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Weddings are pompous occasions filled with love and good vibes. Many brides-to-be get excited at the prospect of planning their big day until the reality of the mountain ahead hits them. The truth is that wedding planning can be hectic and overwhelming. 

However, the good news is that you don’t have to take the planning journey alone. “Curated Events is the hub for professional event planners and high-quality rental equipment – everything from the fine china on the tables to the decor and tent.” We are the partner you never knew you needed!

Before making wedding plans, every bride and groom must envision their desires for their big day. As Gloria Steinem said, “Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” And we couldn’t agree more!

This article will shed light on the cost of having a luxury outdoor wedding and what to consider when planning one. 

What Is The Cost Of Having A Luxury Outdoor Wedding?

The price points of having a luxury outdoor wedding will vary based on individual style and preferences. However, by traditional standards, a luxury wedding budget ranges between $100,000 and $500,000. 

Although the amount of money spent qualifies a wedding as luxurious, the quality of the experience is of more essence. For example, a wedding with a $200,000 budget for 50 guests is more luxe than one with an identical budget catering for 200 guests. 

However, what to splurge on and what to be modest about depends on the bride and groom. The fact is that what may denote luxury and class to one couple may not necessarily speak the same way to another. So remember to embrace your uniqueness as you plan your big day. 

Luxury Outdoor Wedding Costs To Consider

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin. When planning your luxury outdoor wedding, you ought to consider the following expenses –

Wedding Venue

The reception venue is usually one of the more costly items on a wedding budget. Therefore, it should be one of the first considerations on your checklist. In addition, it is crucial to determine the number of guests you will be inviting as you hunt for the perfect destination. 

The cost of wedding venues varies based on location, size, and services included in the package. Some places only offer their premises for hire, while others charge extra for additional services such as catering and accommodation.

“On average, a luxe outdoor wedding venue will cost at least $10,000.” However, there is always room to negotiate with the management for complementary services such as valet parking to enhance your guests’ experience.  

Wedding Planner

Hiring a planner is a convenient option for couples who want to eliminate the stress from wedding planning or those who don’t have the time for it. Ironically, working with a planner could save you money since they have access to the best deals from vendors. 

Most wedding planners charge a standard fee for their services, especially if they take on the project from the onset. However, if you are contracting a planner to assist closer to the wedding date or to coordinate on that day, they may charge an hourly fee. 

When selecting the most suitable wedding planner for your big day, it is crucial to have a meeting with the potential individual to cast your vision. Judging from how the meeting goes, you can determine whether or not to work with them. 

Similar to other wedding expenses, the rates charged by wedding planners vary across the board. “A full-time wedding planner’s rate for a luxury outdoor wedding typically ranges between $4,500 and $15,000, but can go upwards of $100,000 depending on your budget.” 


The cost of wedding invitations will differ from one couple to another based on numerous factors. For instance, digital printing will cost less than offset printing. The reason for the disparity is digital printing is done straight from a computer, while offset printing involves mixing inks and using a printing press for the designs. 

Although a couple’s preferences and the number of invitations play a critical role in the cost implication, a rule of thumb in pricing is that wedding invitations make up 4-6% of your overall budget.

Beautiful illustrated wedding invitation

It is crucial to note that your wedding invitations will be your guests’ first interaction with your big day. As a result, ensure that the design you select brings out the theme. 

Photography And Videography

Couples spend months, or sometimes years, planning for their wedding. And in a few short hours, the day comes and goes. Therefore, it is vital to record the memories of your special day by investing in photography and videography.

But how much should you be willing to spend on these services? Well, that is solely up to you! Charges will vary based on the expertise of the photographer/videographer, the location, and the demand. For example, a destination wedding will cost more than a local one.

Although some companies offer photography and videography services, others either focus on one or the other. It would, however, be more cost-effective to select a one-stop shop.

Most photographers offer different packages that range in price, including an engagement shoot, wedding day photography, framed images, and a photo album. The price range is between $5000 and $30,000. 

Videography tends to be slightly more affordable than photography since the shooting is on the wedding day only. The typical price for a luxury outdoor wedding ranges from $1000 to $10,000. Depending on the length of the video, editing requirements, and the number of cameras used, the price may rise to $14,000 or more. 


“Flowers, don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light, making them beautiful.”– Jim Carey. Flowers are a depiction of elegance and class.

Newlyweds with a wedding arch with flowers

For outdoor weddings, flowers have multiple uses, including bouquets for the bridal team, corsages, centerpieces, and altar and cake decor. Ensure you determine your budget before settling on the flowers you want; this will help keep you on track because it’s easy to over-indulge in floral detail. 

