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Weddings are usually filled with love, joy, and good cheer, not to mention romance and happy tears; indeed, they are a time of celebration! However, no one addresses the stress and pressure brides and grooms face during wedding planning. 

While planning comes easy to some, others require extra support to execute the wedding of their dreams, and this is where Curated Events shines. We are your premier event rental company, serving our clients with event planning expertise and luxury rental equipment to blow your guests away! 

Are you looking to host a seamless event that spells elegance, class, and luxury? A mingling session around cocktail tables to facilitate the transition between your vow ceremony and wedding reception is an excellent touch. 

This article will explore cocktail table wedding decor and a list of ideas to bring your luxury wedding reception setup to life. 

What are Cocktail Tables?

Cocktail tables, also known as bar tables or high-top tables, are tall, either round or square, tables that people use at wedding receptions and other events where guests stand to socialize and enjoy drinks. The height of cocktail tables is typically between 42 and 48 inches, with small tabletops to accommodate a few glasses and a plate of starters. 

But what exactly is the significance of cocktail tables at weddings? Well, for starters, they encourage guests to mingle and interact with one another. Cocktail tables provide ample room for people to navigate, and the fact that guests are already standing facilitates movement from one table to the next. 

To add to the social significance, cocktail tables are practical in situations where the setup from the vow ceremony doubles up as the reception arrangement. Entertaining your guests at the cocktail area will buy time for the event coordinators to transform the space before the latter part of the celebrations commences. 

Cocktail table setups can work well both indoors and outdoors. However, you must consider the weather conditions and atmosphere of the venue before opting for this kind of setup. For instance, it is vital to account for elements such as wind that can affect the experience. Therefore, you would need to select more sturdy and secure tables than if you were to set up indoors. 

List of Luxury Cocktail Table Wedding Decor Ideas

At Curated Events, we pride ourselves in being associated with high-end, luxurious, and elevated events. Below is a list of cocktail table wedding decor ideas for you to choose from – 

Unique Glassware

At Curated Events, we have over 25 lines of glassware, ranging from simple to crystal, ready for you to choose from. You can make the glassware a part of your wedding theme or even use it to make a statement.

Different drinks and cocktails on a table

Vintage champagne flutes and multicolored wine glasses are some options you can consider when using glassware to accentuate your wedding theme or make a statement. In addition to looking good, the glasses are functional in that the guests can use them for their drinks. 

Chandeliers and Hanging Florals

Consider hanging chandeliers above your cocktail tables for a luxurious look and feel. This adds an element of drama to your decor. Whether aiming for a whimsical or glamorous theme, a chandelier will help you execute it beautifully. 

Additionally, you can choose to use hanging floral arrangements instead of chandeliers if you do not need additional lighting. 

Mirrored Trays or Coasters

Mirrored surfaces add a touch of sophistication to your cocktail table decor. The most common ones used are mirrored trays and coasters. You can use the trays to display other decor elements, such as flowers and candles. The reflection from the tray adds vibrance to the appearance of your centerpieces, which is pleasant on the eye. 

Little bowl with roses stands on mirror tray

Floral Arrangements

“Love is like wildflowers; it’s often found in the most unlikely places.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. These words ring true. What better way to show your love story than with beautiful flowers at the center of each cocktail table? Yes, we are rooting for sentimentalism! 

Depending on your theme, personal preference, and color scheme, you can choose from a vast array of floral arrangements that will stun your guests and enhance their experience at your event. Whether you choose a single bloom in a tall vase or a more elaborate centerpiece with multiple flowers, the choice is up to you!

Remember that your wedding day is yours; therefore, you can be uniquely yourself in all your decor choices. There are no hard and fast rules regarding decor on the cocktail tables on YOUR wedding day. 

Simple potted flowers decoration

Natural Elements

Depending on your taste in decor, adding natural elements can tie in beautifully with your wedding theme. Wood is a popular choice for cocktail table decor and can be used to curve out wine bottle holders or centerpieces. 

In addition, you can use flowers and greenery to enhance the natural theme that the wood brings. After all, your taste and style are the most crucial aspects of your setup, so ensure that you remain true to who you are. 

