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Every detail matters on your big day, from the overall wedding theme to the placement of centerpieces and even the place cards. It’s possible to overlook things like the wedding chair décor when the planning overwhelms. 

Most couples often decide to leave the rented reception seats exactly as they come, and there’s nothing wrong with this. However, decorating your wedding chairs can be a great way to add some personality.

Regardless of the type of wedding you are hosting, one thing’s certain: you will need seats for your guests. Wedding chairs can be pretty simple to decorate and instantly transform the event’s entire scene. If you are looking for stylish ways to decorate wedding chairs, you are in luck. Stick to the end for some of the best tips for decorating wedding chairs.

Luxury Ways to Decorate Wedding Chairs

If you have a theme set for your wedding, it would be great to incorporate the wedding chairs into the overall décor. Depending on the theme and scenery, you can decorate your wedding chairs in numerous ways.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the different ways of decorating wedding chairs.

Floral Accents

You can never go wrong with the simplicity of greenery, especially if you have an outdoor or garden theme wedding. The greenery accentuates the seating and makes them blend right into the scenery. From tropical palms to eucalyptus leaves, adding green swags to your chairs is a simple and stylish way of adding natural beauty to the seating.

You can also decorate your chairs with green wreaths in addition to swags. All you need to do is loop the wreaths onto the backs of your chairs with a piece of ribbon or fabric. This is a simple yet elegant way to decorate your wedding chairs.

Other than greenery, you can also decorate your chairs with flowers. Flowers can be added as oversized blooms, floral arrangements, or fresh flower garlands. If you want a romantic and chic touch, fresh or artificial flowers added to your chairs will give you and your guests that exact feel.

For a perfectly coordinated look, you can match your flowers with those in the centerpieces, wedding bouquets, or the flower arrangements lining the aisle. Flowers can also be used to mark special seats. You don’t have to decorate all the seats with flowers; instead, use them to mark out special seats.

Chairs for wedding ceremony

It might be expensive to decorate every seat with flowers, so it’s best to do it for every other seat or just use them for special chairs. You can decorate the bride and groom’s chairs, the parents’ chairs, or any other special guests’ seats. You should inform your florist in advance if you want to have your seats decorated with flowers.

The more flower arrangements you need, the longer it will take, and the more money you’ll need to set aside for flowers in the wedding budget. Fresh flowers will also require water treatment tubes to keep them fresh throughout the event.

You can have beautiful mason jars with some water and add flowers like roses, sunflowers, or baby’s breath on the seats along the aisle to bring out a rustic but luxurious look. Rest assured that your flowers will remain perky throughout the event to give you a gorgeous look. This simple and hassle-free method can transform the whole décor of your wedding chairs.

Luxe Fabrics

Another amazing way to decorate your wedding chairs is by using luxe fabrics. If you are getting Chiavari chairs for your wedding, you know they are gorgeous even without decoration. Therefore, adding fabrics woven intricately on the chair backs takes them to a new extraordinary level.

Woven fabrics bring out the luxe in luxurious wedding decorations if done right. Another perk of woven fabrics is that it is often a set-it-and-forget-it type of decoration when done right. It is almost impossible to go wrong with luxe fabrics, especially if you have an eye for glam and class. Choose a fabric that blends with the wedding theme colors, or try and contrast them creatively.

Vintage lace can also transform basic wedding chairs into classy seating. With lace, the possibilities are endless. You can bow, sash, weave, or drape, which will still look amazing. Lace decorations also don’t need a lot of work since they don’t wrinkle. This means your chairs will have a dazzling, flawless look with minimal effort.

For a more sophisticated look, you can also opt for velvet. Velvet chair decorations will bring a stylish and luxurious feel to your occasion. When you go for a color matching the wedding theme, bridesmaids’ dresses, or table linens, velvet makes for a gorgeous look. There are several interesting ways to work with velvet chair decorations. You can drape the velvet over the top of the chair, gather it in the center, and tie a knot around it or a bow.

Velvet decorations come in various styles, colors, and textures, meaning there’s one out there that fits your needs and preferences. Your options in how velvet sashes can be used to decorate your wedding chairs are almost endless.

Elegant Signage

Nothing makes a statement of your special day like personalized wedding signs placed on seats. With personalized signage, the ceremony feels intimate and personal. You can have monogrammed signs made for chair-back signs or a unique and personal message, which can double up as a keepsake from the event. You can opt for printed or beautifully handwritten signs depending on your budget and preferences.

With signage, you can get paper or wooden signs to mark our special seating areas. For example, you can have hanging signs such as “Mr.” and “Mrs.” or “Bride” and Groom” monograms to make your sweetheart table stand out. 

Bride and groom chair decorated with flowers and sign

You can also have signage for other special guests such as parents, grandparents, best men, maid of honor, etc. Depending on your budget and schedule, you can have them custom-made or DIY them. You can even recruit a few members of your wedding party to help you get the job done.

Alternatively, if you are having a small intimate ceremony, you can have signage hung on the back of the chairs to serve as seating charts. Hang your guests’ names behind the seats and have them feel that you had them in mind throughout the planning process. It doesn’t have to be overly expensive, but what matters is the thought that goes into it. Modern calligraphy is a great way to make the signage pop and create a luxurious look.

Sparkling Touches

Alternatively, you can have glittery ribbons to accentuate the chairs. You can decide how to use them to decorate the chairs to bring out your desired outcome. Whether you use it minimally, or a lot, the outcome will depend on how you tie the ribbons on the chairs. 

Pro tip: when using ribbons for chair decoration, always buy more than you think is needed. Creating amazing decorations with ribbons will require more ribbons than you think.

Floral decorations on wedding chair

You can sash, bow, and sleeve it, and the chairs will look amazing throughout the event. Tuck them with flowers matching the wedding theme to bring out the colors. You can be as creative with these decorations as possible and explore as many possibilities as possible.

Glamorous Embellishments

If you like to stand out, you will probably want your wedding décor to stand out too. Rather than going with the standard decoration ideas, you can have contrast elements for your wedding seats. 

Most people will want their décor to blend with the overall wedding colors, but you can also make for a great look if you perfectly contrast the colors. Don’t go overboard and end up clashing the scheme; rather, find colors that complement one another and perfectly contrast to create a unique look.

You can have colorful blankets for the chair decorations for outdoor events, which also double up as warm and cozy coverings when the wind gets too much for your guests. You can even have single-throw pillows on each chair to bring color, texture, comfort, and pattern to your chairs. The options are endless with throw pillows; you can use them to decorate your chairs however you want.

If you love the sky, then why not bring it to your wedding décor? For a unique and luxurious look, you can have celestial sparkles as wedding decorations. You can get glow-in-the-dark seat covers with stars and outer space décor. You can also have star lighting on your chairs for the celestial theme. Your guests will love the feel of a starry night at your reception. You can take the decoration as far as you want with the celestial sparkles.

Wedding chairs with white cushions and floral decoration with white Lily flowers

Some wedding venues usually provide chairs when you hire the grounds, while others don’t. You can also have removable chair cushions to add color and comfort to plain seats. You can decide to get cushions that match the theme or those that perfectly contrast the colors.


Although there’s no rule that you have to decorate your wedding chairs, it can be a nice way to add more decor. There are many wedding chair decoration ideas, and it’s just a matter of choosing one that works for you.

For some, decorating wedding chairs might seem like an insignificant detail, but decorating your wedding chairs can add some style and glam to your occasion. You can spruce up your wedding chairs using the abovementioned ideas and enhance your wedding day vision.