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Stately architecture, manicured lawns, sweeping surroundings, and an impressive dance floor, who wouldn’t want that for their wedding?

Your wedding day is one of the few days you’ll feel on top of the world – like a king or queen! You are dressed to impress and receive the royal treatment from everyone, even just for a day! What could be more fitting for a grand occasion than a venue that matches your emotions? A place where history and luxury come together to create the perfect setting for your journey.

So if you want to feel like a prince or princess, why not take a page from a fairy tale and get married in a castle?

Castles often conjure images of Europe’s rich history and breathtaking landscapes, but you don’t need to cross the ocean for a fairy tale wedding. The United States has many castles, each with unique charm and history, ready to host your love story.

A castle wedding doesn’t mean a destination wedding in Europe; you can get numerous stunning and picturesque castles in the US! From the East Coast’s majestic estates reminiscent of French chateaus to the rugged grandeur of the castles in the West, there’s a perfect castle waiting for every kind of fairy tale.

In this article, our CuratedEvents experts have compiled some gorgeous American castles where you and your loved one can tie the knot. These venues combine the best of both worlds – the regal ambiance and architectural splendor of a castle with the convenience and comfort of staying stateside. So get ready to walk down an aisle fit for royalty as we unveil the top castle wedding venues in the US.

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Oheka Castle

Oheka Castle in New York

Exchange your nuptials in this serene French-like environment, reminiscent of Versailles, without leaving the country. The magnificent castle dates back to 1919 and features exquisite ballrooms with wood floors and top-quality chandeliers.

Even better, the estate boosts sunken grounds, including a French garden at the front, perfect for outdoor events. So get your creative juices running and create the ideal Cinderella wedding for you and your partner.

If you think you may have seen the manor somewhere, it is probably from Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” music video. So you wed at a castle and the venue of various top music videos. What else could you ask for?

Oheka Castle sits on Long Island, New York.

The Biltmore

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville North Carolina

Turn your dream wedding into an incredible weekend getaway at the Biltmore House. While it is not necessarily a castle, the 120 years old plus house provides a castle vibe. It is one of the most popular wedding destinations in North Carolina, and it sits on the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The expansive property can host up to 500 guests and nests various amenities and activities such as horseback riding, a spa, a winery, and a farm. You’ll also access several beautiful lawns with the best backdrop for wedding photos and atmosphere.

So tell your wedding guests to pack and give them one of a kind experience in Asheville, North Carolina.

Thornewood Castle Inn and Gardens

Thornewood Castle resembles a European castle built using pieces and parts of a 400-year-old castle from England. If you want a wedding castle in the United States, this is as close to the real thing as it could get in the United States.

The Tudor Gothic Manor in Lakewood, Washington, boasts indoor and outdoor wedding venues. The outdoors features a lush English garden dotted with majestic florals and sculptures. The indoors provides a Great Hall with 16th-century stained glass windows and a grand fireplace.

A wedding at Thornewood Castle means adding to the incredible history and story of the castle.

Hammond Castle

Hammond Castle in village of Magnolia in city of Gloucester Massachusetts MA, USA

Experience Mediaeval architecture and medieval and Renaissance artifacts within the borders of the United States. This beautiful medieval-inspired castle was built in the 1920s, and its beauty rivals Scottish and Irish Castles.

Hammond Castle provides captivating ocean views from the Massachusetts coastline, providing a perfect backdrop for the “I Dos.” The grounds also feature a lush courtyard with tropical plants and flowers, perfect for a sunny outdoor castle wedding.

If you prefer an indoor setting, the castle’s Great Hall can accommodate up to 120 guests, perfect for a small intimate ceremony. Hammond is where romance and royalty blossom.

Hammond Castle is located in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Cherokee Ranch & Castle

Take a trip to Europe for your dream castle wedding without a passport. Yes! Cherokee Ranch and Castle is the perfect destination if you are looking for a venue that makes you feel like you are in Scotland.

The magnificent structure boasts a collection of centuries-old antiques and art that take you back to the 15th century. The compound features protected lands with several animals roaming freely. So you may find yourself saying “I Do” surrounded by wild turkeys, cattle, antelope, and elk.

If you prefer an indoor setting, the castle’s Great Hall is perfect with a 200-mile sight of Colorado’s Front Range mountains. It also features soaring window arches and intricate cut-stone walls.

Rhodes Hall

Welcome to the residence of the late prominent furniture maker, Rhodes Hall. It was built in 1904, and Georgia’s Romanesque Revival homes inspire its architecture with arches and towers. The old building still has its original stained glass windows with a carved mahogany grand staircase.

Rhodes Hall now serves as a museum but opens its doors to various events, such as weddings. So, you’ll enjoy the beautifully manicured lawns, ornate fireplace, and a view of Atlanta, Georgia, from the rooftop.

Receptions can be held indoors and outdoors, with the front porch providing a dancing floor with lawn views. Outdoors, the greenery, and flowers make a perfect spot for exchanging vows.