“The average price range of flowers for an outdoor luxury wedding is between $12,000 and $20,000. However, this figure can go up to $80,000 depending on the type and quantity of flowers.”

Hair And Makeup

As the bride, you want to stand out on your special day, including splurging on your hair and makeup. No one in attendance should look better than you do that day, so feel free to go all out!

Sometimes, you will work with two different vendors for hair and makeup; other times, they are separate entities. If you require assistance identifying the best choice for you, our team of professionals at Curated Events is at your service. 

“Bridal makeup ranges between $250 and $650 but can go up to $1000 for more luxe options.” Typically, this package covers the cost of a trial before the actual wedding day. 

Wedding Cake

“If you really can’t stand weddings, if nothing else, in the end, you can always console yourself with the cake.” – Richard W. Hartel and AnnaKate Hartel.

Beautiful white four tier cake with fresh flowers

Cutting the wedding cake is one of the traditions that has stood the test of time. Despite the evolving culture surrounding the wedding industry, most couples will serve cake on their big day. The size of the cake, flavor, and design affect the overall price. 

“All factors considered, the average cost of a luxury wedding cake lies between $700 and $3,000.”


Food is a critical part of your big day. Most guests probably won’t remember your wedding theme, but most will remember the food experience! Therefore, you need to put careful thought and consideration into catering.

Some wedding venues offer catering services, while others do not. In the latter case, you must outsource a caterer, which typically costs more. Other components that affect the cost of catering include the menu, the number of guests, and your choice of china and silverware.

“The average cost of wedding catering in the United States is over $8,000, with some couples spending up to $50,000 for their luxury outdoor weddings.”

Sound Equipment

When selecting your wedding location, you must consider the possibility of outsourcing sound equipment, which will increase your expenditure significantly. Additionally, hiring a live band or a deejay will cost extra. 

The price range of renting a Public Address (PA) system depends on the size of the venue and the number of guests. 

Saxophonist playing at a wedding

At Curated Events, we pride ourselves on being the premier event rental company serving the Eastern United States. We strive to make your wedding celebration memorable and enjoyable for all your guests.

Wedding Apparel And Rings

Your wedding day is the best time to wear the grandest outfits. And no one will judge you for it! The groom’s tuxedo and the bride’s gown, together with the wedding bands, make up a significant percentage of your budget. 

However, the total cost will depend on the design, material, and accessories, which include shoes and jewelry. The budget for wedding apparel and rings will usually be thousands of dollars, which may seem extravagant to some people, but in our books, it’s a worthy expense for anyone’s big day!

Three beautiful wedding rings

Tent(s) And Decorations

The tents and decorations typically carry the theme of your big day, where you choose to go big or go home. The size of your venue and the number of guests will highly influence your costs. For an outdoor wedding, you will likely need to have a tent, which varies in style and price. 

“Usually, wedding decorators charge a fee that will equate to 15-25% of the total wedding budget.” Hiring an event decorator will ease a couple’s planning process. In addition, having a professional touch enhances quality control. 

“Wedding decorations” refer to the centerpieces, drapery, garlands, linens, and lighting that set the tone for your event. Ultimately, the decor that you select will influence the atmosphere of your luxury outdoor wedding. For this reason, you need to work with the right people for the job.

Do you want to host a classy, high-end, and elevated outdoor wedding reception? Then Curated Events is the partner you never knew you needed! We have an incredible selection of tents of all sizes and styles and linens ranging from whimsical to glamorous. 

A summer time wedding under a sailcloth tent with tables and chairs and lounge seating

The Bottom Line

Dreaming of your ideal luxury outdoor wedding is a vital part of the planning process. However, before executing those hopes and dreams, it is critical to have a working plan in place. The first practical step is coming up with a budget. 

To be honest, wedding planning has the potential to drive a bride and groom crazy, especially the bride, who many times takes on a lead role in this creative process. But guess what? We can take that stress off your plate! 

At Curated Events, we have a team of experts who will make all your luxury outdoor wedding dreams a reality. Additionally, our selection of high-quality event rental equipment is unmatched! Do you envision a wedding that is luxurious, high-end, and elevated? That is our forte!

With careful consideration, we aim to bring out every couple’s uniqueness on their special day. No celebration is too small or too large for our imaginations. Contact us today, and we’ll make all your luxury outdoor wedding dreams come true!