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Your wedding day is probably one of the biggest days of your life, but it can also be one of the most stressful. When planning events, most of us think all it needs is organization and a couple of great contacts. It can’t be that hard, right?

Ultimately, it all depends on what type of person you are. Do you work well under pressure, or will you crumble from the stress? Some people might find the levels of intricate and constant planning stressful, while others might find it a piece of cake.

The question is, is it worth getting a wedding planner for your wedding day? And if so, how much will it cost you? When it comes to your big day, we strongly recommend that you hire a professional wedding planner if you can.

Are you looking to host a spectacular event that will leave a lasting impression on all your guests with minimal effort? Then Curated Events is the partner you might have never known you needed. We are your best choice for events, luxury, and class.

In this guide, we will answer this and any other questions you might have regarding wedding planners. Let’s get right into it!

Before we get any deeper, we believe that it’s important that we understand who a wedding planner is and what it is that they do.

What is a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planners organize people’s weddings as a career. They usually have a clear direction of weddings from their vast experience, how everything should go, and the exact timing of every element of the big day. To meet clients’ expectations, a wedding planner combines accounting, creativity, management, human resource, problem-solving, and organizational skills.

Wedding planners usually dedicate a fair share of hours to the success of your big day. These include the design and theme, vendor hiring, budget building, and logistics planning for contract negotiations. The roles of a wedding planner will vary depending on their level of expertise and probably the agreement that you have with them. Here are some of the different types of wedding planners you can choose from:

Full-service Planners

These wedding planners are with you from square one until the tail end. They work with you on every detail, from the concept, logistics, seating, etc. With full-service wedding planners, you’ll probably need to bring them on board at least a year in advance.

They hire vendors, book locations, send invites, create seating plans and timelines, and oversee everything on the wedding day. They usually help you choose the wedding aesthetic and achieve your big day exactly how you pictured it.

Partial-service Planners

Often referred to as “month-of” planners, and usually come on board four to six weeks before the big day. They usually assist with last-minute tasks such as seating plans, confirming logistics, vetting vendors, and specific duties and details on the event day.

Specialty Planners

Also known as a la carte planners, they usually help in specialized areas for your big day. You might have planned everything else for the occasion but need help with design, décor, location, etc. And that’s where a specialty planner comes in. They have experience in numerous facets and assist you in these specific areas. The spectrum is quite wide for a la carte planners depending on the specific thing you need help with.

Day-of Planners

These planners usually step in on the big day and serve as the event manager. They often come in during the rehearsal and ensure the success of your day. In case of any issues that emerge, you can rest assured that they will have your back.

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

Your wedding day can be both exhilarating and overwhelming in equal measure. There are hundreds, if not thousands of things to consider when planning your big day. This means that you will likely need some help from a professional. Let’s highlight some of the services that a wedding planner offers.

Bride with a wedding planner

Oversee Wedding Finances

In the process of planning a large event like a wedding, you might end up allocating finances to places where you shouldn’t. However, some people have intimate knowledge regarding the costs and management of budgets – especially wedding budgets.

Wedding planners can help you create and stick to a budget. They usually have accounting skills and can help you get back on track when you start eyeing things that could make you break the bank. Having someone in your corner which hits you with a reality check whenever you want to overspend is invaluable.

Assist with Conceptualization and Design

The scope of services a full-service planner offers spans beyond planning and coordinating. Wedding planners can also help you develop the concepts and themes for your event. They can help you choose the color schemes, create seating plans, select décor and lighting, and create an ambiance and atmosphere that accentuates your big day.

In addition, if they do not have specialization in these areas, then they can put you in touch with someone who does.

Create Schedules and Timelines

One of the main reasons why couples get wedding planners is so that they can take on the tedious task of scheduling and attending meetings. A great wedding planner is always on top of their schedules and plans and facilitates meetings with vendors regarding location, etc. They ensure everything is in place within the stipulated times and not later. One certain thing is that sitting for meetings repetitively gets arduous. Therefore, having someone who takes them on your behalf is a blessing.

