also find various variations of chairs depending on color, material, and other upgrades.

However, worry not; our Event Specialists here at Curated Events have the expertise and will help you with any questions.

Now to the wedding chair style list.

Tuscan Chairs (or X-Back)

Tuscan Chairs

Tuscan, or X-back chairs are exactly what the name suggests; they are made with a back featuring two bars crossing each other. They are a great option for a rustic wedding reception and come in various designs.

The most popular cross-back chairs are wooden ones that are perfect for a garden wedding and look as good as anywhere else. We also offer them in a lightwash that goes better for a lighter, brighter wedding design.

Ghost Chairs

Ghost Chairs

Are you going for a sleek, modern decor for your wedding? Then there is no better way of making that modern statement than using incredible ghost chairs.

These revolutionary sitting options are made from lucite and acrylic, meaning you can see through. This transparency is essential if you have a garden wedding where you want the botanical decor to stand out.

Fruitwood Chairs (or Cafe Bistro Chairs, also known as Thonet Chairs)

Fruitwood Chairs

Fruitwood Chairs are perfect reception wedding chairs. They fit any aesthetic, and are slim enough to fit into tables well.

The seats are simple and feature round backs made from bending wood. The round backs offer increased comfort to your guests.

Metal Cafe Chairs

Metal Cafe Chairs are not your typical type of chair, but they do look stunning and are perfect as wedding chairs. They feature a single wide back panel to support your guests’ backs.

These beautiful contemporary pieces of sitting options are made from metal and come in various colors. We like them because they can be dressed up or down depending on the linen and the setting.

Metal Cafe Chairs

Louis Chairs

Louis Chairs

Go for the ultimate luxury wedding look with these incredible Louis chairs. They reflect the final era of royal opulence before the upheaval of the French Revolution.

These royal pieces of furniture are usually characterized by clean lines and carved details such as scrolls and acanthus flourishes inspired by ancient Greece and Rome.

They are also very comfortable chairs with a nice padded seat, perfect for that elegant wedding. You can find them in different styles and colors fitting your wedding colors and decor.

Metal and Wood Slatted Chairs

You have probably come across these chairs when walking down a street. They are common on cafe sidewalks and will serve you well at your reception.

Slatted chairs are usually made from wood and metal, with the seat and back made from wood. You’ll find them in various styles that fit the decor and blend well with tables.

Metal and Wood Slatted Chairs

Eternity Chairs

Eternity Chairs

These fine sitting options feature round backs with overlapping crescents (two curves overlapping each other to make an oval shape at the middle or a Venn diagram-like design).

The unique style makes them great for tables at the reception, and they’ll blend in with many decor styles. Their round backs and cushion seat also make your guests comfortable to enjoy your day.

Bamboo Folding Chair

Bamboo Folding Chair

Bamboo folding chairs are exactly what they sound like. They are folding chairs made from bamboo wood.

They are perfect wedding chairs for an outdoor wedding in a tropical setting. They will do well under a tent or by the poolside, where they’ll add a natural element to any table.

The good thing is that they are easy to carry and you can use them at the reception and vows ground.

If you are having a destination wedding, these are the perfect chairs for you.

Folding Chairs

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are the perfect option if you are having a small, simple wedding. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll compromise on decor because they are just splendid in many settings.

They are usually made from wood and metal, even though you can find others. You can use them for an indoor setting, even though we think they are ideal for an outdoor wedding on a beach or garden. They go well alongside colorful flower decor.

Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari Chairs

If you have ever been into a ballroom, you have seen the Chiavari chairs. They are common in many popular events and are an easy chair.

These chairs are characterized by vertical and horizontal bars and vary in color (we have gold, silver, natural, and other finishes as well).

Chiavari chairs will make a great setting for your wedding pictures and serve your guests with comfort.

Plan your Wedding with Curated Events

Your wedding chairs play a huge role in more than just seating the guests. The kind of seats you choose for your wedding will have a huge impact on your decor and the vibe of the wedding. As such, planning and looking at various types of seats for your wedding is critical.

If you have no idea where to start, Curated Events is here to help. Our wedding specialists have planned many successful weddings and are experts in wedding chairs. We will guide you and help you find functional seats and those that make a statement. Contact us today!