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Beautiful and captivating wedding decor is the dream of any soon-to-wed couple. You want everything to look magnificent and unique- it is your special day! If you want to enhance your wedding decor or have a unique statement piece, a wedding arch will deliver your desires.

Wedding arches are a timeless and trendy addition to any wedding space. From unique floral arrangements to fabulous fabric designs, they become more interesting each year.

Additionally, they serve multiple functions at a wedding. You’ll say your ‘I Dos’ in front of it, use it as a photo booth, backdrops, and much more. As such, having the perfect and ideal wedding arch is needed.

In this blog, we provide tips on wedding arches and dig into the extravagant ways you can decorate your arch.

Best Tips on Wedding Arches

Here are some tips to help you find the best wedding arch for your nuptials.

Explore your Creativity

What comes to your mind when you think about a wedding arch? A U-shaped structure with flowers, right? How about you divert from the norm and choose a unique arch? You could go with a different shape, create one that doesn’t connect at the top, or use fabric instead of flowers. The options are endless, and you have to let your imagination flow.

Consider the Time of the Year

The season and location of your wedding affect the type of arch you can use for your wedding. If you are going for one with flowers, consider the flowers you want and the season. This is because different flowers grow and survive in other conditions. So, avoid over-excitement about a floral design before you confirm its viability for your wedding.

Factor your Wedding Decor

A wedding arch is a massive structure that will catch most people’s attention. You’ll want it to blend with the surroundings and look natural. As such, ensure you settle on the decor before choosing an arch or end up with a disaster. Remember, no matter how good an arch looks alone, it must fit the environment.

Use a Durable Arch

Using solid and durable materials for your wedding arch helps ensure it serves you throughout the occasion. Consider whether the material can withstand the climate and weather to avoid collapse or destruction. If you use flowers, ensure they can survive in the conditions and out of water.

Arches are Multifunctional

Wedding arches are ideal for various purposes at a wedding. Once you have used it as you say your vows, you can repurpose it for your reception as a photo booth or as a backdrop for the newlywed’s table or cake. Using an easily portable arch, preferably with wheels, is advisable.

Unique Floral and Greenery Wedding Arch

The most common wedding arches are floral and greenery arches. They are easy to design and create a beautiful piece. These arches can be metallic, wooden, or twigs, with various flowers and plants like ferns, eucalyptus, and tropical greenery. While as a bride, you may want them to resemble your bridal bouquet, which can be expensive. Instead, you can ensure they have similar styles and color schemes to wedding decor and bridal bouquets. 

A Wisteria Wedding Arch

Wedding arch decorated with white flowers

You only want love, success, and good fortune in your marriage. Nothing represents all these three like the gorgeous Wisteria flowers. These spring flowers are a collection of violet, pink and white flowers that usually hang.

Wisterias have been used over the years, especially for outdoor weddings, to create an attractive backdrop for weddings. They usually look in place in vineyards and will transform the wedding space into heaven.

Mix up the Wisteria with other greenery to make it more interesting.

An Orchid Heaven

Elegant wedding arch with fresh flowers & vases

Orchids exhume mystery and exoticness, making them perfect for your wedding. They are famous for weddings thanks to their beauty, timelessness, and refinement. They are also useful as other things in the wedding, including bridal bouquets.

Picking orchids for your wedding arch decoration helps you create a picture-perfect photo booth and backdrop. They also come in various colors, meaning you can find one that matches or complement your wedding scheme.

Greenery Arch with Floral Accents 

Wedding ceremony arch decorated with flowers and greenery

If you are having your wedding outdoors, you can go for various shrubs and tropical leaves for your arch. Greenery is unique and gives a cohesive vibe to the surrounding. Greenery arches mirror everything in the background, making them a stunning collection.

Add pop to your greenery arch with roses of your choosing. Consider the wedding decor and choose the best rose. However, you could choose your favorite roses, hydrangea, or larkspur flowers. 

Fabric Wedding Arch Designs

Any about-to-be-wed partners who want a unique wedding arch will delight in a fabric wedding arch. They are a less pricey alternative and offer a wide range of choices. You can go for a color you choose, a fabric type you want, and design it however you see fit.  However, the most common fabric wedding arch features white fabric, which is classic. White fabrics also offer a dreamy look.

Deluxe Tulle Wedding Arch

Luxury wedding arch with flowers.

One way to mesmerize your guests is by using attractive tulle fabrics around the wedding. The material is one of the most loved for weddings, with much use in making bridal wear. 

The fabric is also known for holding its shape better than some fabrics, meaning they’ll maintain your design for the wedding duration. They look perfect around a rounded arch, but you can play with your imagination.

