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There is an endless world of possibilities regarding outdoor wedding tent decor. Tents are incredibly versatile, making them perfect for creating event aesthetic. But as expected, when there are so many options, it becomes hard to choose and even harder to figure out which of your ideas is practical.

Luckily, you have us. In this post, we will discuss simple ways to master the art of tent-wedding decor, work with the rules to create a luxury wedding, and some secrets to ensure your big day goes smoothly.

Wedding Tent Decoration Hacks
Luxury Outdoor Tent-Wedding Themes
Wedding tent Facts to Consider
Final Thoughts

Wedding Tent Decoration Hacks

How should a wedding tent be decorated? You have to lean into your planner’s extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to tenting decor! Your planner will be able to make recommendations on ideas, floral installations, lighting, and more. The possibilities really are endless when you start designing a tented wedding.

Make an Enchanting Entrance

Always start your decoration efforts by planning the entrance. It is the first thing guests will encounter, and as such, it needs to create an excellent first impression.

There is also the fact that tents are accessible from most places around the perimeter, so without proper demarcation, disorganization is a possibility. It is critical to define the entrance with décor.

A clearly defined entry will direct traffic and help guests understand which direction the space is intended to be viewed from, walked through, and enjoyed. Think of it as a kind of ‘tent compass.’

You can achieve this through floral designs, draping patterns, and more, depending on the luxury theme you are going for.

Choose an Appropriate Tent

Next, you have to choose the right tent. Again, ask yourself what you are going for and what cannot be compromised.

Do you value space over aesthetics? Do you want extra protection from the elements or as much free-moving air as possible? These are some of the most preferred wedding tents:

Sailcloth Pole Tent

The translucent nature of the sailcloth adds a lovely shine to the tent’s interior. It can give an effortless elegance to a garden or beach wedding.

Sailcloth pole wedding tent

Pole Wedding Tent

Pole/tension tents are the most common type of tent. They create a lovely peaked ceiling effect and can be used to hang fairy lights, garlands, and other decors.

Pole wedding tent

Clear Top Wedding Tents

Clear-top frame tents are a popular alternative for couples who wish to immerse themselves in nature. In addition, its distinct appearance and design make it a popular choice for modern luxury weddings. Be sure to not opt for a clear top tent in how weather conditions- it creates a greenhouse effect and will become too hot to bear!

Clear top wedding tent

Frame Wedding Tents

The traditional tent is free-standing, with no central poles to maximize the space underneath. However, you can use a frame tent with a custom ceiling drape to create a ballroom feel for a more conventional wedding.

All of these tents work perfectly for outdoor weddings. Feel free to think about the best one for your needs and go right ahead to book it. Other options may be viable, but these four are tried and tested.

Framing wedding tents

Work on The Flooring

The grass may be the cheapest alternative, but it will not provide the beauty and refinement you want to create. Flooring made of wood, tile, or even carpet looks more sophisticated. They also serve to define the event area properly.

Avoiding natural terrain also ensures a positive guest experience, especially in grassy and sinking locations. Your space will stay dry, comfortable, and intimate with tent flooring. Additionally, it is an excellent way to boost your event design and give your area the appearance and feel of a real venue.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

Working with a tent does not demand you to approach it like you would other more traditional event locations. As previously stated, tents are versatile, allowing you to be as creative as you like, and the ceiling is no exception.

Draping and lighting strung from an outdoor tent’s ceiling elevate the venue, especially if the ceiling is relatively high. Tent lighting is something we specialize in at Curated Events!

Match the designs on the ceilings with those on the tables and floor to give a sense of harmony and connection. The visual masterpiece will astound your guests.

You might also use the natural sky as a ceiling. Clear-top tents let you immerse yourself in any outdoor setting. Display your surroundings and highlight the beautiful aspects of your venue’s surroundings by exposing them to the guests inside.

Ceiling wedding tent

Work with the Lights

When designing a tent, lighting is crucial. But you do not have to confine yourself to basic bulbs and lamps. Instead, incorporate your lighting into creative interior designs.

Also, don’t overlook the need for lighting outside facilities and transportation drop-off points, especially if your venue is on rocky terrain and the event will take place in the evening.