Double-Up as Fashion Advisors

Wedding planners can also help you choose outfits that fit your theme well. Unlike your friends and family, they will bring a professional lens and often brutal honesty to help you get an amazing result. Moreover, if this is outside their line, then most certainly they have someone in their contact lists who is.

Vet Vendors

One of the chief roles of a wedding planner is to vet vendors, whether it is the photographer, florist, caterer, band, or DJ, among others. They can recommend vendors who are the best fit for you and your partner for your big day.

Because of their experience and networks, they likely have contacts with the most experienced and competent vendors. A great wedding planner will also have a backup for all vendors in case of anything.

Plan the Guest Experience

Your wedding day needs to be memorable not only for you but for all who attend. It’s all about the experience. Your wedding planner can ensure your guests get an unforgettable experience, from the pre-wedding activities to transportation, accommodation, welcome bags, tokens, and all the tiny details. With professional wedding planners, you can relax and savor your big day while they handle everything on your behalf to ensure the success of your event.

Deal With Emergencies

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes catastrophe can strike on your big day. It could start raining unexpectedly, the band fails to show up, or your wedding dress or suit rips. You don’t need to deal with these stresses on your own when you have a wedding planner. They plan out intricate details and have backups for when things take an unexpected turn.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Now that we know who wedding planners are and what they do let’s quickly look at some of the pros and cons of hiring a wedding planner.


Relieve Stress Inherent of Planning Events – It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a grand ceremony or a small intimate event, you’ll likely get overwhelmed by something along the way. If you ask us, you cannot put a price tag on your peace of mind.

Help Save Money – It seems odd that you pay someone, yet we claim that they help save money, but they actually do. Wedding planners often have budgeting skills and can negotiate on your behalf with vendors for the best prices. They can even help with locations and get exclusive pricing from vendors and companies they have previously worked with.

Experience and Judgement – Because wedding planners are accustomed to planning several events, they often have timeless experience and judgment from previously managed ceremonies. This can come in handy during your big day.

Act as a Roadmap – If you have never planned a big event before, like a party that involved several people, then a wedding planner can help tremendously. Even if you enjoy DIY, you might get a partial or specialty planner to help you with specific matters. You’ll certainly appreciate their advice and assistance.


Clashing Ideologies – Although it is usually uncommon, sometimes your ideas and those of your planner might not align. This might be a major impediment to your big day. You can remedy this by engaging with your planner before bringing them on board and ensuring that you share similar views. After all, it is YOUR big day, so you want someone who has your interest at heart running it on your behalf.

How Much do Wedding Planners Typically Charge?

This will ultimately depend on your location and the level of experience of your planner. Nonetheless, the standard fee charged by full-service planners is around 10- 20% of the overall cost of the event. The overall cost, in this case, refers to the total amount spent on the venue and the vendors. You can still negotiate with the planner, that is, if the rate they mention isn’t a fixed price.

Does a Wedding Planner Save You Money?

Wedding savings

Most couples usually write off getting a wedding planner as a luxury for the wealthy. However, this is far from the truth. Even on a tight budget, getting a wedding planner on board might help you save more than you can imagine.

Wedding planners can help you and your partner create and stick to budgets. With their experience planning events, they have racked up connections and know some of the best deals in town. With a wedding planner, you can get great quality service for a bargain.

They also negotiate with vendors on your behalf. The best part is that a planner typically receives discounts from companies and vendors with whom they have a great relationship. These discounts can result in tremendous cost savings at the end of the day.

Therefore, if you are having a big day and contemplating whether it is worth bringing a planner on board, think of the value addition that comes with wedding planners.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to your big day, you want a lasting memory not only for you but for your guests. However, it can quickly get overwhelming when you take in all the considerations for the success of your wedding ceremony. Wedding planners can help relieve the burden and save you the STRESS and TIME you would have spent wracking your nerves.

Hiring a wedding planner gives you the peace of mind that a professional is ensuring the success of your big day. With a keen eye for detail and a team of passionate and experienced planners, Curated Events can help you turn your dream ceremony and reception into a reality.

We can help you with all the daunting tasks while working to achieve your vision for your big day ultimately. Contact us today, and we will be happy to partner with you!