Chiffon Curtains Wedding Arch

Wedding ceremony aisle with an arch made of chiffon white textile and flowers

Chiffon is a truly tested and loved bridal fabric in the world. It is made from silk, making it delicate and lightweight for various uses at a wedding. However, one of its lesser-known functions is sitting pretty on a wedding arch.

Designing the fabric like curtains is a good way of making the chiffon stand out. The trick is to remain simple- fabrics are some of the most minimalistic wedding arch decorations. That doesn’t mean they are less outstanding.

Creative Wedding Arch Decorations

Going away from the norm and expected is a great way to decorate your wedding arch. It makes your wedding unique and memorable. Creativity will make your guest talk about and post your wedding for a long time. Take your time, and a never seen idea may just pop up. You can also use other weddings for inspiration.

A Vintage Exhibition of Old Photos

Photos are a unique way to tell your love story, and you can do it using your wedding arch! Yes, it is unique; everyone will want to see what the photos contain and take a picture. That way, you’ll arouse interest in guests and give them the ultimate photo booth.

Use your photos to tell the journey you have taken as a couple, and if you have some with friends on them, add them to the arch. You can imagine the excitement of a guest finding their face on it!

Hang and Place Lanterns

Decorating your wedding arch with lights is perfect, especially for an evening ceremony. The arch will remain functional and provide light to the altar or the couples’ table, bringing all the attention to you.

Lanterns are some of the best lights for your wedding arch. You can hang and place lanterns in a style that suits the wedding design. You can hang miniature lanterns, and the bigger ones can go to the base.

The results will be a glowing occasion.

Candle Wedding Arch Decoration

Night wedding ceremony with a lot of lights, candles, lanterns

Candles will forever remain romantic. They create a calming and relaxing vibe that lets you enjoy the wedding proceedings. Additionally, they provide a warm atmosphere to the wedding venue. While real candles are an attractive option, battery-powered ones are a better option.

Use candles of different colors to blend with your decor. However, the most common and tested colors are cream, white, and ivory. You can put the candles around the arch, suspend them from it, or display them in clusters.

Different Decoration Combination

The fun of planning a wedding is playing around with ideas. When it comes to the wedding arch, you can combine various designs to create something eccentric. You must ensure that everything falls into place and you have a beautiful wedding arch.

White Roses and Tulle

Fragment of a wedding arch decorated with white tulle and flowers

The dazzling white rose represents new starts and hopes for a better tomorrow. You can use it at your wedding to pay homage and represent the step you are taking into marriage.  If you combine them with luxurious white tulle fabric, you can add an aura of purity.

Wrap the tulle around the arch and delicately place the white flowers in the spaces left behind. You can let the tulle drape near the base of the wedding arch and settle amid a bunch of roses.

Orchids and Light

Wooden arch decorated with flowers, lamps

Any flowers look better when the right light is shone on them. If you are going for beautiful orchids, you can combine them with lights to create the ultimate wedding arch. Imagine white, purple, pink, or red orchids illuminated with warm golden light.

You can also put the combination alongside the aisle and next to the altar to make a complete design.

Wisteria and Wildflowers

Flowering climbing wisteria on a wooden pergola

Going wild is a perfect way if you are going for a more natural outdoor look. We mean going for wildflowers and greenery.

You can mix wisteria with wildflowers to create a more outdoor backdrop. The various colors of wisteria will smoothly match with explosive colors from wildflowers, creating a bombardment of shades.

Arrange them in a way that fits the wedding, and remember to allow some leaves and other greenery.

Design the Best Wedding Arch with Curated Events

Choosing the right wedding arch for your day of love is essential. An arch is a huge statement piece that will attract everyone’s attention. Additionally, it is one of the most photographed parts of a wedding. As such, you will want to design one that fits the environment and its purpose.

There are many ways in which you can design a wedding arch. There are various materials like wood or steel, decorations like flowers and fabric, and shapes like U-shaped and triangular. Consider the wedding location, duration, and season to get one that fits your purpose.

If you need help decorating and designing your wedding arch, Curated Events specialists are ready to help. We also offer general wedding day planning services. Reach out today, and we will gladly help you have the best wedding day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to decorate an arch for a wedding?

You can decorate an arch for your wedding in many ways. You can choose flowers, greenery, and drapes, among other decorations. You can also use various structural materials, including metals like copper and timber. The most important thing is being creative. The best option is to collaborate with your planning team or florist to find a style that is best for you. 

How to decorate a large wedding arch?

All wedding arches, small or huge, are decorated to make them beautiful centerpieces—however, the larger the arch, the more effort and material you must use. Additionally, you may need to use giant decorations for the more prominent arches.

What floral arch design ideas are best for your memorable day?

In the past, wedding arches were usually wooden structures with white linen. However, as time moved, tastes changed, and other people started using flowers and greenery.  Some floral arch designs use succulents, shells, bamboo, and branches.