Beautiful green tablescape with vegetables and fruit as decor

Edible Decor

“Did you know you can use edible centerpieces made from fruit, dessert, or candy as part of your cocktail table wedding decor? Well, now you do!”

This option is visually appealing and functional; your tables look great, and the guests get fed. It’s a win-win! 

Beautiful green tablescape with vegetables and fruit as decor

Some elements to include in your edible centerpieces include apples, leafy greens, macaroons, oranges, grapes, kiwi, assorted nuts, and chocolates. 

There are hundreds of options for edible decor on your cocktail tables. The choices, ranging from multicolored fruits to monochromatic desserts, are influenced by the bride and groom’s preferences. 


When it comes to decor, most times, less is more. A little greenery at the center of your cocktail tables will add an excellent touch of elegance and color. Some examples of plants you could use to execute this vision include ferns or sprigs of eucalyptus. 

In cases where the theme is monochromatic or neutral, the green from plants is a great way to break the monotony. Greenery also has a freshness around it, making it ideal for indoor setups with limited plantation around. 

Greenery decoration on a cocktail table


Lighting is a vital element in your wedding decor. It enhances the theme, sets the tone, and instantly influences the mood around your event. Nothing brings out the romance element of your cocktail tables set up like candle light.

The beauty about lighting is that it’s easy on the eye and gentle on the pocket too! Without breaking the bank, you can transform your plain event into an elegant soiree by lighting it up. Where you choose tea lights or long traditional candles, the choice lies with you as the bride and groom. 

Additionally, you can play around with candles of varying heights to add dimension and visual interest to the cocktail tables. Incorporating unique elements into your decor will make your wedding the talk of the town! 

candles and flower decor

Disclaimer: Ensure you confirm your wedding venue’s safety regulations and policies surrounding open flames before you opt for candles as decor options. 

Tablecloths and Place Setting

Did you know that despite being small, you can still elegantly set the cocktail tables for guests to enjoy the hors d’oeuvres? That’s right; you don’t have to compromise on your elaborate setup simply because of limited space.

Tablecloths and place settings

Furthermore, you can use tablecloths to enhance your wedding theme and add pizzazz to your cocktail table setup, incorporating various fabric textures and colors. And the good news is that you don’t have to stress about where to get these items; Curated Events has got you covered! 

Custom Favors

Another great cocktail table wedding decor option is using customized favors on each table. With this one, your creativity should know no bounds. Some brides and grooms create customized water bottles with an appreciation message, while others provide a sweet treat for guests to take home. 

We advise that you personalize your decor theme to your preference and carefully consider what your guests will appreciate and benefit from. Like other elements of your wedding decor, don’t forget to ensure that your choices complement your overall theme. 

Sometimes, in wedding decor, less is more. Your choice of flowers and vases must complement the theme and color scheme to make sense on your cocktail tables. On one hand, you don’t want vases to be too large that they overwhelm the table, and on the other hand, they shouldn’t be too small that they get lost in the decor.

Balance is key. Are you struggling to select the right vases and flowers to complement the rest of your decor elements? Fret not. At Curated Events, we are passionate about bringing different design aspects together without compromising the quality and our client’s preferences. 

Monogrammed Napkins

“Although napkins are a tiny detail, they can largely impact the overall aesthetic of your wedding reception. Monogrammed napkins are a wonderful personal touch to add to your cocktail table.” 

When selecting napkins, you must consider the material, color, design, style, and folding techniques you want to incorporate. For instance, if you aim for a luxurious feel, use cotton or linen napkins rather than polyester ones. 

Final Thoughts

Weddings are a big deal, no doubt. Therefore, you’re justified in spending the time and effort into making your special day everything you ever hoped it could be! 

Cocktail table wedding decor is critical in executing your wedding day theme. At Curated Events, we specialize in providing high-quality event rental equipment and planning services to make your big day memorable for all your guests. Whether you plan an intimate soiree or an elaborate celebration, we are ready to support you. 

There is a vast selection of ideas to choose from where cocktail tables and wedding decor is concerned. We understand that making a perfect choice can be overwhelming, but the good news is that you don’t have to bear this burden single-handedly. 

Curated Events is the solution to all your wedding planning needs. Contact us today, and we’ll help curate the most detailed and luxurious cocktail table set-up to suit you and your needs.