Do not be afraid of thinking outside the box-you can pair the lighting with the floral designs or even create a dimmer effect by concealing the light sources behind drapes. There are countless creative lighting ideas to choose from.

Wedding tent lights

Make the Head Table the Centerpiece

Although it may seem somewhat obvious, paying attention to the head table is the key to a simplified design process. When you spend all your effort on the head table, the rest of the venue automatically looks impressive because that is where guests’ eyes will be focused. As a result, the head table’s appearance will determine almost 50% of what people think of your venue.

Wedding tent centerpiece

Creating a design focal point will not only draw your guests’ attention to the design components you want to highlight, but it will also offer a unique and memorable feature to your final photos. It also simplifies design by creating a point from which seating arrangements and other designs can radiate.

Luxury Outdoor Tent-Wedding Themes

As we mentioned before, getting a luxury appearance for your outdoor wedding is something easy to get wrong. You need to make sure it does not seem too laid back, but at the same time, you must not make it feel too stuffy or outdated. Let us explore how we can mold the tent-wedding hacks we have learned in the previous section to create a luxurious atmosphere:


Some elements you can use to create a classic theme:

Modern Chandelier

Nothing spells sophistication better than chandeliers. Add a beautiful sparkly piece to your tent ceiling and see it cast a spell on your guests. They go exceptionally well with clear top wedding tents, and you can even use candles on them for that extra dimension of beauty.

Modern wedding chandelier

String Lights

You can drape string lights from the highest point of the tent down to its edges. You can hang them on poles and centerpieces or line the head table with them.

String lights are a simple and elegant way to light up a venue effectively. So you have every reason to include them.


Candles always give a feeling of elegance and intimacy. Choose this lighting to turn large dinner tables into intimate settings.


Simple and refreshing, here’s how to spruce up your tent and enchant your guests using the wedding theme-


Some greenery will transform a pole tent completely. You will not have to be concerned about having a giant stick in the center of your reception area, stealing all the attention. Instead, make it part of the decor by wrapping it in leaves, flowers, and lighting.

Wedding tent greenery

Illuminated Tree Centerpiece

If your tent canopy is high, add a tree centerpiece to fill the space above your guests’ heads. It is natural, smart, and versatile because you can make the tree hyper-realistic, personalize it with your names or even decorate it with lighting.

Plus, it will blend perfectly with the surrounding environment.

Certain features will work for any theme and must be included in every one of them. For example, the entrance must be clearly demarcated and designed to fit each theme. There are several ways you can interpret these, so feel free to simply use these guidelines as inspiration.

That being said, there are some extra things you should remember about outdoor tent weddings.

Wedding Tent Facts to Consider

Here are some things you should never forget when planning your outdoor tent wedding:

Remember Logistics

You need to have a clear plan for how the guests will move around the tent and where everything will be.

Discuss everything that will be included on the floor, all planned activities, and the number of guests with the wedding planner so that you can place everything in the most convenient position. Think of how people will move, space, air circulation, etc.

When budgeting and selecting a tent, keep everything in mind, such as heating and air conditioning, the ability to add or remove tent walls, and the privacy of the restrooms. Poorly thought-out tent plans will adversely affect guest comfort.

Be Careful About the Menu

Remember that the outdoors are affected more by temperature changes than indoor venues. Therefore, consider foods that will not spoil faster due to increased temperature and always have refreshments.

Always Mind the Weather

The great thing about a tent is that it can remove a section to increase protection from the elements or expose yourself to them. So always opt for flexible tents that easily adjust to the situation.

If you would rather not have the hassle, choose a tent that will suit the predicted weather forecast for your special day or consult Curated Events about it.

Final Thoughts

Great! You reached the end of the article and are now ready to book a luxury outdoor tent wedding.

Consider all the usual issues associated with outdoor weddings, even if you will be under a tent the whole time. For example, it is common for people to neglect to have shelter from the main tent to the washrooms. Others forget that the wind and rain can happen concurrently, leaving any guests seated at the periphery of the venue soaked.

Most importantly, remember to be creative. You can do a lot with tents and even the surroundings. If you have an idea, pitch it to your team or partner and see how they can execute it.

Do not let the weight of planning and following rules take away the enjoyment of seeing your luxury outdoor wedding come to life.