Sands Point Preserve

The Hempstead House at Sands Point Preserve in New York

Sands Point Preserve in Sands Point, New York, is a masterpiece of architecture and elegant gardens. The property provides a beautiful and serene environment with a Celtic castle and a mansion that gives the best spots for your nuptials.

The first is a manor built in 1912, which features a ground floor for grand balls. The other is smaller but provides an equal enchantment with its clock tower and medieval-inspired hall with wood beams and high ceilings.

For an outdoor wedding, the best time is the warmer months when the rose garden blooms. You also get to enjoy the Long Island Sound as you wed. Is there any better backdrop than that?

Castle in the Clouds

Breathtaking lake views, fresh air, and stately architecture and design- that is the magnificent Castle in the Clouds in Moultonborough, New Hampshire. This lakeside castle was built in 1914 on a mountaintop with views of Lake Winnipesaukee.

If you want a castle wedding venue with beautiful natural surroundings and majestic architecture, go for Castle in the Clouds. It features a garden with a glittering fountain, a vintage trolly, a ballroom with high beams, and views of the green surroundings.

So you can take advantage of the beautiful indoors or the lake backdrop for your wedding arch and photo booth.

Castle Farms

Start your long life journey with your partner at Castle Farms. This magnificent property embraces the regal theme and provides various event spaces called names like “Knight’s Castle.” The stone exterior also transports you back in time- you might start looking for dragons.

The restored French-inspired castle features a cathedral ceiling and an exquisite chandelier centerpiece that offers the best choice for a reception.

The gardens also provide a dramatic backdrop for anyone who wishes to have an outdoor castle wedding. The well-manicured laws, bushes, shrubs, and flowers give the best romantic moods, and the large fountain makes it look like a real castle.

Castle Farms is located in Charlevoix, Michigan.

Skylands Manor

Landscape view of the entrance to Skylands Manor

Welcome to the only castle wedding site in New Jersey! Skylands Manor is a 1920s stone mansion with 100 acres of botanical gardens and another a thousand acres of natural woodlands. You can view all this natural beauty from the manor’s rooftop.

The venue also features a chapel with great lake views that give a perfect backdrop for exchanging vows and taking pictures. For the reception, you can utilize the Tudor mansion, which boasts 54 rooms and provides a romantic setting for the evening.

Skylands Manor in Ringwood, New Jersey,  is a wedding venue gem that will please you and your guests.

The Ashley Castle

Get your fairy tale wedding at the Ashley Castle in Chandler, Arizona. This 2006 medieval venue provides royal aesthetics that catapult you into the world of Cinderella.

The building features  Gothic revival-inspired themes with suit armors, a wrought-iron gazebo, and a sizable garden. So whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding, the beautiful interior and lush exterior provide the best setting.

The Ashley Castle is also home to numerous fireworks shows, meaning your wedding night may end spectacularly.


In conclusion, the essence of a wedding lies not just in the union of two souls but also in the memories created. Castles’ rich heritage and regal allure provide an unmatched backdrop for creating timeless moments. As you walk down the aisle within the hallowed halls of a castle, you become a part of a tapestry woven with tales of yore.

The architecture of these castles, which often reflect epochs and styles from Europe, adds a sense of grandeur to the wedding festivities. Imagine the elegant photographs with stately pillars, arches, and chandeliers that become family heirlooms. When family and friends gather in a place with heritage, it is impossible to feel the weight and wonder of the moment. The walls that have witnessed the gatherings of nobles and luminaries in the past stand as silent sentinels to the love.

The choices range from an intimate gathering in a secluded garden to a lavish celebration on an expansive lawn. The very nature of these venues offers customization. Whether you’re looking to recreate the extravagance of a royal ball or the splendor of a Renaissance fair, the setting plays an indispensable role.

Furthermore, opting for a castle wedding allows guests to escape the mundane. It’s not just a wedding; it’s an experience. A castle tucked away in the countryside or perched atop a hill with panoramic views transforms your wedding into a destination.

As you take your vows surrounded by luxury and history, you’re not just getting married but claiming your chapter in a story that transcends time. In an ever-changing world, the permanence of these structures reminds us of the enduring nature of love.

In embracing the enchantment of castle weddings, you set the stage for a love story that will stand the test of time like the walls around you. Let the romance and splendor of a bygone era envelop you as you embark on this lifetime journey. Your castle wedding will not just be an event but a coronation of your love, a monumental day that will be etched in the annals of your family history. So, don your crowns, for love is the greatest kingdom a heart can hold, and there is no better place to celebrate it than in a castle.

Get the Best Castle Wedding Services in the USA

Is it a wedding? Is it a coronation? Get your guests and other people questioning with a grand castle wedding.

Your wedding day is unique and should reflect that in all manners. A castle wedding is perfect if you want to feel like a queen and start your life with your partner like royalty. Wedding castles and rear provide some of the best backdrops to exchange nuptials and take fantastic wedding photos.

If you are thinking that you must travel to Europe for a castle wedding, you are wrong. The United States hosts some of the most picturesque and outstanding castles that will make you question whether you are in Europe.

Our Curated Events experts have compiled a list for you and will provide any wedding services you want. Contact us today, and let us coronate you on your special wedding day.